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vpnMentor was established in 2014 as an independent site reviewing VPN services and covering privacy-related stories. Today, our team of hundreds of cybersecurity researchers, writers, and editors continues to help readers fight for their online freedom in partnership with Kape Technologies PLC, which also owns the following products: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Private Internet Access which may be ranked and reviewed on this website. The reviews published on vpnMentor are believed to be accurate as of the date of each article, and written according to our strict reviewing standards that prioritize the independent, professional and honest examination of the reviewer, taking into account the technical capabilities and qualities of the product together with its commercial value for users. The rankings and reviews we publish may also take into consideration the common ownership mentioned above, and affiliate commissions we earn for purchases through links on our website. We do not review all VPN providers and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.

6 Best VPNs for Torrenting Safely in 2024 — Fast and Private

James Everard Updated on 4th January 2024 Senior Writer

Torrenting makes you vulnerable to numerous online threats, so using a highly secure VPN is essential. VPNs with weak security can leak your IP address, exposing you to cybercriminals or prying eyes. Others are simply too slow, resulting in painfully long download times. Some VPNs don’t support torrenting at all — blocking downloads entirely.

My team and I tested 80 VPNs and shortlisted the best ones for torrenting. They all keep your data safe with great security features and proven no-logs policies. In addition, each one offers fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth to give you quick downloads.

My top pick for torrenting is ExpressVPN. Its security and privacy features are some of the best I've seen and ensure safe and worry-free torrenting. Plus, it’s the fastest VPN we tested, so you can download large files in minutes. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can torrent with ExpressVPN risk-free. If it’s not for you, it’s easy to get a refund.

Try ExpressVPN for Torrenting >>

Important. While torrenting is legal in most countries, many torrent files are protected by copyright. My team and I promote privacy, not piracy. So be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country before you download anything.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPNs for Torrenting in 2024

  • Editor's Choice
    Top P2P VPN with robust privacy, military-grade security, and fastest download speeds.
    70% of our readers choose ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
    Specialized servers optimized for peak P2P performance and reliable torrenting.
  • Private Internet Access
    Private Internet Access
    Customizable security features for tailored torrenting connections.
  • NordVPN
    Threat Protection to block ads, trackers, and malware, ensuring safe torrent site browsing.
  • Surfshark
    Offers unlimited device connections for widespread torrenting, streaming, and gaming.
  • IPVanish VPN
    Includes SOCKS5 proxy to boost P2P download speeds significantly.

Best VPNs for Torrenting — Full Analysis (Updated 2024)

1. ExpressVPN — The Fastest P2P VPN With Strong Privacy and Security Features

Best Feature Strong privacy protection and advanced security features
Ease of Use for Torrenting Very easy
Security RAM-only servers (TrustedServer), Threat Manager malicious site blocker, Perfect Forward Secrecy
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 4% speed loss, faraway servers: 10% speed loss

Its fully-audited no-logs policy promises ExpressVPN keeps no record of your personal data or online activities. For added peace of mind, it’s based in the British Virgin Islands, outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes data-sharing alliances. And while many VPNs use hard drives capable of storing data, ExpressVPN’s RAM-only servers automatically wipe everything whenever the servers are rebooted.

Screenshot from ExpressVPN's website explaining how its RAM servers protect user privacyEven if a server was compromised, there’s nothing useful for a malicious party to see

It also uses strong security features to prevent your personal data from being exposed while torrenting. This includes military-grade encryption paired with Perfect Forward Secrecy, which combined, are nearly impossible to penetrate.

Snooping isn’t the only concern when you’re file sharing, though. Torrent sites are rife with viruses and malware, such as ransomware, spyware, and trojan horses. Luckily, ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager blocks malicious files and sites while you torrent.

Every one of ExpressVPN’s 3,000 servers support torrenting. You don’t have to worry about searching for specialty servers or switching servers because of overcrowding causing lag. Plus, there will be plenty of servers close to your physical location, which offer the best speeds to download large files as fast as possible.

I connected to a server in Switzerland and got 120.15Mbps (just 4% below my base) — remarkable considering I’m over 1000KM away. It was fast enough to download a 4GB torrent file in under 5 minutes.

ExpressVPN is #1 for speed and security, making it ideal for torrenting. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it’s not the cheapest. However, you can make significant savings with a long-term plan. I saved 49% over a short-term subscription when I signed up.

Its refund policy is also legit. If ExpressVPN isn't exactly what you expected, you’ve got 30 days to claim a full refund. I used 24/7 live chat to request a refund, and the agent agreed immediately. My money landed back in my account 5 days later.

Useful Features

  • Proprietary Lightway protocol. ExpressVPN removed the code that isn’t necessary for a commercial VPN, making Lightway light, fast, and secure. It’s perfect for downloading large torrent files.
  • Split tunneling. This feature allows certain apps to bypass the VPN to free up more bandwidth for torrenting. Similarly, you can nominate your torrenting clients to only work while connected the VPN. This ensures protection in countries with strict internet censorship (not available for macOS 10+).
  • Security essentials. IP/DNS leak protection and a kill switch (Network Lock) prevent your data from being exposed while torrenting. I tested for leaks to be sure and found none.
  • Simultaneous connections. You can torrent on up to 8 simultaneous devices on a single ExpressVPN account, but you can also configure it to your router to protect every device in your home.
ExpressVPN Offer February 2024: For a limited time only, you can get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off! Don't miss out!

2. CyberGhost — P2P-Optimized Servers for Fast and Secure Torrenting

Best Feature Specialty servers optimized for fast and secure torrent downloads
Ease of Use for Torrenting Easy
Security NoSpy servers for added privacy
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 4% speed loss, faraway servers: 22% speed loss

CyberGhost has specialty servers optimized for downloading torrents. It continually maintains them to ensure they work, and to make improvements to performance. I connected to For downloading > Switzerland, and got speeds just 5% below my base. Regular servers support torrenting too, but their speeds weren’t as consistent in my tests.

Screenshot showing the CyberGhost app with With CyberGhost, you can easily see the % user load of each server, so it’s easy to find the fastest for torrenting

Its NoSpy servers offer added privacy for torrenting. These are privately owned and managed in CyberGhost’s base in Romania (outside the 14 Eyes Alliance) to eliminate the danger of third-party interference. These all support torrenting but were around 35% slower than the regular servers in my tests.

You can automate Smart Rules so your VPN always protects your torrenting. That way, your data is kept safe in case you forget to switch on your VPN before browsing torrent sites or opening your torrent client. It works by detecting WiFi signals, and you preconfigure how you want the VPN to react.

A single account supports up to 7 simultaneous connections. That means you can download torrent files on a laptop while you stream, browse, or game on other devices with the VPN.

It also comes with a trustworthy 45-day money-back guarantee when you sign up for a long-term plan. On the other hand, short-term plans give you a 14-day refund guarantee.

Useful Features

  • Block content. Blocks the malware and dangerous content that’s common on most torrent sites.
  • Reputable protocols. WireGuard is the industry-leading open-source protocol for speed; I recommend it for torrenting on desktop devices. IKEv2 is good at switching between data sources, so it’s good for torrenting on mobile devices when you’re on the move.
  • Privacy friendly. CyberGhost operates on RAM-only servers, plus its no-logs policy ensures it tracks zero user data, so your torrenting activity is kept private.
  • Security essentials. In-built kill switch and leak protection safeguard your data while you torrent, so you don’t have to adjust any settings to get started.
February 2024 Deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off its most popular plan! Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your CyberGhost subscription.

3. Private Internet Access — Customizable Security Features to Tailor Your Connection for Torrenting

Best Feature Tons of adjustable settings to customize your torrenting
Ease of Use for Torrenting May be too technical for VPN newcomers
Security RAM-based servers, leak protection, and 2 protocols (WireGuard and OpenVPN)
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 5% speed loss, faraway servers: 44% speed loss

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers a vast menu of adjustable settings to customize it for torrenting. You can switch from 256-bit encryption (slower but more secure) to 128-bit (faster but slightly less secure). You also get 2 kill switch options. Its Advanced Kill Switch protects you even when PIA is disabled, which is useful if you forget to switch on your VPN before torrenting.

Screenshots of the PIA Settings menu with Multi-Hop selectedMulti-Hop, or double VPN, encrypts your data across 2 separate locations for extra privacy

In addition, PIA offers port forwarding, which is great for achieving optimal torrenting speeds. By forwarding ports to your torrent client, you can connect directly to seeders and improve your download speeds.

One of the biggest advantages for torrenting is that PIA has a massive server network of over 29,650 servers in 91 countries. Every server in the PIA network supports torrenting, so you'll never have to worry about being unable to connect to a suitable server.

I had some concern that PIA’s base is in the US, within the 5-Eyes Alliance. However, its proven no-logs policy ensures that it doesn’t record any data. It’s also been independently audited to confirm that they don’t store user logs or metadata.

I tested PIA’s 30-day money-back guarantee for myself, and it was quick and easy. I just used Customer Support to make my request and got my money back the following day.

Useful Features

  • Multiple devices and secure apps. You get unlimited simultaneous device connections to cover your entire household. Plus, since all of its apps are open-source, you know they’re constantly scrutinized and fine-tuned to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.
  • PIA MACE. This feature blocks the trackers and malware that populate most torrent sites.
  • Split Tunneling. You can select apps and websites to always use the VPN, or bypass the VPN. In my tests, I set Transmission and uTorrent to always use the VPN and chose Chrome as my browser for non–VPN activities.
  • Customizable interface. Choose between a minimized, expanded, servers, or Settings view. The advanced view gives you plenty of data about your download and upload speeds when you’re torrenting.
February 2024 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 82% off!

4. NordVPN — Threat Protection Prevents Malware-Infected Files While You Torrent

Best Feature Threat Protection ad, malware, and tracker blocker
Ease of Use for Torrenting Easy
Security Leak protection, RAM-based servers, kill switch, 256-bit encryption
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 8% speed loss, faraway servers: 22% speed loss

NordVPN is a solid torrenting VPN for many reasons, but what I was most impressed with is its built-in blocker. Threat Protection blocks ads and malicious content on torrent sites. Unlike most VPN ad blockers, it works even when the VPN is off and can remove threats already on your device. Alternatively, its “Lite” version works only when you’re using VPN.

Note: You should never use The Pirate Bay for downloading copyright-protected content.

NordVPN's specialty P2P servers are optimized for torrenting, with fast and reliable connections. You get 50+ of these specialty servers — fewer than CyberGhost, although on average, NordVPN’s were 4% faster in my tests. All NordVPN’s servers support torrenting, but the regular servers’ download speeds aren’t as consistent.

You also get the exclusive NordLynx protocol, built for speed and security. It’s based on WireGuard, which is fast, but has some security vulnerabilities. NordVPN has fixed those to give you fast, safe connections for torrenting.

It's based in Panama, where there are no data retention laws. Plus, it follows a strict no-logs policy which has been audited several times. On top of this, it’s undergone (and passed) 2 separate audits that tested and evaluated the security of all of its apps. So you know NordVPN is safeguarding your personal data while you torrent.

NordVPN’s chat isn’t always live; it sometimes just has a chatbot. However, email support is available, and I always received a response within 12 hours. Plus, the app is so easy to use, I’ve rarely had any questions.

You can test NordVPN without risk since it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Each plan also comes with 6 simultaneous device connections.

Useful Features

  • Meshnet. This feature lets you remotely access your devices over an encrypted connection. So, for example, if you’re away from your home computer, you can connect to it and access your torrent content remotely.
  • Presets. Using this, you can preconfigure your settings for torrent sites and clients for one-click access from the server list. It’s currently only available for macOS, but a Nord agent told me that Presets is in development for other OSs.
  • Speed-enhancing options. Split tunneling lets you select certain browsers and apps to bypass the VPN to free up more bandwidth for downloading large torrent files (not available on Apple apps). NordVPN also offers SOCKS5 proxy connections you can configure to your torrent client.
  • Dark web monitor. NordVPN continuously monitors for data leaks. If your email leaks from a security breach on a torrent site or client, you’ll be notified so you can secure your account.

5. Surfshark — Unlimited Connections to Protect All Your Torrenting Devices

Best Feature Unlimited simultaneous device connections
Ease of Use for Torrenting Easy
Security A kill switch, leak protection, Auto Rotating IP, 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 4% speed loss, faraway servers: 16% speed loss

Surfshark offers unlimited device connections you can use for torrenting (or any other activities, for that matter!). This means your entire household can use Surfshark on any number of devices — all on a single account.

You also get access to 3,200 high-speed servers that all support torrenting — and with servers in 100 countries, you’ll have no problem finding a reliable connection near you. It also has a nifty rotating IP feature that switches you to a new IP address in the same location every 5–10 minutes without disrupting your connection. This makes it even harder for any third party to track your torrenting activities.

Surfshark connected to Switzerland while visiting the 1337x websiteYou should avoid downloading any copyrighted material while using 1337x

Surfshark also has a CleanWeb blocker to protect you from ads and trackers. This is particularly useful when file sharing, as many torrent sites are full of harmful content. CleanWeb allows you to browse and download with assurance that you’re protected from threats.

You can free up some bandwidth for torrenting with Bypasser (split tunneling). This allows you to route certain activities outside the VPN to improve your download speeds. However, this feature is not currently available on macOS.

You can try out Surfshark with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, claiming a refund is easy — I tested it myself and got my money within 5 days.

Useful Features

  • Decent privacy protection. Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark offers RAM-only servers and an audited no-logs policy. That being said, it's located in the Netherlands, which is within the 9-Eyes Alliance. This isn't great if you're concerned with privacy.
  • WireGuard protocol. It offers this industry-leading, open-source protocol for fast downloads and streaming.
  • Quick connect. Configure your settings for one-click connections. You can choose the fastest or nearest server or a location that’s friendly for torrenting, like Switzerland.
  • MultiHop. A double-VPN option routes your data through servers in 2 different countries, improving your security for torrenting in countries with strict internet censorship. If you can’t find the right location combination, you can custom-create your own.

6. IPVanish — Get Faster Downloads With a SOCKS5 Proxy

Best Feature Free SOCKS5 proxy with every account for faster downloads
Ease of Use for Torrenting Easy
Security Obfuscation via Scramble, IPv6 Leak Protection, Auto Reconnect, a kill switch
Speed Averages Nearby servers: 5% speed loss, faraway servers: 28% speed loss

IPVanish offers an alternative to a VPN with its SOCKS5 proxy. It’s faster than a VPN, and specifically designed for torrenting. It can be configured to most torrent clients in 2 minutes, providing an easy way to change locations. However, it doesn’t encrypt your data, so you shouldn’t use it if privacy is a concern.

Screenshot showing the Preferences panel on the Deluge torrent client, with IPVanish's SOCKS5 proxy configurationsWith IPVanish, you can configure a SOCKS5 proxy to most torrent clients or to Firefox

Many VPNs rent servers in shared facilities which can risk third-party interference. IPVanish owns all its servers, so you can be confident of no snooping on your file sharing.

A user-friendly app that was developed with torrenting in mind is also provided by IPVanish. You can easily set it up to work with all well-known torrent clients, even if you have no experience with VPNs.

As a drawback, IPVanish operates from the US, which is part of the 5-Eyes alliance. But with its thoroughly-audited no-logs policy in place, I feel assured that it provides a secure environment for torrenting.

Take advantage of a 30 day money-back guarantee and see how IPVanish handles a large torrent file. You can easily claim a full refund if it’s not up to the task. You don’t even need to talk to an agent — simply log into the website and click “I wish to cancel my account”.

Useful Features

  • Unlimited connections. Like Surfshark, IPVanish gives you unlimited connections. You can torrent, stream, game, and browse all you like.
  • WireGuard protocol. Access the industry-leading protocol designed specifically for fast streaming and downloading big files.
  • Split tunneling. Configure some activities to bypass VPN to increase your torrent speeds.
  • Supports torrenting on every server. With 2,200 servers in more than 75 locations worldwide, you can easily torrent anywhere.

Quick Comparison Table: Torrenting VPN Features

The first feature to look for in a VPN is P2P support. Some VPNs don't offer this or limit the number of servers for P2P traffic, leading to high user load and slow downloads. Strong security and privacy features are also important to protect against cyber threats while torrenting.

Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive comparison of my suggested VPNs that are perfect for quick and safe torrenting, which includes all the essential features.

Cheapest Plan Based in a privacy-friendly country? P2P Support DownloadSpeeds Port Forwarding No Logs Policy Ad/malware Protection (%)
🥇ExpressVPN $6.67/month Yes Entire network Very fast Only on routers Audited and verified 19%
🥈CyberGhost $2.03/month Yes Entire network plus specialty servers Fast No Verified 79%
🥉Private Internet Access $2.03/month No Entire network Average Yes Verified 81%
NordVPN $3.39/month Yes Specialty servers Fast No Audited 33%
Surfshark $2.89/month No Entire network Fast Yes Audited 52%
IPVanish $3.25/month No Entire network Fast No Audited 0%

Tips on Choosing the Best VPN for Torrenting

I ensured all VPNs on my shortlist offer the following critical torrenting features. Feel free to use them as a checklist when choosing a torrenting VPN.

  • Supports torrenting. Not every VPN allows torrenting, so I only chose VPNs that do. I ensured they either had specialty servers for torrenting or allow P2P sharing across their entire network.
  • Fast speeds. The best P2P VPNs should also provide consistently fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. High-speed servers help prevent slowdowns while you download files. Torrenting-specific features like a SOCKS5 proxy and port forwarding can also help maximize your download speeds.
  • Robust security features. The main security features for torrenting are military-grade encryption, a kill switch, advanced protocols, and DNS/IP/WebRTC leak protection. Your VPN should always protect personal data.
  • No-logs policy. This ensures your VPN never collects or stores your data, such as your torrenting activity and the IP addresses you use. Bonus points if a third party independently audits the no-logs policy.
  • Vast device compatibility. A quality VPN for torrenting will have a native app for most operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS-based devices. It should also let you use it on multiple simultaneous devices.
  • Trustworthy money-back guarantee. Use this to test the VPN's speeds, security, and other features without risk. I tested the money-back guarantees of each VPN on my list to ensure they're reliable and hassle-free.
  • Reliable customer support. If you run into any issues, there should be a dependable way to get support from the VPN’s support team. This could be via email support, phone line, or a FAQ database/help page. However, a 24/7 live chat feature is the best option to answer your questions immediately.

Quick Guide: How to Torrent in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get a VPN. My favorite is ExpressVPN because it supports torrenting on every server, offers the fastest protocol, and has easy-to-use security features.
  2. Connect to a server. Switzerland is a good location for privacy. Choose a server close to your actual location if speed is an issue.
  3. Enjoy safe torrenting. Download your favorite torrents securely and privately.

Extra Tips to Enhance Your Torrenting Experience With a VPN

  • Port forwarding. This lets you connect to more peers in a swarm, improving download speeds. Simply toggle it on in VPN settings and copy the generated port number into your torrent client settings. Be aware that this can compromise your security if you’re using a VPN. Because you’ll be using a different port to others connected to the same IP address, making it easier for someone to trace your activity back to you.
  • Boost speeds. Configure your settings to get faster speeds. You can reduce your encryption to 128-bit, and use split tunneling to set some browsers and apps to bypass VPN. Use a SOCKS5 proxy, if available. Just be aware that these tips will decrease your security slightly. However, using the fastest protocol won’t (Lightway, WireGuard, NordLynx).
  • Kill switch. This is crucial for anonymity. Kill switches immediately block your Internet connection if your VPN disconnects, ensuring your real IP address doesn’t leak. Look for a kill switch that activates whenever your VPN connection is interrupted (for example, following a configuration change), not just if you’re disconnected from a server.
  • Bind your IP address. For added safety, bind your IP address to your torrent client. This ensures that downloads only occur when you connect to a specific VPN IP, preventing exposure of your downloads and IP address. Or, use split tunnel to bind your torrent client to VPN.
  • Ad/malware blocker. Some VPNs offer embedded ad and malware blockers to improve your security on ad-heavy sites. A malware blocker can also prevent you from downloading infected files and also eliminate unsafe pop-up ads. I recommend only downloading verified torrents. Check the comments before you download anything to see if other users have reported infected files and other threats.
  • File scanner. Some VPNs (like NordVPN) have a built-in file scanner that can catch infected files your antivirus (or other malware tools) might have missed. Make sure you scan every file you torrent before you open it to make sure it’s safe.

Warning! Avoid These VPNs for Torrenting

Numerous VPNs either lack support for torrenting or fail to adequately safeguard your privacy, with some being deficient in both aspects. Here are three frequently cited VPNs that you should avoid if torrenting is part of your plans:

Hola VPN

Hola’s free VPN not only blocks P2P traffic but also uses a P2P network to establish a connection (instead of a server network). It means you must share your IP address with unknown users. Additionally, encryption is only available on the paid version, and its privacy policy admits to collecting personal user data.


Turbo VPN blocks all torrenting and has a poor logging policy: it openly admits to sharing your data with other organizations. It even bans users who attempt to use its servers for torrenting. Additionally, the VPN lacks a kill switch and can leak your IP address, making it potentially dangerous. I don’t recommend it for safe and secure file sharing.


This VPN is limited to your browser, meaning it won't encrypt traffic from your torrent client. Additionally, it logs your activities, obscures its connection protocols, and lacks transparency regarding its server locations.


While previously known for torrenting support, TorGuard has faced legal issues and copyright infringement lawsuits. As a result, it now blocks all torrenting traffic on their US servers. This, combined with average speeds in recent tests, makes it unsuitable for secure torrenting.

The Dangers of Torrenting

Torrenting presents a wealth of immediate dangers, such as exposure to hackers or malware. When you torrent, your IP address is visible, making it easier for cybercriminals to intercept your data. Plus, some torrenting sites are rampant with malicious files, so if you don’t use some sort of malware prevention, your device is vulnerable.

Although some torrenting sites offer encryption options, there are still ways your activity can be tracked. There have even been cases of media companies joining torrenting sites and creating monitoring nodes that can collect users’ IP addresses.

On top of this, there are legal consequences for torrenting copyrighted material. Depending on the country, you could receive notices from your ISP, copyright trolls, legal firms, or the government if you’ve been caught downloading anything illegally.

Don’t be surprised if you’re demanded to cough up immediate payment on some hefty fines. Many countries have introduced fines ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands. In the US, the UK, and Australia, you could even serve a few years of jail time. Breaking copyright law is no joke.

FAQs on VPNs for Torrenting

Is using a VPN for torrenting legal?

Yes, using a VPN for torrenting is technically legal in most countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. It's a legitimate tool to protect your online security and privacy by stopping your traffic from being leaked to third parties. However, the legality of torrenting itself depends on the content being shared. Sharing copyrighted material is illegal and violates copyright laws and can lead to legal consequences.

In the US, for example, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows copyright holders to take legal action against copyright infringers, leading to fines, DMCA notices, and even lawsuits. Whereas in Australia and Canada, ISPs may issue warning letters or terminate internet service for repeat copyright violations. And in the UK, copyright infringement can result in penalties, imprisonment, and website blocking.

So, it's important to use VPNs responsibly and be aware of the content you download.

Who can see my torrenting data when I don’t use a VPN?

Using a reliable torrenting VPN helps prevent ISPs, hackers, and other prying eyes from tracking your activity. Some ISPs have been known to throttle connection speeds when you partake in data-heavy activities, like torrenting. So keeping your connection private may help you maintain faster speeds, which equals faster downloads.

Even more concerning is the amount of cybercriminals that are associated with torrenting sites. Since your IP address is normally exposed while you torrent, it’s easier for hackers and other parties with malicious intent to intercept your connection. That’s why it’s so important that the VPN effectively masks your IP address (without leaks) to safeguard your data while you torrent.

Keep in mind that downloading copyrighted material is illegal in almost every country. So you should never use a VPN to try and evade government regulation on this. Doing so can result in severe penalties and fines, and the vpnMentor team and I strongly oppose it.

Is using a VPN for torrenting safe?

Yes, a VPN enhances safety by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your IP address. It protects your privacy by shielding you from potential malicious actors. However, not all VPNs are equal in terms of security and privacy. Opt for a trusted VPN provider that offers strong encryption and a no-logs policy for safer torrenting. And always ensure your VPN is turned on and connected before engaging in any torrenting activities.

Even though some torrent clients claim to have encryption, this isn’t enough. Only a reputable, secure VPN can protect your anonymity and prevent the potential exposure of your personal data.

Always make yourself familiar with local laws and regulations regarding torrenting, and ensure that you use a VPN responsibly and lawfully.

Which VPN protocol is best for torrenting?

For torrenting, it’s best to use a speed-optimized protocol, like ExpressVPN’s Lightway. ExpressVPN removed all the unnecessary code used in most protocols, which allows Lightway to process data faster. So it’s ideal for downloading large files. Plus, it’s lightweight and even helps conserve battery life on mobile devices and laptops.

The best non-proprietary protocol for torrenting is WireGuard, the industry-leading protocol for speed. Plus, it’s open source — meaning anyone can review its code to check for vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.

What can I do if my torrenting VPN stops working?

If your VPN stops working, the first thing to do is stop torrenting because your data will be exposed if your VPN is down. After that, there are several things you can try to resolve the issue:

  • Check your internet connection. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and that you're not having network issues.
  • Try a different server. If your server has issues, try connecting to another.
  • Check for VPN software updates. The best torrenting VPNs continuously update their software to make improvements and eliminate vulnerabilities. Make sure you're running the latest version of your VPN app.
  • Swap protocols. Whichever VPN protocol you’re using, try switching to a different one, such as OpenVPN or IKEv2.
  • Restart your VPN software. Sometimes simply restarting your VPN software can resolve issues.
  • Disable your firewall. If you have a firewall enabled, try temporarily disabling it to see if it's causing the problem.
  • Contact customer support. If you're still experiencing issues, contact your VPN's customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or offer a solution.

Is a VPN better than Tor for torrenting?

Yes, VPNs are much better than Tor for torrenting. VPNs offer fast speeds, dedicated P2P servers, and stronger encryption, ensuring secure and fast torrenting. In contrast, while Tor provides anonymity by routing traffic through a series of volunteer-operated servers, it significantly slows down internet speeds. Moreover, Tor nodes are not optimized for P2P traffic, leading to poor torrenting performance.

However, keep in mind that using a trustworthy VPN with a strict no-logs policy is crucial for maintaining privacy while torrenting.

Can a VPN increase my torrenting speeds?

In some cases. A VPN can increase your torrenting speeds by preventing bandwidth throttling. ISPs sometimes limit internet speeds for torrent users. This can result in slower download speeds. Using a VPN can help bypass throttling and improve download speeds.

Also, many VPNs have servers located in multiple countries. Connecting to a server in a different location in your country (provided torrenting isn’t restricted) may allow you to access more peers in a swarm, resulting in faster downloads.

If you're torrenting on a public WiFi network or a location with many users, the network may become congested, leading to slower speeds. Using a VPN can help reduce congestion by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your activity from other users on the network. Plus, a VPN can help you bypass media blocks on public WiFi and work or college networks.

What is the best country and server location for torrenting?

Any country or server location where torrenting is allowed is an acceptable choice. It’s a plus if the VPN you choose has dedicated P2P servers, too, so you don’t have to think much about which one to connect to. Your best bet is to go for a server in your country (provided torrenting isn’t restricted there) in order to get the best speeds possible.

That said, certain countries have a more liberal stance on torrenting than others. For example, Switzerland doesn’t block torrenting sites and has privacy-friendly laws, meaning data retention isn’t a big issue. Also, Mexico has no laws that prohibit torrenting. So if you’re in these countries, you’re in luck.

Will a torrenting VPN work for Kodi and Popcorn Time too?

Yes! The best P2P VPNs will keep you safe and can boost performance in Popcorn Time and Kodi (the same way they do when downloading/uploading files with a torrent client).

Popcorn Time streams use torrents as a source, so you’re downloading and uploading content through a P2P network, the same way you do when downloading files. Similarly, some Kodi add-ons source torrents for streaming as well. A VPN encrypts and protects data across your entire device, so you won’t risk your personal info being revealed on any of these shared networks.

However, many Kodi add-ons and Popcorn Time streams are illegal to watch or download since they're protected under copyright. Watching this material with or without a VPN is illegal, and we don't condone illegal activity.

Can I torrent if I have a NAT firewall?

Yes, but it depends on the NAT firewall you’re using. Because NAT firewalls prevent unsolicited packets from entering your network, they can prevent you from uploading to or downloading from a torrent swarm. If you’re trying to torrent on a network with this security measure, your best bet is to use one of our recommended torrenting VPNs to get around the firewall.

However, this isn’t always the case. Many of our recommended VPNs on this list have built-in NAT firewalls, and they all let you torrent without issue. I always recommend looking for a VPN with customizable security settings, particularly if you’re torrenting. These will let you configure (or temporarily disable) the NAT firewall in case it blocks your torrents.

Get the Best VPN for Torrenting

Torrenting can expose you to prying eyes and hackers. Even the safe ones may not support torrenting or are too slow for downloading large files in a reasonable time. A fast and trustworthy VPN is essential to protect your privacy and give you smooth torrenting.

The best torrenting VPN is ExpressVPN. Its security and privacy features allow you to torrent safely — and its high-speed servers are ideal for downloading large files in a timely manner. You can try it for yourself with its dependable money-back guarantee. If it’s not exactly what you want, you have 30 days to claim your refund.

To summarize, these are the best VPNs for torrenting...

Our Score
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9.9 /10
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9.7 /10
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9.5 /10
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