Hacking the Hacker by Roger A. Grimes – FREE Chapter Included

Hacking the Hacker

Hacking the Hacker by Roger A. Grimes introduces you to top ethical hackers and what they do in the cybersecurity world. Each chapter includes a different profile and an explanation of the technology used.

We sat down with Roger A. Grimes, a computer guru who was hired to hack companies to test their cybersecurity, to talk about his book and the importance of ethical hacking.

vpnMentor: What made you write this book?

Grimes: A lot of reasons made me want to write it, but the primary impetus was two audiences: 1) To give a general introduction to people considering a job in IT security, and 2) To give guidance to people who are doing or considering illegal unethical hacking, particularly students. My wife and I faced a similar challenge from our son many years ago and his hacking hobby turned into a great career with a little guidance.

vpnMentor: What new knowledge did you gain while writing the book?

Grimes: My favorite part of the book writing process was interviewing the legends of the IT industry which I had followed for decades. It was great to meet them one-on-one, hear their stories, and in many cases verify or modify some of the stories I had heard about them. There is no doubt that was my favorite part.

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