TV Ratings Chart – View TV show’s ratings breakdown

Don’t risk wasting your time binge-watching a TV show you’ll end up hating. See how good it really is - from start to finish.

What is The TV Ratings Chart?

The TV Ratings Chart shows the evolution of a TV show’s ratings from pilot to the very last episode broadcast.

We’ll show you exactly how good (or bad) a TV show was in every season – and every episode.

Most websites rate a TV based on overall quality across its entire run. But some great shows end terribly (hello, Game of Thrones!). Others might start slow but become unmissable in later seasons (shout out to Breaking Bad).

With The TV Ratings Chart, you’ll know exactly which TV shows are worth investing your time, by tracking their quality season-by-season.

How do I use The TV Ratings Chart?

It’s effortless.

To start, just use the search bar to find any TV show.

You’ll be presented with an overview of the show, including overall rating, best and worst episodes, awards, and the show’s genre.

You can then use the simple interactive chart showing the trends of the show’s ratings throughout its entire run. The chart lets you view ratings for every season, as well as specific episodes across its entire run.

You can filter results to find exactly the information you need – and quickly. For example, check the best episode from every season. Or find out which is the show’s worst season, so you know when to expect it.

Even better, each episode has a short plot summary and individual rating.

The TV Ratings Chart gives you all the information you need to pick your next binge-worthy TV show, without risk of disappointment halfway through.

How does it work?

We use an API to collect data from the best TV ratings websites and compile the results into one easy-to-read chart. The results are broken down by season and episode, so you know what to expect before you start watching.

If you can’t find the TV show you’re looking for, two options:

  1. You made a mistake with the title. For example, it’s “Workin’ Mom,” not “Working Mom.” And “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”- not “Brooklyn 99.”
  2. The API doesn’t provide data about this show. It probably means people haven’t rated it yet, but hopefully, it’s just a matter of time before they do.

What is considered good ratings for a TV show?

In most cases, TV show ratings are done on a scale of 1-10. So, let’s just say anything above an 8 is probably going to be very good.

However, it’s very subjective. There’s plenty of TV shows rated 8/10 by most viewers that you might hate. Which is perfectly normal.

And we all have those guilty pleasures, the trash TV that nobody admits they even watch, and never gets more than a 5/10. But you love it all the same.

Everybody’s tastes are different. Just because something gets a 7.5/10 rating doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.

The charts and plot summaries are simply tools to help you see what everyone else thinks of a show and judge if it’s worth investing your time before you start.

What do I do if there is an episode missing?

Please note, The TV Ratings Chart’s results are based on a 3rd party API, which we use to gather the ratings for each show and create easy-to-follow charts. As a result, some small errors are out of our control.

However, we strive to provide the most accurate data possible.



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