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ExpressVPN is known as one of the best VPN providers on the market, and the proof lies in the number of times it has been awarded “Editor’s choice” on TechRadar, Cnet, PCMag, and many others. Not only does ExpressVPN provide great features (no logs, kill-switch 256-bit encryption, and more) but it’s also known for its speed. It’s a known fact that VPNs tend to slow-down your connection, which becomes a real pain if you want to stream content. ExpressVPN’s speed is so fast, it hardly slows down your connection.
Let’s take a tour of this popular VPN

+1000 servers in 145 locations across 94 countries

They have a plethora of servers – 1000+ in 145 locations across 94 countries not that we’re counting – and that’s nothing to scoff at. To boot, included with the price of their VPN service is SmartDNS, which gives you access to their MediaStreamer. This enables you to watch Netflix on virtually any platform that you may have so that you aren’t limited to watching your favorite Netflix documentary series on your computer.

Great speeds

They claim to be the fastest VPN around, and while I am normally cynical about such claims, I honestly can say this was the fastest VPN I have tried. Their special feature, “VPN Speed Test,” lets users check how fast their VPN server is working so that they can chop and change the location that is fastest for them.

Available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and many others…

We also have to appreciate the number of native apps available, which includes the usual suspects: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, as well as Linux. They even have an app for Blackberry (albeit only for two models), as well as a router app so that you can protect your entire home with one subscription, something only a few VPN providers have. ExpressVPN also just launched a new Chrome and Firefox extension, so you can see your connection while you browse the web. This makes using their VPN even more convenient since you can set it to automatically open up to the last server you used. Express also has a wide range of protocols available, depending on your privacy vs. speed requirements.

User friendly software and app

The whole thing is fairly easy to navigate. ExpressVPN is a little more grown up looking than others, and it does take users through the step-by-step rationale of why VPN’s exist and how they can help us.

Perfect solution for keeping private online

ExpressVPN is serious about anonymity, so doesn’t log any sort of traffic data or DNS queries. Their basic subscription offer allows the setup of three devices of any type. And they allow P2P on all of their servers, somewhat of a rarity.
One more feature that we appreciate is the inclusion of a kill switch, which ExpressVPN calls Network Lock. This feature is enabled by default when you install their software, but you can opt to switch it off (not that we recommend it).

24/7 responsive support team

Their website has a blog, which can be helpful in demystifying some of those techy traps. However, if you haven’t the patience for all that, you can hit the support button, which directs you to three options for getting in touch with their crew: contact form, live chat, or direct email. I found this to be a truly excellent support system.


Although ExpressVPN is a tad more expensive than the others, it makes some serious promises that seem to be their honest word so far. Those include unlimited bandwidth and speed, unlimited servers, and round the clock customer support. ExpressVPN has a special deal, only available here. Right now, if you purchase an annual package, they will give you three extra months for free. That’s $6.50/month for one of our top rated VPNs.

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The bottom line

You get what you pay for. The extra bucks are worth it for a fast and reliable VPN

ExpressVPN is easy to use and reliable. What’s more, the support system is unbeatable. The fact that they claim to be the best at so many things seems to bring a heightened level of customer service to the whole site. Not only that, but their blog educates its users about the world of VPNs and how to maximize them and great customer service to boot. With server locations in 94 countries, and with unlimited speed and bandwidth, we say it’s definitely worth a try.
The 30-day money back guarantee is another promise that we have found that they actually keep. If you are subscribed to another VPN, it is worth even trying Express and asking for a refund at the end of the month if you want. We think you’ll see a big difference from what your are used to.

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