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Our reviews are not based on advertising; they are based on real experiences. Sounds like a strange concept? Believe it or not, honesty is contagious. One honest review leads to another, making vpnMentor a truly powerful transparency tool for the internet.
We are marathon runners. Which means we always go the extra mile. We are committed to being on your side by giving you full, detailed advice on anything and everything VPN related.
We work diligently to write easy-to-read guides on hard-to-understand subjects. That is what we are here for. We then translate them into 29 languages, so people in Spain, France and Indonesia can equally enjoy the same high quality content as people in the USA.
Our VPN Experts
Author Image Dajana Trkulja
Dajana Trkulja
Cybersecurity Researcher
Dajana is an enthusiastic cybersecurity researcher who has tested over a hundred different VPN providers and is strongly committed to data security on the Internet.
Author Image Keira Waddell
Keira Waddell
Cybersecurity Researcher
Keira is a professional technology writer and cybersecurity enthusiast. She is a supporter of digital freedom and online privacy.
Author Image Jairene Cruz-Eusebio
Jairene Cruz-Eusebio
Cybersecurity Researcher
Jairene Cruz-Eusebio has a degree in Industrial Engineering, but her true passion lies in the field of cloud computing and cybersecurity. Jairene understands the value of online safety, which is why she's always on the lookout for new innovations in the field.
Author Image Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee
Cybersecurity Researcher
Benjamin is a professional copywriter who strongly advocates for the freedom of information, which is why data security and internet privacy are his specialties. He regularly contributes to sites that focus on cryptocurrency, DeFi, and internet privacy.
Author Image Milica Jankovic
Milica Jankovic
Cybersecurity Researcher
Milica is interested in VPNs because of the growing need for privacy protection. The field of cybersecurity is ever-growing and people want quality VPNs and plans that will ensure their safety while browsing the Internet.
Author Image Sandra Stajic
Sandra Stajic
Cybersecurity Researcher
Sandra is a copywriter interested in topics related to tech and cybersecurity. She thinks it's important to always stay up to date with new technologies and everything that comes with this, especially cybersecurity in the online world.
Author Image Scott McMahan
Scott McMahan
Cybersecurity Researcher
Scott is an experienced technology writer and former freelance web developer who has a thorough understanding of cybersecurity and online privacy.
Author Image Shummas Humayun
Shummas Humayun
Cybersecurity Researcher
Shummas is an avid cybersecurity researcher, writer, and advocate for internet anonymity/privacy. As an AI enthusiast, he aims to broaden the horizons of technology. He also loves gaming on the side to get his creative writing juices flowing.
Author Image Husain Parvez
Husain Parvez
Cybersecurity Researcher
Husain was swayed towards the world of tech with his first job at a CRM and ventured into the world of cybersecurity with VPN reviews, app testing, and detailed guides.
Author Image Lawrence Wachira
Lawrence Wachira
Cybersecurity Researcher
Lawrence is a tech writer who's passionate about cybersecurity, renewable energy, and SEO. He always talks about online privacy, loves testing VPNs, and enjoys learning new technologies.
Author Image Lea Hyatt
Lea Hyatt
Cybersecurity Researcher
Lea is a writer who focuses on cybersecurity. Online privacy and security are her top priorities in her research.
Author Image Maryanne Gaitho
Maryanne Gaitho
Cybersecurity Researcher
Maryanne Gaitho is a technology enthusiast keen on educating and informing people with content. She loves all tools that create efficiency, collaboration and automation, and always has her eye peeled for the latest products and happenings in cybersecurity.
Author Image Priscilla Liu
Priscilla Liu
Cybersecurity Researcher
Priscilla is an experienced IT cybersecurity and compliance technical writer. She talks about how cybersecurity, privacy, encryption, and information security solutions support unique project objectives while meeting regulatory and quality standards.
Author Image Vishal Venugopal
Vishal Venugopal
Cybersecurity Researcher
Vishal is a freelance writer who's passionate about technology and cybersecurity. Apart from writing, he also really enjoys educating people on privacy and staying safe online.
Author Image  Anka Markovic Borak
Anka Markovic Borak
Cybersecurity Researcher
Anka is a tech writer with a keen interest in cybersecurity and online privacy. She thinks it's really important to educate people on how to avoid misuse of their data.
Author Image Akash Deep
Akash Deep
Cybersecurity Researcher
Akash is a tech enthusiast and a gadget freak. His specialty is Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and SEO. He loves testing VPNs and helping people stay safe online.
Author Image Andjela Jankovic
Andjela Jankovic
Cybersecurity Researcher
Andjela is a writer and technology enthusiast with a special interest in cybersecurity and data protection.