is a Seychelle-based VPN service that provides a feature-rich, top tier privacy service to clients worldwide. In this interview we had the honor of talking to an anonymous member of staff, who revealed the company's unique business model and gave some really interesting insights on online security and data retention.
CactusVPN was created in 2011 by three friends with a solid background in ecommerce and security and the same strong beliefs: that everybody deserves privacy and freedom while they are online; that nobody should be afraid to access the Internet; and that information and any other online content should be available for all of us, regardless of the country we live in, the company we work for or the ruling political regime. Get to know CEO Sergiu Candja in an exclusive interview for vpnMentor.
KeepSolid is a VPN and software development company that offers a variety of project management tools with built-in security features, ensuring that the safety of operations remains intact at all times. In this interview CEO Vasily Ivanov reveals some of their product features and foresees a great future for the software developers community.
VPN99 (named as such for its super low price of $0.99/month) prides itself for maintaining high quality, reliable VPN services at a very low price. They also brand themselves as “a team of strong and dedicated superheroes, aiming to overcome the world of boring VPN-services, slow connections, and abstruse connection instructions.” We wanted to see for ourselves what makes the Seychelles-based team of superheroes tick. Here is our interview with them.
Dan Gurghian is one of three managing partners and founders who stand behind ibVPN, a privately owned company based in Romania that offers affordable VPN and SmartDNS services to clients world-wide. In this interview he explains the differences between VPN and SmartDNS, and reveals a painful truth about content censorship in China.
Amir Ofek came from the renowned 8200 unit in the IDF, where he served for 5 years as the head of a large department, and led courses on IT and information security. After leaving the army, Amir held several executive roles in large high tech companies in Israel. As part of his career path, Amir turned to venture capital where he identified the potential in CyberInt. Following the investment he was involved with the company as a board director, taking up the role of CEO 12 months ago. In this interview he explains why going beyond the perimeter and gathering intelligence is the way forward for protecting your brand.
ReSec Technologies offer a simple and cost-effective mechanism that protects companies and individuals against malware. In this article, CEO Dotan Bar Noy explains how the logistics behind the ReSec solution work, and why they've decided to prioritize prevention over detection.
Runbox is a secure email service provider based in Norway, where personal data is protected by the constitution. It is also one of very few companies that run solely on green power. We sat down with Geir Thomas Andersen, Runbox Managing Director, to hear about their privacy policy, their unique team structure, and where email privacy is heading in the future.
PrimeSec CEO Or Lavi served a commanding role in the 8200 army reserves unit, where he gained his first hands on experience in managing Information Security and Data classifications. He is a certified lawyer (LL. M) with expertise in law and technology aspects from the Bar Ilan University, and has over 15 years of experience in the field of IT, information security and related regulatory aspects. After several years in the hi-tech industry, he decided to go back to his origins and founded PrimeSec, a consultancy firm that helps organizations to align their security needs with local and global privacy regulations and standards.
Gilad Peleg started his career at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) elite cyber security unit, at the center for cryptography and security. Later, he led product management and marketing for a number of large technology organizations, as well as several startups that were eventually acquired. A couple of years ago he went back to his cyber security origins and joined SecBI, where he serves as CEO.