The Book of Satoshi by Phil Champagne – FREE Chapter Included

Chances are you’ve heard of BitCoin. Even if you’ve never used it, the crypto-currency – which skyrocketed to be valued at over $14,000 in December – has grown in popularity. But who created BitCoin? How did he do it? And what were his motivations? 

There’s little known about the virtual creator of BitCoin known as Satoshi Nakamoto. what is known, however, is in Phil Champagne’s book The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Champagne includes essential writings and details that depict the creation of BitCoin.

We sat down with Champagne to discuss his book and what made him write it. 

vpnMentor: What made you write The Book of Satoshi?

Champagne: I was originally intrigued to know more about what the creator of Bitcoin had to say. Considering he left “public life” after two years, the only information and input about him are available from his early writings.  I realized I might not be the only one with this interest and that’s how I decided to compose this book.

vpnMentor: What new knowledge did you gain while writing the book?

Champagne: I learned about several pieces of information I was not even aware of, including the Byzantine General problem. Also, I learned about the writing and publishing process, which is not as straightforward as I thought, particularly for physical book formatting and organization.

You can buy The Book of Satoshi and learn more about BitCoin on their website.

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