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ExpressVPN Review 2021: Safe, But Is It Worth The Price?

Author Image Elly Hancock
Elly Hancock | Cybersecurity Researcher
Updated on 30th July 2021

Is ExpressVPN really the fastest out there? Is it worth the price, even with its latest discount? I ran every test possible to find out.

Whether you want to stream Netflix, download torrents, play video games, or stay anonymous and secure online, I’ve got the important info you need. Spoiler: ExpressVPN can do all of these, and its latest version is a serious contender for the VPN crown. But it’s not perfect, and my research found one thing that might surprise you.

Why don’t you try it for yourself with its totally unlimited free trial in the form of a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee?

Get Started With ExpressVPN Now!

ExpressVPN’s latest deal July 2021: Get 3 months completely free on your annual subscription with this current offer! It’s not for certain when this deal will end so it’s best to check the deals page to see if it’s still available.

Short on Time? Here’s What Matters Most

While ExpressVPN was always famous for its speed and unblocking capabilities, the market didn’t stay frozen: streaming services added new geoblocks and doubled their efforts to limit access in the last few months, countries like China raised new barriers, hackers became more dangerously creative and, of course, competitors keep getting better and faster.

But ExpressVPN is still one of the fastest and most impressive VPNs I’ve tested. And I’ve tested a lot of VPNs.

To give you a complete picture of ExpressVPNs performance, myself and my researchers in China, Russia, and the USA ran every test possible to dig deep into all of its features and to see how well it really holds up.

I looked at everything from server coverage and speeds to privacy, security, and even customer service and pricing. After all, it doesn’t matter how amazing a product is if the company who sold it leaves you hanging when you need help.

ExpressVPN Features — Updated in July 2021

Price $6.67/month
Money Back Guarantee 30
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers 3000
Number of devices per license 5
Kill switch Yes
Based in country Virgin Islands (British)
Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
Supports torrenting Yes

Streaming – Does ExpressVPN Work With Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Other Services?

Yes. I started with the UK and US Netflix libraries, both of which were a success. I even tested the US Netflix library across ExpressVPN’s 20+ US servers, and I was able to unlock content to stream in HD easily on each one.

Then I headed over to Netflix Australia, which I was also able to access hassle-free.

However, when I tried to access Netflix Germany, I did run into geoblocks while connected to a Frankfurt server. I changed to a Nuremberg server and was able to stream freely.

Netflix error screen

Switching to a different server in Germany immediately solved this problem.

South America was my final test. I tested Netflix libraries in Brazil, Chile, and Peru, and I was able to stream in HD across all. I experienced no buffering, lag, or pixellated images.

Is Netflix your top priority? Check out our top recommendations of VPNs for Netflix – all guaranteed to bypass Netflix’s tough geoblocks and unlock geo-restricted content wherever you are. With its impressive unblocking capabilities, ExpressVPN made it onto our list.

While testing, I found that ExpressVPN can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and more in Full HD.

It’s also reliable for unblocking YouTube, Google, Facebook, and other popular sites that are often blocked in schools and workplaces, as well as in heavily censored countries like China and Russia.

If streaming is your primary reason for choosing a VPN, ExpressVPN is a sure bet.

49% Off

Save 49% on ExpressVPN now!

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Pay less for your ExpressVPN plan today!

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting?

ExpressVPN has unlimited bandwidth and data caps for completely unrestricted torrenting. But it also allows torrenting and P2P sharing across any of its servers.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN's torrenting page.

You can torrent on any of the thousands of ExpressVPN servers around the world.

Since ExpressVPN keeps no logs and is headquartered in a privacy-friendly location, your torrenting activity or history cannot be leaked to anyone. It’s safe to use with uTorrent or any other BitTorrent client, with guaranteed anonymity.

DNS protection through ExpressVPN’s own DNS on every server further protects you from leaks and revealing your torrenting activity. It’s a solid choice for torrenting and P2P sharing, not just for security, but also for its speed and performance.

We like ExpressVPN for torrenting so much that high on our review of the best VPNs for torrenting (based on performance, not because of its special pricing trick).

ExpressVPN Speeds

ExpressVPN has a Smart Location feature that allows you to connect to a server with the simple click of a button. It measures latency, speed, and distance, so that you’ll get the fastest possible server every time. My test shows this feature is one of the reasons for ExpressVPN’s impressive performance.

Screenshot of connecting to ExpressVPN's server

Connect to the closest server with just one click, or choose your own server location with just three clicks.

There’s the option to view and connect to all of ExpressVPN’s locations, but the quick connect and recommended servers are ExpressVPN’s way of providing you with a guaranteed fast, reliable connection.

Local Speeds

Using the Quick Connect feature, I connected to a local server nearest to my home. This connected me to an East London server. My speed was 23.4 Mbps.

My speed only decreased by 23.28%, which is really impressive. Even when connected to local servers, other VPNs often cause your speed to drop significantly. I was able to browse and stream with the same reliability I’d had before I connected.

I only saw about a 23% decrease in speed compared to my normal internet speed—that’s impressive.

As I was connected to the smart location ExpressVPN’s smart algorithm had chosen for me, I wanted to connect to another local server to see if this would have any difference.

My speed was better here than with the Quick Connect feature. That makes it just a 12.64% decrease in total, which is easily the best speeds I’ve had with any VPN so far.

Long-Distance ExpressVPN Speeds

I started with a server in the US. I connected to the recommended server on my list in the app. My speed was 15.5 Mbps, meaning my speeds only slowed down by 49% overall.

expressvpn speed test results on us server

My speeds on a US server were 15+ Mbps, so I could stream without buffering. 

Then, I headed over to a Hong Kong server. My speeds slowed by 46.89%, giving me a speed of 16.2 Mbps. This was barely noticeable while I was streaming and gaming. After all, speeds of 16.2 Mbps are still pretty fast.

expressvpn speed test results hong kong server

Hong Kong speed tests were also great. I even had success with some gaming.

Finally, I connected to a server in Australia to really test the distance. My speed was 10.3 Mbps. From my base speed of 30.5 Mbps, this means my overall speed decreased by 66.23%. I was pleasantly surprised by this, as I expected my speeds to decrease by at least 80% when I connected to a server so far away.

expressvpn speed test results hong kong server

I expected worse from Australia, so I was quite pleased to see 10+ Mbps download speeds.

ExpressVPN Speed: The Results

My findings show that even when I connected to a server on the other side of the world, my speeds dropped much less than I expected.

The data shows that my speeds only slowed by 66.23% over the longest distance, and since I had such a quick starting speed, the reduction wasn’t noticeable. I was able to browse and stream in Full HD, hassle-free, as if I wasn’t connected to the VPN. Though if you’re starting at a slower speed, you might feel some lag.

I tested packet loss, too – the amount of data packets that didn’t arrive correctly at the destination. Packet loss of 5% significantly impacts the quality of your session. So I was pleased that my results varied from 0 to just 0.3%.

It’s clear from my tests that ExpressVPN’s speeds really are lightning-fast. No matter which server you connect to, anywhere in the world, you’ll have quick, reliable service.

Get Lightning-Fast Speeds With ExpressVPN!

Is ExpressVPN Good for Gaming?

We’ve seen just how impressive ExpressVPN’s speeds are. But the basic speed tests other reviewers rely on only assess how quick a server is with nothing else working in the background – no streaming, no browsing, no gaming.

I believe in tougher tests! And gaming is one of the toughest tests for VPNs.

Can ExpressVPN maintain its high speeds while playing a resource-heavy MMO like League of Legends? Will the ping rate and latency be low enough? Will the bandwidth be high enough? Can I play LoL with ExpressVPN without lag and buffering?

Rather than connecting to the smart location, I decided to connect to a server thousands of miles away, where my speeds would more likely be affected.

expressvpn speed test results hong kong server

I put ExpressVPN to the test by connecting to a server thousands of miles away, but it still performed beautifully while I gamed.

The results? My gameplay was remarkable. I was expecting some lag mid-battle, but ExpressVPN managed to keep up with the fast-paced action easily for the whole hour I tested the game.

I was able to play in HD with amazing speeds, keeping up with my teammates as quickly as if I was not using the VPN at all.


Many VPNs claim to protect you in the event of a connection failure or guarantee that your IP address always remains hidden. Researching, testing, and confirmation are the only ways to find out if the claims are true.

During my review, I was looking for maximum encryption, strong security protocols, and IP leak protection. I also wanted to thoroughly test out ExpressVPN’s extra security features, like its split tunneling feature.

ExpressVPN uses the highest standard of encryption. It keeps you protected with 256-bit AES encryption, which combines an  AES 256-bit cypher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication.

What does this mean? AES 256-bit encryption is symmetric, meaning the same key used to encrypt your data must be used to decrypt it. This makes it near-impossible to break. Even the world’s most powerful computer would take billions of years to decrypt just 0.1% of the data it holds.

The SHA-512 HMAC authentication ExpressVPN uses is highly secure for data transfers, such as P2P file sharing. Using a shared secret key, both the sender and receiver of the download have a way of verifying the authenticity of the file.

Any change in the secret key will be proof that somebody tampered with your file.

ExpressVPN also uses perfect forward secrecy. This is a highly advanced feature that changes your encryption key every time you log on, so you’re assigned a new one at the start of each session. Any data from your previous session is completely unrelated to your current session. Should anyone attempt to intercept your browsing session, anything before or after this is completely secure.

ExpressVPN uses multiple security protocols, and will automatically select the best protocol for the most reliable connection. The default is the most advanced OpenVPN UDP protocol, but OpenVPN TCP, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec are supported as well. Want to know more? See our expert protocol research.

Kill Switch

This is an advanced security feature that keeps your IP address and traffic secure, even if the VPN connection drops. ExpressVPN calls this feature a Network Lock, and here I’ve found a surprising downside.

It’s designed to block traffic if your connection is compromised, keeping your data and IP address hidden. I was pleased to see the kill switch is automatically enabled in the app, rather than requiring manual configuration.

expressvpn network lock setting

You’ll notice that the kill switch is called Network Lock on Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers (left). On Android (right), it’s called Network Protection—but both features do the same thing.

ExpressVPN’s kill switch is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, routers. For Android, it appears as the network protection feature, but it’s the same thing. iOS is a different story. There’s no kill switch available for iOS. At vpnMentor, we keep track of the best VPNs for mobile, including for iOS. And ExpressVPN is among the best, so it’s a shame this important feature is lacking for iOS.

Split Tunneling

This standout feature lets you encrypt just part of your traffic through certain browsers, but leave everything else untouched.

You can browse locally AND through your VPN at the same time. You just need to decide which apps will use the VPN. Adding and removing apps is easy. Just click on the plus symbol.

I chose to leave my online banking app and both BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub out of the encryption tunnel so I could still use them. Then I actually put this to the test.

expressvpn split tunneling setting

Use the split-tunneling settings to determine which apps use the VPN and which maintain the local connection

I connected to a server in the US, and then revisited the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub apps to see if I was able to stream the content. Success! I could watch all content across both apps, and I was able to browse while being connected to the US server at the same time.

Important Pro Tip: Split tunneling certainly gives you more flexibility. Remember though that any apps you remove from the VPN aren’t secured by encryption, so your local IP address and activity are visible while you’re using them.

Leak Tests and Leak Protection

Although your traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel, it could still leak; this is known as a DNS leak, and it makes your online activity visible to your ISP. More worryingly, it means your data is accessible to third parties.

A solid VPN protects you against DNS leaks and guarantees your anonymity. I ran leak tests on ExpressVPN’s apps for Android and Windows to see how strong its connections really are.

ExpressVPN does offer its own leak test, but I always prefer running my own tests with a a third party to ensure unbiased info.

In this case, I turned to ipleak.net for comprehensive results on my IP address, location, browser default, and fallback information.

I tested servers in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK on my Windows device. I had no DNS leaks across any server.

expressvpn IP and ipv6 test result

The leak test showed that my IP address in the UK was hidden and that IPv6 was blocked

The results: I was pleased to see there were no data leaks and my IP address was completely protected throughout my browsing sessions. IPv6 was also blocked, which is the request from your ISP to your device that provides you with an IP address. This means I was undetectable by my ISP as there was no request sent. Pretty impressive!

Tor Compatibility, Security Audits, and Security Breaches

ExpressVPN has Tor compatibility – a feature only a handful of VPNs offer. I was pleased to see that ExpressVPN only supports Tor over VPN rather than the reverse. This means you benefit from maximum anonymity, as your data and online traffic are invisible to the VPN. ExpressVPN performs independent security audits, done by the renowned cybersecurity firm Cure3 and professional services and advisory titan PwC. This VPN did not suffer any breaches.

Having run every possible security test on ExpressVPN and troubleshooting all of its features, I can safely say that its advanced security can protect you, even with an unreliable connection.


Many VPNs claim to keep you private online, but a closer look at their privacy policies reveals all kinds of loopholes and woolly language. This means your data is actually stored and might be shared with third parties, including the government.

ExpressVPN’s headquarters are located discreetly in the British Virgin Islands. The good news is, the British Virgin Islands sit outside of the5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, meaning it’s a privacy-friendly country.

Does ExpressVPN Have an Adblocker?

ExpressVPN does not have an ad blocker. If you are after an ad blocker, though, check out one of these highly-rated vendors with ad blockers.

Does ExpressVPN Keep Logs?

Its policy states that it keeps no logs of any of your activity or connection logs, which includes all of your online traffic, websites visited, data content, and DNS queries.

The only data it does collect is the information you provide when you sign up, such as your email address and payment details.

How does ExpressVPN’s zero-logs policy really hold up? Very well! In 2017, one of ExpressVPN’s servers was seized by the Turkish government who were seeking information about an assassination, but they received no information, as there was no stored data available.

Server Number and Locations

  • 3,000+ servers
  • 160+ locations
  • Servers in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, and more.

Some locations have more servers than others, and the service offers the best coverage in the US, with 20+ servers in over 15 cities. By comparison, PrivateVPN only offers servers in 9 US cities. This means you can specifically select a server nearer to you within a certain country, so you can enjoy better speeds, lower latency, and more reliability.

Server Security Standards

ExpressVPN uses TrustedServer Technology. But what does that really mean?

TrustedServer Technology ensures that every server is only run on RAM. This means that all data is entirely wiped with every reboot. RAM is incapable of storing any data, so once it’s turned off and on again, any data from your session is deleted.

In fact, literally everything, including the operating system, is loaded fresh with each reboot, from a secure read-only image stored on the hard drive. This makes you less vulnerable to attacks, especially from hackers, as there’s no data for them to access in the first place.

Virtual Server Locations

When you connect to one of ExpressVPN’s servers, the server and IP address are usually in the same country. However, the service also offers virtual server locations where your IP address is within your target country, but the physical server is elsewhere.

This means ExpressVPN provides a more reliable connection with better speeds. You still have an IP address in your target country, regardless of the virtual location of the server.

Does ExpressVPN Offer Static/Dedicated IP Addresses?

No. ExpressVPN told me it doesn’t offer static/dedicated IP addresses. It says it aims to rotate its IP addresses regularly to increase your overall experience and make sure you get the best speeds every time.

Apps, Extensions, and Compatibility

ExpressVPN offers compatibility across nearly every device.

To get the full functionality of ExpressVPN, you should install it on your desktop. The iOS and Android mobile apps both fell short of a few important features, but on Mac and Windows, you have everything you could possibly need from a VPN.

iOS and Android Apps

You can download both the Android and iOS apps from Google Play or App Store, and configuration is easy. You need to agree to a few security measures and other preferences, and then just connect to a server. There’s also an option to auto-connect to the VPN when you fire up your mobile device.

The iOS and Android apps differ slightly between each other, and neither of them has all of the features included in the desktop app.

There’s no Tor compatibility with mobile, so if you’re looking for added privacy with Tor, you’d be better sticking to the desktop app.

I tested IPv6 leak protection on mobile, but unfortunately, this doesn’t work either. I was unable to see whether this had been blocked, which raises some questions about privacy on mobile.

You can’t use the speed test on mobile, so you can’t assess servers for latency and download speed. Connections are all reliable, despite no speed test. I didn’t experience any buffering or lagging as I switched servers on mobile. In fact, I often found my mobile app was quicker than desktop.

iOS users can choose from OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 protocols. However, Android only supports OpenVPN. This is the highest standard, and probably the only protocol you’d use anyway.

expressvpn security protocols

You can see the difference here between available security protocol options for iOS (left) and Android (right)

Android users do have something that iOS users don’t, which is a network protection feature. This acts almost like a kill switch, blocking internet access when it can’t connect to a server or has trouble reconnecting.

Browser Extensions

ExpressVPN has dedicated browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. These only encrypt the traffic that goes through your browser, so everything else you do online is unencrypted. It’s almost like a split tunneling feature.

You install the add-on directly in your browser and just click on the extension to connect. It’s ideal if you’re just looking to encrypt your browser traffic quickly, like when using Chrome and a public WiFi connection.

Router App

ExpressVPN does offer an app for routers. If you install the app to your router, you’ll protect every device in your household, even if they don’t usually support VPN software. That includes any TVs, games consoles, mobiles, or tablets. There’s no limit on the number of connections once it’s installed on your router.

There are only a few, quick steps to follow to get set up. You can actually select your specific router from the drop-down on ExpressVPN’s website, and it’ll give you a guide on how to get started.

expressvpn router setup

Setting up ExpressVPN on a router is easy: Just choose your router brand from the list, and you’ll receive step-by-step instructions to get you started

Important Pro Tip: You can manually configure the VPN yourself with another compatible router. But remember, you often miss out on important security features if you don’t configure the app correctly.

If there are certain devices you don’t want connected to the VPN, you can change your settings using the split tunneling feature, adding and removing devices freely.

Breaking Geoblocks: Can It Work in China?

Lately, many countries have tightened up their geoblocks to detect and block VPNs.

The Chinese government heavily restricts website access in the country, including sites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. This is known as the Great Firewall of China, and most VPNs simply aren’t powerful enough to get around it. However, ExpressVPN can.

In fact, when the Chinese government cracked down on VPN use a few years ago, ExpressVPN was one of the only VPNs that still worked.

As we’ve already seen, ExpressVPN has servers in Hong Kong, which allow you to access Chinese TV and websites while outside of China. 

It works in the reverse, too, helping people inside China access digitally censored sites. It does this by using obfuscation across its servers.

Obfuscation disguises the VPN server code so that it looks like usual internet traffic. This means it won’t be detected as a VPN and blocked, so you can browse freely and access restricted sites from inside China.

ExpressVPN allows you to unblock Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Netflix, and more from inside China. However, you need to install the VPN outside of Chinese borders first, otherwise it will be blocked regardless.

Get Started With ExpressVPN Now!

How Many Devices Can I Connect With ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN allows 5 simultaneous connections. 

However, if you install the app to your router, you’ll actually have unlimited simultaneous connections. This is because the router is considered to be the device connected to the app. You can protect every WiFi-connected device in your household, just by installing ExpressVPN on your router.

Comparison: Is It Better Than the Competition?

ExpressVPN CyberGhost
Our speed rating #2 #5
Server number 3,000 7,198
Jurisdiction British Virgin Islands Romania
Zero-logging policy Yes Yes
Encryption 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
Kill switch Yes, (not iOS) Yes, for all
Split tunneling Yes No
Allows torrenting Yes Yes
Unblocks Netflix US Yes Yes
Unblocks BBC iPlayer Yes Yes
Works in China Yes No
Best Price $6.67/month $2.75/month
Money-back guarantee 30 days 45 days

Ease of Use


Setting up ExpressVPN is easy. After choosing your subscription, creating an account, and entering your payment details, you’ll receive a welcome email with an activation code and link. This takes you directly to the installation guide for your device. You can then download and install the app with just a couple of clicks. The process took less than four minutes.

The ExpressVPN desktop and mobile apps are attractive, stable, and incredibly user-friendly. You can choose to select which server location to use or take advantage of the single-click Smart Location feature. This automatically connects you to the nearest high-speed server for fast protection. The app will automatically detect and select the best security protocol for you.

Another thing I liked: The app shows recent locations you’ve connected to. It all makes for a fast setup as soon as you fire up the VPN app.

Navigating through the app to find your settings is easy: just click on the hamburger menu. From here, you can use the speed test, change security protocols, access the split tunneling feature, and use the toggles to turn other features on and off, such as the Network Lock.


Pro Tip: While ExpressVPN’s “3-months free” offer doesn’t show up on every page, its Free Trial page always has the best prices so it’s worth checking out.

15 Months Plan
$6.67 /month
6 Months Plan
$9.99 /month
1 Month Plan
$12.95 /month

Overall, ExpressVPN offers exceptional value for money. As usual, you get what you pay for.

You have three different-length subscription plans to choose from with ExpressVPN, each with the same premium features:

The service becomes much more affordable with the discounts offered on longer plans, as well as ExpressVPN’s frequent deals and coupons.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as a long list of online payment platforms, including PayPal. You can also pay with Bitcoin, which is a great option for anonymity.

While its plans are a tad pricier than some other premium vendors, such as IPVanish, ExpressVPN actually gives you access to much more for your money, like its own DNS on every server and lightning-fast speeds.

One thing I didn’t like about ExpressVPN is that they advertise a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. Yet when I canceled my subscription (to test out this exact promise) — I found that they actually DO ask questions.

expressvpn's informative website

You have to answer a few questions before getting your money back

ExpressVPN advertises that they have a “no questions asked” refund policy, but that’s not really the case.

After I made it clear I just wanted to cancel, they did process my refund immediately. You might be thinking, “they gave you your money back, what more do you want?!” Well — I’d like them to keep their promises. As a top VPN provider who has proven to excel with fast speeds, unblocking global content, offering online security and privacy, failing in this small detail was disappointing for me.

Reliability & Support


Support is an area ExpressVPN really excels in. Its live chat service is user-friendly, super helpful, and available 24/7.

When I tried it out, in the middle of the night, I received a response with all the information I needed. Its agents also take your email address if you’re registered so they can send you answers via email if the chat gets disconnected.

expressvpn's live chat support

Live chat was fast and helpful, and it’s available around the clock.

If you’d prefer not to talk to a live agent, ExpressVPN offers plenty of support on its website. There are FAQs, user support guides, and setup guides for everything you could need. There are videos, too, to walk you through certain aspects.

The ExpressVPN website is easy to navigate and full of helpful resources. It’s available in 16 different languages. Their support center operates in six of them.


Will using ExpressVPN stop bandwidth throttling?

Yes. Since your ISP can’t see your traffic, it can’t interfere to slow it down. Most ISPs throttle your speed when they see you streaming or gaming, as these are speed-intensive activities. And there need to be enough Mbps to go around for everyone.

However, ExpressVPN hides your IP address and traffic, so your ISP has no idea what you’re up to. That means it can’t throttle your speed, so you might even have faster connections than you did before.

Which ExpressVPN servers are best for Netflix?

I ran heaps of tests to see how good ExpressVPN is for Netflix. While all my streams were good, Los Angeles 3, San Jose, and Chicago servers were best for Netflix US. For Netflix UK, try East London, London, and Wembley for super HD streaming.

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

There are three different plans available, and the longer you sign up for the cheaper it is. Pricing starts from $6.67/month for 15 months.

Can you get ExpressVPN for free?

No. ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial or free plan, so you have to be a paying subscriber to use it. Free plans are usually heavily limited anyway, so you won’t get all the server locations you need and you might suffer from slow speeds. But it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is better than a free trial as the service is totally unlimited. And, if you decide that ExpressVPN isn’t right for you, you can just request a refund at any point during the guarantee period.

Will ExpressVPN slow my internet speed?

In most cases, yes. Think about it: The further your data has to travel, the longer it will take. However, you can see from my tests that I didn’t notice any truly significant drops. And, even when I was connected to a server on the other side of the world, although my speed dropped, I was still able to stream and game without interruption.

The Bottom Line

An impressive VPN service that’s worth every penny

It’s easy to see why ExpressVPN is so widely used – not least for its amazing speeds. It has so much more to offer, including the highest level of encryption, a huge global network, advanced split tunneling, and impressive unblocking capabilities.

Its security is second to none, and this really makes ExpressVPN stand out. From its strict zero-logging policy to its TrustedServer technology, ExpressVPN is clearly committed to protecting your security and guaranteeing your anonymity and privacy online.

ExpressVPN easily unblocks all major Netflix libraries and BBC iPlayer wherever you are.

ExpressVPN is complex in features and functions, but it keeps its app simple and easy to use. This makes it ideal for a VPN newbie through to an advanced user like myself.

Sure, there are ways in which ExpressVPN can improve, starting with a built-in ad blocker and adding the Network Lock feature to iOS.

I’d also like to see more features on mobile. But the negatives are few and far between, and overall, it offers remarkable value for money with packages that are too attractive to ignore.

If you’re looking for a premium VPN with a more budget-friendly price, check out CyberGhost.

If you need more device connections with a much lower price point, check out IPVanish.

Get Started With ExpressVPN Now!


  • Swift installation and user-friendly
  • 3,000+ servers across 94 countries
  • Top-notch 24/7 customer support
  • No traffic limits and blazing speeds
  • Strong no-logging policy
  • Excellent for streaming geo-restricted services, including: Netflix and Hulu
  • Get started with ExpressVPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5
VPN Plans: www.expressvpn.com

ExpressVPN User Reviews

Based on 1331 reviews in 29 languages
Review of ExpressVPN - 8
Mark -
Jul 25, 2021

Works pretty well occasionally disconnects, but with a new version that is less and less. I Am pleased that spam has gone way down since installing ExpressVPN. And that marketers aren't selling our data. Has it been installed on three computers? Found out about it from Dan Bongino.

Kevin Yates
A secure and private connection that gives me piece of mind. - 10
Kevin Yates -
Jul 17, 2021

I like the choice of the U.S. and other countries for the servers. It updates regularly and gives the users information through blogs. I find that the smart location feature is helpful in that it establishes a connection more quickly. I have had no bad experiences with Express VPN. I am willing to pay a little more than some of the other services because of the confidence I have in the product. I recommend Express VPN to every person who wants privacy and security in a dangerous and uncertain cyber world.

James Simpkins
Better than any other VPN I've used! - 8
James Simpkins -
Jul 10, 2021

Easy Set up. Connecting was easy! I've noticed I've had to turn it off at times to connect to certain websites which can be annoying. If I used those websites more often, I may look into how to add an exception for them. Overall a great product!

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