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How to Get a Mexican IP Address From Anywhere in 2023

Accessing Mexican content outside the country, like Azteca Uno, will be difficult. Due to licensing and distribution restrictions, certain websites and streaming services aren't available in other countries. But that doesn't mean you need to miss out on your favorite shows while traveling; you just need a Mexican IP address.

Using a VPN with servers in Mexico unblocks local online services. That way, you can access regional sites and services from anywhere. Trustworthy VPNs also provide high-level encryption and other critical security tools without noticeably changing your speeds. So you can safely browse, stream, and even game with your Mexican IP.

After testing 80+ VPNs with my team, ExpressVPN is my #1 choice to get a Mexican IP address. It has many fast servers in Mexico to stream local shows and movies without buffering. Plus, it provides military-grade encryption to keep your online data safe. The 30-day money-back guarantee means you can try ExpressVPN with complete peace of mind.

Get a Mexican IP Now

Quick Guide: How to Get a Mexican IP Address With a VPN in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN. Its secure servers in Mexico are lightning-fast and reliable for bypassing regional geoblocks without delays. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN with confidence.
  2. Connect to a server in Mexico. This provides you with a Mexican IP address, so it looks like you’re in Mexico.
  3. Start browsing. You now have access to Mexican content from anywhere.

Why You Need a VPN to Get a Mexican IP Address

You need a Mexican IP address to access some of your favorite Mexican sites outside the country. Streaming platforms often geo-restrict their content because of strict licensing laws. These websites check your IP address to determine your location and block you if it looks like you’re not in Mexico. Likewise, Mexican banks might lock your account if they notice unusual logins abroad. Luckily, there’s a quick solution.

A VPN with servers in the country gives you a Mexican IP address anywhere. VPNs tunnel your traffic through its servers in other countries and mask your real IP with a local one. That way, regional sites only see a local IP (not your actual location). If you connect to a server in Mexico, you get to borrow a Mexican IP address — instantly unblocking all the Mexican content you want to access.

Plus, good VPNs provide top-notch encryption to protect your online data (without sacrificing your speeds). That means your access to sensitive accounts like BBLA Bancomer remains secure.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Today

The Best VPNs to Get a Mexican IP Address From Anywhere in 2023

All the VPNs I recommend can give you a Mexican IP address to quickly unblock local services. You also get high-end security measures to keep your data private without noticeably reducing your speeds.

These VPNs also provide live chat support and are compatible with most major devices. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee, so you can try it without hesitation.

1. ExpressVPN — Lightning-Fast Servers for Buffer-Free Streaming With a Mexican IP Address

  • Server speed and location: Blazing-fast speeds with 3,000 servers in 94 countries, including Mexico
  • Security and Privacy: Military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and RAM-only servers
  • Simultaneous device connections: 5
  • Can stream local and global content: Las Estrellas, Canal Cinco, Netflix (Mexico & US), Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Amazon Fire, and more
ExpressVPN Offer February 2023: For a limited time only, you can get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off! Don't miss out!

ExpressVPN has the fastest servers of all the VPNs I tested to get a Mexican IP address. You even get unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to stream as much as possible without restrictive data caps. While testing ExpressVPN's Mexico servers, my average download speed was over 74 Mbps (almost 3 times what you need for 4K viewing). I watched Me Caigo de Risa Temporada 8 buffer-free on Canal Cinco.

With reliable Mexican servers, the VPN easily bypasses blocks on Netflix Mexico and other Mexican sites too. I had no problem reading the local news online using services like Proceso and securely accessing my account with BBVA Bancomer while traveling. The network even spans 94+ countries, allowing me to use my accounts on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video.

Your data remains secure thanks to military-grade encryption. The kill switch (Network Lock) automatically disconnects you from the internet if the VPN drops, preventing location exposure. ExpressVPN also offers DNS/IPv6/WebRTC leak protection. I ran leak tests, and the VPN didn't reveal my actual location or any sensitive data. Its proprietary protocol, Lightway, is lightweight for fast speeds but still highly secure. There are also other tunneling protocols, including OpenVPN or IKEv2.

The VPN follows a strict no-logs policy. ExpressVPN doesn't collect usage logs or share your personally identifiable information with anyone. It uses TrustedServer technology which means its servers run on RAM only, so your data gets wiped with every reboot. Plus, the VPN is British Virgin Islands-based, outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances — a group of countries that spy on citizens and share information.

There are apps for all major devices, and it took me less than 5 minutes to install the VPN and connect to a server in Mexico. Apps are also straightforward to use and available in Spanish. 24/7 live chat and email support are available if you need help with more advanced settings.

Subscriptions are expensive, with the lowest available plan costs $6.67/month. Fortunately, ExpressVPN often offers terrific discounts. When I signed up for 12 months, I got an additional 3 months of service for free and 49% off. Monthly options are available, but the longer-term plans provide the best savings (and the same great features).

All plans come with a trustworthy 30-day money-back guarantee, and getting a refund is simple. I tested the guarantee, and ExpressVPN refunded my PayPal account in 2 days. I just had to contact customer support via email to cancel my subscription and make my request.

Try ExpressVPN Today

2. CyberGhost — User-Friendly Apps for Quick Access to Mexican Websites

  • Server speed and location: Excellent speeds and 9,753 servers in 91 countries, including 50 in Mexico (Mexico City)
  • Security and privacy: AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and WiFi protection
  • Simultaneous device connections: 7
  • Can stream local and global content: Las Estrellas, Azteca Uno, Canal Cinco, Netflix (Mexico & US), Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Fire, and more
February 2023 Deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off its most popular plan! Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your CyberGhost subscription.

This well-designed app makes getting a Mexican IP address effortless. Servers are clearly listed in alphabetical order — during my tests on CyberGhost it took me less than 10 seconds to find and connect to a Mexican server. You can even choose a Mexico server to automatically connect to when the VPN starts for fast access to a Mexican IP address. Plus, if you need help with anything, live chat support is available 24/7.

CyberGhost easily bypasses geoblocks on popular Mexican services like Canal Cinco. Its global network spans 91 countries, so you also have access to international content (like your Hulu or BBC iPlayer accounts). There are even optimized streaming servers for most major global platforms, clearly labeled with which service they unblock.

I got speeds well over 60 Mbps on the Mexican servers I tested, so it’s fast enough to watch movies on Las Estrellas in UHD too. The VPN also provides unlimited bandwidth, so you can download large files quickly without hitting caps (it only took me a couple of minutes to download a 1 GB file).

The VPN is serious about your privacy with headquarters in Romania (outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance), and it has a strict no-logs policy. It also uses 256-bit AES encryption and several protocols, including OpenVPN and WireGuard. Your data is further protected by DNS/IPv6 leak protection and a kill switch. There’s even an automatic WiFi protection feature that launches the VPN when you connect to an unknown network. I enabled it to keep me safe when using a Mexican IP on unsecured public hotspots.

One downside is that the monthly subscriptions are expensive and only give you a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, long-term plans cost as little as $2.19/month. They come with the same benefits as the short-term options but are more affordable — so I went for the 3-year option.

The lengthier subscriptions come with an extended money-back guarantee, so you can test CyberGhost’s Mexican IPs free for 45-days. Requesting a refund is straightforward. I logged into the website and accessed "My Account" to cancel the auto-renewal, then contacted customer support to request a refund. The money was in my bank account after 4 days.

Try CyberGhost Today

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — Customizable Settings for Prioritizing Speed or Security With a Mexican IP

  • Server speed and location: Fast speeds and 29,650 servers in 84 countries, including Mexico
  • Security and Privacy: Multiple encryption levels, a no-logs policy, and an adblocker
  • Simultaneous device connections: 10
  • Can stream local and global content: Las Estrellas, Azteca Uno, Canal Cinco, Netflix (Mexico & US), Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, and more
February 2023 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 83% off!

This VPN allows you to customize your settings for speed or security. You can choose between the slightly faster 128-bit AES encryption or the more secure 256-bit. 128-bit AES gave me the best speeds while testing PIA, but I recommend 256-bit when online banking. You can also choose from various tunneling protocols, like OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Your data remains private as PIA follows a proven no-logs policy. Like CyberGhost, it also offers essential security features like a kill switch and DNS/IP leak protection. The all-in-one blocker, MACE, is excellent at preventing pop-up ads on the Mexican popular news and entertainment sites I visited (e.g., or Canal Cinco).

The Mexican servers are fast too, so you can watch 40 y 20 uninterrupted on Las Estrellas. My speeds exceeded 50 Mbps while testing PIA’s Mexican IPs. You can even add Mexico servers to your “Quick Connect '' list by clicking on the heart icon to the right of the server location. Its vast network of 29,650 servers spans over 84 countries. This allows you to also browse international news sites and access your global accounts like Vudu and Disney+.

Installing the VPN and connecting to a server is straightforward. Even if you find the customization options a bit daunting, its pre-configured settings provide all the security you need to use your Mexican IP address without making any changes. There’s also 24/7 live chat support if you need help.

I was disappointed that its US servers don’t allow torrenting. Luckily, there are many P2P-friendly servers in Europe and other countries. So, it wasn’t really an issue.

You can subscribe to PIA for just $2.19/month. The VPN has multiple plan options, and they all include Mexico servers. But suggest the longest plan for the most significant savings.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and getting a refund is hassle-free. I went to PIA’s site, opened the support portal, and filled out the form on the “Customer Support” page. The VPN returned my subscription fee to my PayPal that same week.

Try Private Internet Access Today

4. IPVanish — Advanced Security to Safely Browse Mexican Websites Wherever You Are

  • Server speed and location: Reliable speeds and 2,000 servers in 75 countries, including 4 in Mexico (Guadalajara)
  • Security and privacy: 256-bit encryption, Scramble technology, and Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Simultaneous device connections: Unlimited
  • Can stream local and global content: Las Estrellas, Azteca Uno, Canal Cinco, Netflix (Mexico & US), Disney+, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Fire, and more
IPVanish February 2023 Deal: It's hard to find active IPVanish offers so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 66% off your IPVanish subscription today! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

IPVanish offers advanced security features to enhance your online safety using a Mexican IP address. 256-bit AES encryption makes your traffic unreadable to hackers or snoops. There’s also DNS/IP leak protection, a kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy. While testing IPVanish, I customized my Perfect Forward Secrecy settings to rotate IP addresses every 15 minutes — making it even harder for third parties to track my actual location and online activity.

Its servers in Mexico provide consistent speeds (around 41 Mbps) for smooth streaming. I didn’t experience any lag or delays while torrenting and gaming. Plus, you can unblock Las Estrellas and other popular Mexican content anywhere with a number of reliable Mexican servers. The VPN’s global network also spans 75 countries — I had no problem unlocking my Hulu account.

The VPN gives you an Unlimited number of simultaneous connections per license. That way, you can get a Mexican IP address on all your devices at once. I tested the service on my smartphone, laptop, and tablet and it was easy to install on each one. There’s 24/7 live chat and email support if you run into trouble during setup.

A long-term IPVanish plan is affordable at $3.33/month. The VPN also offers a monthly plan, but I recommend the 1-year option as it provides the best savings. On the downside, you can't pay with cryptocurrency, but it accepts PayPal if you're privacy-conscious and all major credit cards.

All subscriptions include a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying IPVanish’s Mexican IPs. Plus, getting a refund is easy. After I logged into my account on the website, I clicked on “I wish to cancel my subscription” on the dashboard. IPVanish refunded my PayPal account after 5 days.

Try IPVanish Today

5. PrivateVPN — Unlimited Bandwidth for Smooth Torrenting With Your Mexican IP Address

  • Server speed and location: Consistent speeds and 200 servers in 63 countries, including Mexico
  • Security and privacy: 256-bit AES encryption and DNS/IP leak protection
  • Simultaneous device connections: 10
  • Can stream local and global content: Las Estrellas, Azteca Uno, Canal Cinco, Netflix (Mexico & US), Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Amazon Fire, and more

PrivateVPN is great for torrenting as it allows unlimited P2P sharing on all its servers — including the ones in Mexico. The VPN’s unlimited bandwidth means you can download large files without affecting your connection speed for other online activities. Those speeds are fast too — I downloaded 2 GB in just under 9 minutes while testing one of PrivateVPN’s Mexican servers.

Plus, the VPN protects your privacy while you torrent with a strict no-logs policy, the highest level of encryption, and a kill switch. I also performed IP/DNS leak tests on PrivateVPN’s Mexican servers, and my real location and identity were never exposed. So your IP address will remain hidden during torrenting.

I was a bit concerned that PrivateVPN’s smaller server network might limit what I could access online. However, there are plenty of reliable Mexican servers, so you can easily bypass geoblocks on regional services too. I quickly unblocked my Azteca Uno account from Canada, using one of PrivateVPN’s Mexican IPs. The international servers worked just as well, allowing me to access my international streaming accounts on Disney+ and Netflix US.

You can get a long-term PrivateVPN subscription for just $2/month. I recommend going for one of these more extended plans as they save you the most money and provide the same features as the more expensive short-term options.

Choose any subscription and get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That way, you have the option to request a refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied. The refund process holds up and isn’t complicated. I just contacted customer support via live chat to cancel my subscription. PrivateVPN reimbursed my credit card within 7 days.

Try PrivateVPN Today

Tips on Choosing the Best VPN for a Mexican IP Address

Each of the VPNs on this list provides you with a Mexican IP address. Plus, their strong security features keep you safe without noticeably reducing your existing speeds. Still, if you want to do a bit of research, the criteria below will give you an idea of what to look for:

  • Mexican and global servers — A Mexico server will give you a local IP address to bypass regional geoblocks. Global servers will provide you with access to your international accounts.
  • Fast speeds — Choose a VPN that doesn’t noticeably reduce your speeds, to avoid issues like buffering while streaming.
  • Security and privacy features — Look for a VPN that will keep your data and actual IP address protected, like 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and a no-logs policy.
  • Easy to use — It should be easy to connect to a server in Mexico (or anywhere else), while live chat support is a fantastic bonus.
  • Trustworthy money-back guarantee — This ensures you have a window of time to get a refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with a VPN.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Today

FAQs on Getting a Mexican IP Address With a VPN

Is it legal to use a VPN to get a Mexican IP address?

Yes, VPNs are legal in most places. Simply launch your VPN and connect to a Mexican server to get a local IP address. That way, you have access to your regional accounts from anywhere.

However, keep in mind that some countries (e.g., Belarus, Russia, China, etc.) ban or restrict VPN use. It’s important to check the rules regarding VPN use in your location to avoid breaking any laws.

Can I use a free VPN to get an IP address for Mexico?

No, most free VPNs don’t offer servers in Mexico. Plus, many free VPNs lack strong encryption or essential features like a kill switch to prevent data and location exposure. A premium VPN with servers in Mexico and a money-back guarantee is a more secure option. Some free services even share your browsing data with marketing companies or bundle harmful software into their app download.

What other ways are there to get a Mexican IP address (aside from a VPN)?

A proxy, Smart DNS services, or Tor may allow you to access Mexican sites, but I don’t recommend using them. A VPN keeps you safe online while offering you a Mexican IP address.

Proxies lack the security to keep your online data private, and Smart DNS doesn’t actually change your IP address. The Tor browser provides layers of encryption but is often far too slow for high bandwidth activities, like buffer-free streaming.

How can I test if my IP address has changed to Mexico?

Use an IP checking tool. Open your VPN and connect to a server in Mexico, then go to the IP checkers website (e.g., vpnMentor’s IP Checker). Let the tool run. If it returns a location in Mexico, your IP address was successfully changed.

Get a Mexican IP With ExpressVPN

Get a Mexican IP Address Today

A VPN is the safest and fastest way to access Mexican content abroad. All my VPNs provide top-notch security measures without compromising your speed for streaming, torrenting, or gaming.

I recommend ExpressVPN to get a Mexican IP address. It effortlessly bypasses geoblocks for Netflix Mexico and Las Estrellas and offers lightning-fast speeds. It also gives secure access to banking services like Santander. Plus, all subscriptions include a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN’s Mexican IPs with confidence.

To summarize, the best VPNs to get a Mexican IP address are…

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