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How to Unblock Twitch from Anywhere in 2023 (EASY!)

There’s nothing more frustrating than going online to watch a game or tournament, only to be faced with a blank screen or error message. After finding myself banned due to my housemate’s supposed breach of Twitch’s terms of service, I decided enough was enough. I needed a quick and easy way to unblock Twitch from any location, for any reason.

Whether you’ve fallen foul of Twitch’s terms of service or the streaming site is blocked on your local network, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best solution to unblock Twitch. A VPN can also help if your ISP is throttling your internet speeds on streaming sites.

Using a VPN to unblock Twitch is easy, but not all VPNs will do the job. I tested dozens of providers to find the top VPNs to unblock and stream videos on Twitch.

I found ExpressVPN to be the most effective VPN, hands down. As well as delivering the fastest connection speeds, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can test ExpressVPN’s ability to unblock Twitch completely risk-free.

Unblock Twitch with ExpressVPN Now!

Quick Guide: How to Unblock Twitch From Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get a VPN. ExpressVPN is my top choice for its superfast speeds and large server network.
  2. Install the VPN. If you’re in a country that blocks Twitch, then connecting to a server in a country without geoblocks will give you access.
  3. Start streaming! Log in or sign up to Twitch and start streaming!

Unblock Twitch with ExpressVPN Now!

Why You Need a VPN to Unblock Twitch

A VPN is a network of servers located in different countries. When you connect to a VPN’s app on your computer, mobile device, or gaming console, your data will be encrypted and routed through one of these servers.

If you’ve been banned from Twitch, your username and IP address will be on its blacklist. A VPN replaces your IP address with an IP from one of its own servers. Twitch won’t associate this new IP address with your username, so you’ll be able to access the platform and set up a new account.

You can also use a VPN to get around any geoblocks operating in your country, whether there’s a complete block on Twitch or restrictions on accessing content. For example, some premium streaming shows on Twitch have specific geographic restrictions.

IP addresses are associated with a particular location, so if you connect to a server in a different country, Twitch will think you’re logging in from that location. If you want to access a show that’s only available in the US, you can connect to a server in New York or Los Angeles to get a US IP address. You can then log in to Twitch and watch your show.

VPNs also help you bypass restrictions on local networks. Businesses and schools often block Twitch, and using a VPN lets you get around these restrictions.

Finally, you may also want to use a VPN if your ISP throttles your internet speed when you’re on Twitch. When you connect to your VPN’s app, it prevents your ISP from seeing what sites you’re accessing, so it can’t unfairly reduce your speeds.

The Best VPNs to Unblock Twitch (Updated in January 2023)

1. ExpressVPN — Lightning-Fast Speeds for Streaming

  • 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
  • The fastest speeds for streaming
  • 5 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more
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ExpressVPN has 3,000 server locations in 94 countries, all of which are fast and reliable. I tested servers in multiple countries, including the US, and was able to unblock Twitch every time.

Of all of the VPNs I tested, ExpressVPN gave me the fastest connection speeds. During my tests, I never experienced any lag. Whether you’re sharing content with your subscribers or watching someone else’s channel, you won’t have to worry about buffering interrupting your streaming.

Twitch uses anti-VPN software to detect and block VPNs. Some providers struggle to consistently bypass these blocks, but ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPNs for circumventing Twitch’s restrictions. It’s also one of only a few VPNs that can bypass the firewalls put in place by the Chinese government, making it the best VPN to use in China.

ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than other VPNs, but the longer-term plans start at only $6.67/month. The cost is worth it for the consistently fast connection speeds and ability to bypass Twitch’s anti-VPN software. It’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try ExpressVPN with Twitch totally risk-free.

Unblock Twitch With ExpressVPN Now!

2. IPVanish — Unlimited Simultaneous Device Connections

  • 2,000 servers in 75 countries, including in the US
  • Consistently high speeds
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can unblock: YouTube, Spotify, SlingTV, Kodi, Amazon Prime Video, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more
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IPVanish’s network of servers covers fewer countries than other VPNs. This shouldn’t affect your ability to unblock Twitch, but if you’re a long way from the nearest server, you may experience slower connection speeds. However, it has ample servers located in the United States, making it a great choice if you’re located in the US or want to access US content while abroad.

In my tests, IPVanish delivered consistently high speeds, and I had no issues unblocking Twitch.

The best thing about IPVanish is that you can connect an unlimited number of devices to the VPN simultaneously. This makes it the best VPN if you want to share one account with your housemates or family. As you also get unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to worry about hitting a data cap, even if you’re all gaming with each other online.

You can use the 30-day money-back guarantee to try IPVanish with Twitch for free, and the longer plans start at $3.99/month per month.

Unblock Twitch With IPVanish Now!

3. CyberGhost — Great VPN for Gaming

  • 9,753+ servers in 91 countries
  • Fast speeds on local servers
  • 7 simultaneous device connections
  • 45-day money-back guarantee, or a 14-day free trial
  • Can unblock: BBC iPlayer, YouTube Premium, Showtime, HBO Max, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more
January 2023 Deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off its most popular plan! Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your CyberGhost subscription.

CyberGhost has an impressive number of servers in 91 countries. While testing it, I found it to be a little slower than ExpressVPN and IPVanish, but still pretty fast. Connection speeds were less consistent when I used international servers, so I’d recommend this VPN if you’ll mainly be accessing servers close to home. This might be the case if you’ve been banned from Twitch or you’re trying to get around restrictions on a local network.

Getting a VPN set up on gaming consoles can be tricky, but CyberGhost makes it easy with detailed instructions for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo consoles. I managed to get my PS5 set up in minutes, and by connecting to different CyberGhost servers, I was able to access some new games in other regions on the Playstation store.

There are several specialized servers for gaming and streaming. Simply select the activity you’re using the VPN for in the CyberGhost app, and you’ll get a list of servers optimized for that task.

CyberGhost offers three subscription plans starting from $2.19/month per month. With the 6-month and 2-year subscriptions, you can try CyberGhost with Twitch for free with an extended 45-day money-back guarantee. If you decide the VPN isn’t right for you during this period, you can request a full refund.

Unblock Twitch With CyberGhost Now!

4. Private Internet Access — Huge Worldwide Server Network

  • 29,650+ servers in 84 countries
  • Fast — but sometimes inconsistent — speeds
  • 10 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can unblock: Hulu, Netflix, Sky Go, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more
January 2023 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 83% off!

Private Internet Access (PIA) has by far the largest server network of all the VPNs I tested, with over 29,650 servers in 84 countries. But a large network doesn’t always equate to faster speeds, and in PIA’s case, not all of the servers I tested gave me connection speeds that were fast enough for streaming. This wasn’t a major problem, as it was easy to switch between servers and find one with the speeds I needed, but it was a bit of a hassle.

Historically, PIA has been somewhat inconsistent in unblocking streaming sites. However, when I tested it, I had no issues unblocking Twitch and other streaming platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

I really liked PIA’s app interface and found it easy to set up on all my devices. It also allows you to connect 10 devices to the VPN at the same time, which is handy if you want to keep all your gadgets protected at once.

PIA is one of the most affordable VPNs, with subscriptions as low as $2.19/month. If you’re on a budget and you don’t mind spending a few minutes searching for the fastest server each time you log on, then it’s a decent choice. You can test out PIA with Twitch for free using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unblock Twitch With Private Internet Access Now!

5. PrivateVPN — Simple, High-Performing VPN That Works in China

  • 200+ servers in 63 countries
  • Great speeds for bufferless streaming
  • 10 simultaneous device connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can unblock: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and more
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and more

PrivateVPN has a relatively small network of around 200 servers in 63 countries. Despite its small size, I found its connection speeds to be excellent. I was able to unblock Twitch on every server I tested, and watch my favorite channels without any interruptions.

PrivateVPN’s Stealth VPN mode hides the fact that you’re using a VPN, which allows you to unblock Twitch in countries that restrict access to streaming platforms. It’s one of the few VPNs that can reliably bypass the Great Firewall of China and give you access to Twitch in China. You can find out more about this in our full review.

The apps are easy to install and use, and also give you the option to change the VPN protocol. Most of the time, you don’t need to touch this setting, but if you’re trying to get past strict censorship, switching from the Open VPN protocol to the L2TP protocol may help.

Overall, it’s a simple VPN that gives you fast speeds wherever you are in the world. You can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee to try PrivateVPN with Twitch completely free.

Unblock Twitch With PrivateVPN Now!

FAQs on the Best VPNs for Twitch

What’s the best VPN for Twitch?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for unblocking and streaming content on Twitch. It delivers the fastest connection speeds of any VPN, and can bypass Twitch’s anti-VPN software as well as geographical censorship in countries such as China.

Can I use a free VPN to unblock Twitch?

I wouldn’t recommend trying to use a free VPN to unblock Twitch. Twitch is pretty wise to users trying to access the site using VPNs, and it uses advanced anti-VPN software to prevent this. Only the best VPNs have the technology to bypass these blocks, and as they invest a lot of money in this, they require you to sign up for a paid subscription.

The slow speeds and frequent interruptions that you get with free VPNs also make for a frustrating streaming experience. Whenever I’ve tested free VPNs in the past, I’ve found them to be unreliable and unsafe to use. Many free VPNs contain malware, and the providers often collect and sell your data to advertisers.

If you need a VPN to access Twitch, I’d always recommend using a premium VPN for reliable access to Twitch and fast speeds for streaming.

Which VPN is the fastest?

I tested the most popular VPNs on the market and found that ExpressVPN consistently gave me the fastest connection speeds. It was also the most reliable, particularly when connecting to servers in other countries.

How can I get a US IP address?

It’s very easy to get a US IP address using a VPN. Simply subscribe to a VPN and download and install its app. Then, navigate to the list of servers and select a server located in the United States. Click the “connect” button and you’re good to go.

If you just need to mask your IP address to unblock Twitch, then I’d recommend connecting to your nearest server, as this is likely to give you the fastest speeds. However, if you want to access geoblocked content, then you may need to connect to a server in a different country. For example, a lot of geoblocked Twitch content is restricted to viewers in the US, so you’ll only be able to watch it if you have a US IP address.

Get the Best VPN for Twitch Today

It’s frustrating when you find yourself blocked or suspended from Twitch for no apparent reason. Whether you’ve been booted off the platform or just want to be able to catch up on esports during a break at school, a good VPN will let you access Twitch from anywhere at any time. Simply subscribe, install the app, and then connect to the server that best meets your needs.

I can confidently say that ExpressVPN is the number one VPN service for unblocking Twitch. It’s reliable and easy to install on any device, and its fast connection speeds mean you can stream or upload content on Twitch without interruption. Best of all, you can try ExpressVPN with Twitch absolutely risk-free, thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.

To Summarize, Here Are the Best VPNs for Twitch:

Our Score
Visit Website
9.8 /10
Save 49%!
9.8 /10
Save 67%!
9.6 /10
Save 84%!
9.4 /10
Save 82%!
9.2 /10
Save 84%!
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