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Although relatively new, with time, Itshidden VPN can make its mark known in the world of VPN service providers. With a secure connection that encrypts all your online information and makes you anonymous, you can be certain your privacy is guaranteed.

Itshidden VPN recently announced that their service now supports the OpenVPN protocol, a development that already registered Itshidden VPN clients will find encouraging. With OpenVPN protocol, users will find it easier to securely engage in substantial online tasks and activities like streaming live tv, online gaming and unblocking of VOIP sites. Furthermore, this shows that the developers of Itshidden VPN are willing to make their service better in every possible way to be able to rub shoulders with the best VPN providers around today.

There are two plans available on Itshidden VPN. The first one is free while the second one is the paid service.
A lot of people are always skeptical about investing their money in a service without trying it out first. Because this, Itshidden VPN introduced the free version so that users can have a preview of what to expect when they purchase the product. To make things better, there is a full money back guarantee if you are not ready to take on a long-term subscription. This shows that the developers mean business and they are ready to provide their users with high-quality VPN services.

The major highlight of Itshidden VPN service is the fact that there is no need for users to download any software to use the product. Unlike some other VPN service providers, the app itself requires little or no configuration at all as it is simple to set up and just like its name says, actually hides your online activities from prying eyes. This makes the product very easy-to-use even for newbies that don’t know much about VPN services yet. Another important feature to note is that ItsHiddenVPN does not keep user logs. This means you can confidently surf the Web anyhow and as long as you want to while ItsHidden VPN does its job keeping you 100% safe, secured, and hidden online without being monitored.

ItsHidden VPN is compatible with almost all mobile devices available including Tablets, Android, Mac OS and Windows.
With more than 15 gigabytes of bandwidth, users are assured of a very fast and reliable Internet connection.
There are five different plans available for all users on Itshidden VPN website. There is the $2.99 recurring payment for a month. The second one is $3.00 payment for a month. The third plan is a $10.99 one-time payment for three months. The fourth plan covers a period of six months in which you will have to pay $18.99. Lastly, there is the twelve months plan that goes for $31.99 available for those that are ready to enjoy the services of ItsHidden VPN software for an extended period

Number of countries with servers 3
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1
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Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.5 / 10

  • Dedicated IP servers
  • Full access to blocked sites
  • Supports PPTP and OpenVPN
  • No logs Privacy Policy
  • More than 15gb of Bandwidth
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Get started with ItsHidden VPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans:

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