5 VPNs Guaranteed to Beat Netflix’s VPN Ban in Oct 2018

Netflix’s war on VPNs continues, with new blocks being added on a near daily basis, making many online recommendations obsolete. To stay ahead of the curve we test our recommendation every day, so we can weed out the bad ones, and you can be sure you’re using a VPN that actually works. Share

Have you signed up to Netflix just to find that you can’t access all of Netflix US content? Bypass this frustrating geo block and enjoy all the content on the Netflix has to offer with NordVPN , hands-down the best VPN for streaming Netflix.

You can also access it with ExpressVPN , CyberGhost , PrivateVPN , and VyprVPN .


Here’s the deal with VPNs and Netflix:

They don’t always work.

The “king of streaming” has become much more vigilant, stopping numerous VPNs from accessing their site.

The dreaded proxy error is the end result of many VPN users’ attempts to access localized Netflix versions. Even if you manage to circumvent geoblocks with a certain, there’s no guarantee that it will work tomorrow.

Overall, it’s draining for VPN providers, and many give up. However, there are still some VPNs that are dedicated to accessing Netflix.

We tested a myriad of VPNs to find the best five that check all of the boxes and here they are: 

5 VPNs that Work Great with Netflix

With over 2,800 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the best providers for guaranteed access to Netflix. It unblocks the US, UK, and Canadian catalogs with zero issues — although it’s been known to struggle with the French version.

Other helpful features include specialized streaming servers, DNS leak protection, and Static IP (you’ll have to pay extra for that).

NordVPN is also one of the few providers that improve their servers on a regular basis — just recently, a new service update was introduced, skyrocketing their server speeds. NordVPN is now up there with the fastest.

As we mentioned, customer support is super important. You won’t be disappointed by NordVPN in that regard — they have some of the most helpful service we’ve ever encountered.

To top it all off, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it out and get refunded if you don’t like it!

If you like to kick back with some Netflix on your iPhone or iPad, NordVPN has an excellent app.

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Another dependable solution to the Netflix problem, ExpressVPN has proven its ability to unblock the streaming platform across the board.

There are no dedicated IPs with this VPN, but it offers specific addresses tailored to Netflix. You won’t be strapped for servers either — there are 1,500+ across 148 locations, and counting.

If you want to unblock Netflix on your smart TV or game console, you can do that, too — thanks to MediaStreamer DNS (smartDNS), designed to work with VPN-incompatible devices. So you can watch Netflix on your Apple TV or Smart TV without installing a VPN on your router (which is much more complicated).

Add excellent customer support to that, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you have one of the most reliable VPNs for Netflix on the market.

ExpressVPN is also the best VPN for Android devices — if you like a bit of Netflix on your tablet/smartphone every now and then, you’re all set!

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CyberGhost is a classic case of a VPN that has had issues with US Netflix in the past.

However, they went back to the drawing board and recently came back with a solution.

Android Devices Secured Streaming 01

Similarly to NordVPN, CyberGhost is all about expanding their server roster — which currently sits at over 2,500 in about 60countries. As far as speeds, they aren’t the fastest around, but you won’t experience any annoying buffering either.

This VPN also has an unblocking profile dedicated to Netflix. This means that they pay attention to the streaming platform, and have the resources to deal with the IP blacklisting. It also means that you hardly have to lift a finger in order to stream your favorite shows. 

What’s more is that CyberGhost lets you connect up to seven different devices at once.

It’s worth noting that there’s also a free version of CyberGhost, albeit severely limited. You can try your luck without paying, but we offer no guarantees.

In any case, CyberGhost is worth the money. What’s more, their outstanding customer support is always there to help you with issues, Netflix-related or not. Plus, the one-month money-back guarantee allows you to try out the real deal and get a refund.

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PrivateVPN is yet another solid pick for your next Netflix unblocker.

With impressive speeds and over 56 locations to choose from, this VPN can unblock Netflix in over a dozen regions, including the most sought-after ones. PrivateVPN also claims to be committed to expanding its server list, which is always welcome.

The fact that it’s a relatively new VPN on the market also helps — increasing popularity is sometimes the bane of good Netflix VPNs.

As with any other great VPN for Netflix, this one has the necessary level of customer service, complete with live chat and even remote help.

The best part is you can try PrivateVPN for free — although trials aren’t explicitly advertised, you can find out how to get a gift code here.

Oh, and don’t forget about the 30-day money-back guarantee!

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The last VPN on the list, but certainly not the least capable, VyprVPN brings a lot to the table when it comes to unblocking Netflix.

The VPN had some trouble bypassing Netflix’s block in the past, but recently VyprVPN succeeded in accessing the content.

Aside from impeccable encryption (which all other VPNs here have), VyprVPN offers its proprietary custom Chameleon protocol, designed specifically to deal with deep packet inspection.

Chameleon makes Vypr one of the most reliable tools for the job. The 70 different locations also ensure at least one of the 700+ servers will unblock the localized Netflix catalog you’re after.

You won’t be worried about connection speeds with this VPN — even though it has a gargantuan IP range of 200,000+ addresses, it’s one of the fastest VPNs you can get.

The only drawback to VyprVPN is the lack of a money-back guarantee — this is sort of offset by the 3-day free trial, but given how Netflix’s VPN ban works, a larger window to test the service out would be much better.

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What You Need from a Solid Netflix VPN

Great VPNs for Netflix are easy to spot, but you need to know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a good way to describe it — Netflix blocks all VPNs part of the time, and most VPNs all of the time.

The question, then, isn’t if your VPN will get spotted by Netflix — rather, it’s how it deals with the issue once the jig is up.

There are four telltale signs that separate top-shelf Netflix VPNs from the pool of mediocrity:

  • High quality servers. Hugely important — not only do you want diversity in locations and a server number in the thousands, but continuous additions to the roster as well. The effective solution to Netflix’s blacklist is fresh IP addresses that haven’t been banned yet.
  • Specific features. We’re talking about dedicated streaming servers, specialized DNS addresses for various platforms, custom protocols, and even Static IPs — anything that is designed with unblocking Netflix and (similar platforms) in mind.
  • Excellent customer support. When the technical side of things fails you, customer support should be there to help you. Whether it’s pointing you to new Netflix-friendly servers, resolving an issue, or simply confirming that the VPN is currently unable to get past the errors, competent and helpful support is a staple of the best Netflix VPNs.
  • Fast speeds. Last but not least, successfully accessing Netflix means nothing if the content is loading at a snail’s pace. A Netflix VPN worth your time will make sure you’ll never have to deal with buffering, even when HD streaming.

More Netflix, More Chill, Thanks to VPNs — Even If You’re Abroad

There used to be a time when unblocking Netflix wasn’t all that difficult. Those carefree days are long gone, but you can still get a VPN that’s committed to giving you access to Netflix catalogs around the world!

Did you find this article useful? If so, please share it — it helps a ton! We also want to know your favorite VPN for unblocking Netflix — let us know in the comments how you get your access!

The best VPN deals in 2018 — updated every week for your convenience. Get an awesome Netflix VPN for pocket change today! (A word of caution — some VPNs in the deals page don’t work well with Netflix, so make sure to check with this article’s list if Netflix is a must for you.)

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