How Safe is Your Smart Home?

Smart technology has taken the world by storm. 127 million smart home units are expected to be sold in the US in 2018, with the global smart home market expected to be worth $53.45 billion by 2022. With the popularity of these devices not showing any sign of slowing down, can you trust this technology in your home?


We have evaluated the privacy and security of some of the most popular smart home devices available today in order to assess how safe they truly are. We hired a team of expert ethical hackers to break into these devices and reveal how likely it is that a malicious actor would be able to hack these devices in order to gain access to private information, including in some cases audio and visual footage and sensitive information stored online, such as bank details.


The results were shocking. In all of the devices tested vulnerabilities were found, including critical vulnerabilities in some. For some devices tested it was found that previous vulnerabilities that manufacturers have released updates to fix can still be exploited, particularly in cases where the devices were connected to a private network (such as your home WiFi) and therefore not automatically updating. These issues are also particularly prevalent in second-hand devices.


Interested in uncovering what risks your smart home poses, and how to protect yourself? Explore by device now.

If you want to know exactly what our expert team of hackers found for each device, how they found it, and how you can protect yourself and your family – you can also download the full whitepaper.