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Neill Feather is the president of SiteLock, a leading provider of website security solutions for business. At SiteLock, Neill leads the company's approach to 360-degree domain security by providing industry analysis and utilizing rapidly evolving data sets related to security and hacking trends. Neill has over 20 years of experience in the technology and systems industry, notably providing technology solutions and industry insights for Johnson & Johnson prior to joining SiteLock. In this article, we sat for a one on one conversation to hear some of Neil's views on cyber security and what's coming next.
As more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, managing access permissions has become a daunting, yet crucial task for maintaining information security. Plain ID provide an elegant solution that eliminates role based definitions, and aligns them with the company policy instead. CMO Gal Helemsky explains.
2 weeks after its outbreak, the Wannacry attack is still taking victims, blackmailing some of the largest data centers in the world, including banks, governments and global institutions. We spoke to Trustlook CEO Allan Zhang to hear about their latest solution to the WannaCry cyber attack and their general approach to cyber security.
Qualys was created by CEO Phillippe Courtot in 1999 and was the first organisation to be a SaaS provider. Currently used by more than 9,300 customers in over 100 countries, including a majority of each of the Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100, the Qualys Cloud Platform performs more than 3 billion IP scans/audits a year, resulting in over 1 trillion security events. In this interview Chief Technical Security Officer Darron Gibbs overviews the different modules that make up the Qualys platform, and explains the logic behind them.
The more our lives become digitized the harder it becomes for us to see when our basic rights to privacy are being violated. SurfEasy delivers accessible solutions that help put the user back in the driver's seat of their online privacy. We asked them a few questions about why and how they do their work, and here's what we found.
Proxy.sh is a Seychelle-based VPN service that provides a feature-rich, top tier privacy service to clients worldwide. In this interview we had the honor of talking to an anonymous member of staff, who revealed the company's unique business model and gave some really interesting insights on online security and data retention.
KeepSolid is a VPN and software development company that offers a variety of project management tools with built-in security features, ensuring that the safety of operations remains intact at all times. In this interview CEO Vasily Ivanov reveals some of their product features and foresees a great future for the software developers community.
PrimeSec CEO Or Lavi served a commanding role in the 8200 army reserves unit, where he gained his first hands on experience in managing Information Security and Data classifications. He is a certified lawyer (LL. M) with expertise in law and technology aspects from the Bar Ilan University, and has over 15 years of experience in the field of IT, information security and related regulatory aspects. After several years in the hi-tech industry, he decided to go back to his origins and founded PrimeSec, a consultancy firm that helps organizations to align their security needs with local and global privacy regulations and standards.
Gilad Peleg started his career at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) elite cyber security unit, at the center for cryptography and security. Later, he led product management and marketing for a number of large technology organizations, as well as several startups that were eventually acquired. A couple of years ago he went back to his cyber security origins and joined SecBI, where he serves as CEO.
Avi Rosen has been in the field of cyber security for the past 20 years, long before the term cyber security was even coined. In this Article he lays out his views on why intelligence gathering from mobile devices has become such an imminent security threat, and what we as users can do to keep our devices and data safe.