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Anonymous VPN Review 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Mary Kihoro
Mary Kihoro | Cybersecurity Researcher
Updated on 19th September 2021

Anonymity is the main factor behind VPNs, and Anonymous VPN is conveniently branded around this critical component. While the provider portrays this fun-filled approach to privacy, it doesn’t joke with the technical aspects of anonymity.

On opening their website, you are drawn to their logo of a cool dude in sunglasses fondly referred to as ‘the Dude’. The image is symbolic of their informal approach to online privacy especially for casual users who seem to be their target clients.

The company’s headquarters are in Seychelles, a scenic archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The island is quickly becoming a favorite for VPN providers since it’s outside the scope of intelligence alliances such as the 5 Eyes. Your peace of mind is also guaranteed since Seychelles has a privacy-friendly environment with no annoying data retention laws.

While the VPN provider was registered in 2015, the last activity on their social media page was in 2018. However, the company seems alive and thriving with endorsements from Popcorn Time especially for torrenting.

In matters of security, the platform offers you a choice between using the OpenVPN and IPSec protocols. They use the AES-256 cipher for added security on the platform. They’ve even included a kill switch to ensure your IP doesn’t leak in case your internet drops.

To ensure privacy, Anonymous VPN has a zero-logging policy for sensitive data. They collect and store minimal data, such as your email and payment information when registering.

Movie lovers will be glad to know that you can use P2P software for torrenting. The VPN is also a great way to stream geo-blocked content such as YouTube, NBC, and some shows in the UK. However, it can’t unblock Netflix and other major streaming sites.

Even worse, users from China can’t use the provider to bypass the country’s Great Firewall. Fortunately, those in other restricted countries, such as Russia, can use the VPN since they even have a server there.

Anonymous VPN has 1,000 servers spread out across different countries. This limited number of servers have decent speeds which are enough for downloading or buffer-free streaming.

While the VPN is compatible with Windows and Mac, its use on mobile devices is limited. At the moment, the network has an app for Android but none is available for iOS (it’s still a work in progress).

In terms of pricing, Anonymous VPN has two membership options; a monthly option at $1/day. That said, the platform offers a 3-day paid trial. Of the many fairly priced VPNs that we have reviewed, I believe these prices are above average, and the fact that you need to pay for the trial is unheard of.

If you opt out of the network, they say that you will get a refund within 14 days, but their poor customer support may make the process cumbersome.

I have gone the extra mile to test various features on Anonymous VPN and compiled this comprehensive review. Is this cool VPN provider truly anonymous, or will your IP address leak when you log in to sites like The Pirate Bay? Let’s find out, shall we?

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings

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Anonymous VPN Features — Updated in September 2021

Price $5.75/month
Money Back Guarantee 14
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers 1000
Number of devices per license 3
Kill switch Yes
Based in country Gibraltar
Support Via Email
Supports torrenting No

Streaming — Terrible

If you are thinking of using Anonymous VPN to access other major sites such as Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, Netflix EU & Netherlands, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, DAZN, Channel 4, or Hulu, don’t bother.

The only popular sites that we successfully unblocked were YouTube and NBC.

Unblocked: YouTube, NBC

If you love watching videos or streaming music on YouTube, then Anonymous VPN is a great choice. You can also access content on NBC using the VPN.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN unblocking YouTube CA

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN unblocking YouTube CA

Blocked By: Netflix US, UK, Canada, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN is among the worst VPNs for streaming that we have come across.

To start with, I couldn’t unblock Netflix using this VPN. I specifically connected to 5 servers on the network (Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Japan), and none of them could unblock Netflix. When trying to log into Netflix, I was met with proxy error alerts, redirects to the Netflix catalog in my country, and extremely slow speeds which were frustrating.

After unsuccessfully trying to unblock streaming sites using almost 12 servers, I decided to contact support for clarification on the issue. In the response email, the support team blamed the issue on the US servers which were under maintenance.

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN’s support team

I even tried my luck with Hulu, but unfortunately, I was met with an error message as shown below:

A screenshot of my attempt to log into Hulu with Anonymous VPN

A screenshot of my attempt to log into Hulu with Anonymous VPN

Efforts to access HBO Max were also met with a geo-restriction alert.

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Speeds — Average

Connecting to VPN servers comes with a loss in speed. The most obvious reason is due to the distance from the server, where the further away it is, the slower the connection. Other factors include the geographical location of the source content, your ISP, and the strength of the internet connection.

I carried out lengthy tests to gauge whether there was a loss in speed when using Anonymous VPN. The results indicated over 90% drops in download speed when connected to international servers. I first tested different local servers with my baseline location in Nairobi, Kenya where the speed was: ping 22 ms, 5 Mbps download, and 4.8 Mbps upload without a VPN.

I started the tests by connecting to a nearby server in Nairobi. The speed dropped slightly to 4.07 Mbps download, and 4.54 Mbps upload.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN's speed test results

Speed test results on Anonymous VPN’s Nairobi server

When connected to a server in Canada, the speed dropped by over 90% to 1.46 Mbps download, but a fairly stable upload speed of 4.54 Mbps

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN's speed test results

Speed test results on Anonymous VPN’s Canadian server

A similar drop happened when I connected to a server in Germany. My download speed dropped to 1.19 Mbps.

Lastly, I decided to test a server in Japan. The download speed dropped terribly to 0.98 Mbps.

It’s worth noting that it takes an average of 20 to 30 seconds to connect to a server on Anonymous VPN. That’s a fair speed compared to other VPNs.

Are Anonymous VPN’s Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

Since Anonymous VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, you will enjoy pretty decent speeds when gaming.

I tested the network’s speed when playing a game of Fortnite Battle Pass using a server in Germany. Indeed, there was no buffering and the speed was passable.

Server Network — Limited

Sadly, Anonymous VPN has only 1,000 servers spread across 20 countries, with one server per country. So limited is the server network that you can manually count them on the network’s website. Having so few servers on a network often results in slower speeds, especially when there are many people connected to the VPN.

Most of the servers were in Europe, Asia, and Australia with only one server in Africa and zero servers in South America.

Location Server List
Europe France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Ireland
Australia Australia, New Zealand
North America Canada
Africa South Africa
Asia Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan

Unfortunately, the US server wasn’t available on the VPN’s drop-down list. I decided to double-check with support and they confirmed this, claiming that the said server was under maintenance.

A customer service response from Anonymous VPN

A screenshot of the customer service response from Anonymous VPN

Also, to switch servers, you have to disconnect from the current server which I found to be a tedious task.

Security — Solid with Zero IP, WebRTC, or DNS Leaks

True to its brand of anonymity, Anonymous VPN has taken deliberate steps to ensure your security when connected to the VPN.

However, security information is hard to find on their website. Therefore, I decided to carry out independent verifications using various parameters. I tested for any leaks and the VPN has no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN's leak test results

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s leak test results

Further, there are three protocols supported on Anonymous VPN: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. Of these three, the most secure is OpenVPN since it provides a secure connection without sacrificing your speed. For those looking for an easy setup, PPTP is the best option, though it has a lower encryption level compared to the other two. While L2TP has a better encryption level compared to PPTP, it’s much slower and less efficient.

All the protocols on Anonymous VPN are locked down using military-grade 256-bit encryption which is used by government agencies and leading security firms. The info is kept safe using a P-256 key exchange.

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN doesn’t work with Tor, a leading privacy browser. Combining Tor with your VPN provides you with that extra layer of privacy. When entering Tor, the VPN blocks the entry node which then hides your IP address.

However, Anonymous VPN allows you to have a dynamic IP address that prevents attackers from accessing your networked equipment.

You can also enable the kill switch on the platform to prevent your IP from leaking in case your VPN connection suddenly drops.

A screenshot from the Anonymous VPN app

A screenshot of the Anonymous VPN app

Anonymous VPN doesn’t protect your device from malware since there is no malware blocker.

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Privacy — Strict Zero-Log Policy

The platform adheres to a strict zero-log policy to ensure the maximum privacy of its users. Therefore, the platform doesn’t track or keep records of the sites you visit or your activity while connected to the VPN.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s log policy

However, the policy also discloses that they do collect some personal data during registration such as your email and credit card information for you to make payments. Any transactions are handled by a third-party processor, SafeCharge, which has a strict confidentiality level.

Those using the VPN for sensitive activities such as P2P torrenting can rest easy knowing that their logs don’t remain on the network. However, they do collect bandwidth information and timestamps which are used to evaluate the network’s performance.

Better yet, the VPN’s headquarters are in Seychelles which has no data retention laws. It’s also outside the scope of intelligence watchdogs and alliances that are seen to violate people’s privacy.

Torrenting — Allowed and Fast

It’s safe to torrent using Anonymous VPN which takes pride in being a P2P-friendly provider. To test that, I logged into uTorrent when connected to the VPN, and indeed I successfully downloaded a free Wikipedia backup file (it’s legal to do so) within a short time.

I reached out to support to find out if torrenting is allowed. They confirmed that P2P is allowed. However, they put a disclaimer that one should triple-check their IP address when logging into sites such as BitTorrent. The response made me skeptical about torrenting using the VPN due to the risk of my IP leaking.

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN

A screenshot of a response from Anonymous VPN’s support team

While torrenting may be safe on Anonymous VPN, downloading huge files may be cumbersome due to the slow speeds on the network.

Further, all the servers on anonymous VPN allow P2P which isn’t common with other providers.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s P2P servers

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s P2P servers

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Does Anonymous VPN Work in China? No

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN doesn’t help unblock content in China despite having a server in Hong Kong. China has put in place strict censorship on internet activity that is commonly referred to as the Great Firewall.

I decided to confirm with support about the issue but the email response was dodgy. They didn’t answer about China specifically as you can see:

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN

There’s a way one can bypass the Firewall using specific ports on the OpenVPN protocol which is supported by Anonymous VPN. However, one needs to be technically savvy to successfully configure the necessary settings.

I would also steer away from using the VPN in Russia or the UAE, which also have strict censorship of content.

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Simultaneous Device Connections — Unlimited

You can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously on one subscription. The platform does not restrict how many connections you can make at the same time.

However, it says that it has a right to cut to 3 simultaneous connections on one subscription in the event of overloading on the servers.

Device Compatibility — Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN is only compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and select routers. At the moment, the VPN doesn’t have an app for iOS and isn’t compatible with Linux. It also doesn’t support many other devices such as Kodi, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TVs. This limited compatibility is unfair considering the VPN’s hefty price tag.


I downloaded the Anonymous VPN desktop app on my laptop that was running on Windows 10 OS. The app had a simple layout with a drop-down menu to access the server list and a slot to enter your log-in details.

The Anonymous VPN Windows app

A screenshot of Anonymous VPNs Windows app


The VPN has a different app for Mac but it works in a similar way as the Windows desktop app. There’s also an app available on the Apple App Store designed for iPads, but its poor reviews and 2-star rating are worrying.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s Mac app reviews

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s Mac app reviews


You can download the VPN’s Android app on Google Play Store. However, the app has a low rating of 2.9 with most customers complaining about poor customer support on the VPN.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN's Anroid app reviews

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN’s Android app reviews


There’s no clear information on the specific routers that the VPN supports. However, you will find a guide on the website’s knowledge base that will help with setting up the VPN on a router. The VPN also provides a workaround to help you go through your router.

A screenshot of Anonymous VPN's router setup page

A screenshot of Anonymous VPNs router setup page


The VPN doesn’t have an app available for iOS users. However, users can create a workaround on the OpenVPN app to use the VPN on their iOS devices. More details on how to go about this have been provided on the site’s knowledge base.


There’s no dedicated client for Linux devices. That said, the platform provides a guide on how to use the VPN on Linux devices.

Ease of Use


Set-Up & Installation — Easy and Straight Forward

Installing and setting up the Anonymous VPN app is straightforward without the need for any technical know-how. To start you need to register on the website where they will ask for your email and request you to set the password.

Once logged in, you will need to choose a price plan and I was asked for my card details. Upon successful purchase, I was directed to the client area where I downloaded the app for Windows.

Once the file downloads, a setup wizard window pops up that has the prompts to help you install the app as shown:

A screenshot of the Anonymous VPN installer

A screenshot of the Anonymous VPN installer

The steps that follow are straightforward, and once everything has been installed, you will be prompted to complete the installer by clicking finish.

Once complete, you will get the app where you will need to log in by entering your email address which will always be visible on the screen. You will then enter your password, which is at least encrypted.

You will then proceed to pick your preferred server from the drop-down list. You will notice that the app has an option to connect to an automatic server.

A screenshot of the server selection page

A screenshot of the server selection page

Remember to enable the kill switch when setting up which helps prevent your IP from leaking in case you are disconnected.

You can also use Anonymous VPN on your smartphone or tablet, only if it’s compatible with Android. To download, you can click on the Android download icon on their website’s home page.

Android app download button on Anonymous VPN’s website

Android app download button on Anonymous VPN’s website

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yearly VPN subscription
$5.75 /month
Monthly VPN subscription
$12 /month
3 Days Trial
$1 /day

To start with, Anonymous VPN doesn’t come cheap. Users have two membership options where one can go for the monthly subscription at $1/day – this is way above other VPN providers. If not, the other option is annually at a one-off cost of $1/day, which to me is the best value for your money.

Here’s where things get interesting; Anonymous VPN also has a non-refundable 3-day trial package at $1. Why would you let people try your product but charge a fee for it? I haven’t come across a provider who charges for a trial.

It’s possible to cancel a subscription and get a refund within 14 days. The network will allow you to do so under the following conditions:

A screenshot of the Anonymous VPN refund policy

A screenshot of the Anonymous VPN refund policy

Their complicated refund policy is a turnoff. More so, if you fail to cancel your 3-day trial plan, they will automatically upgrade you to a weekly plan at $4/week without consulting you. I found that unprofessional since they should seek your consent for the upgrade.

Another limitation of the VPN’s pricing plan is that you can only use your card to make payments. Other anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin aren’t allowed on the platform. You can’t use PayPal, either. However, payments on the platform are run by SafeCharge, so none of your personal payment information is kept by the network.

The good thing is that the membership plans come with unlimited bandwidth and you will also get a dynamic IP address.

Reliability & Support


To contact support on Anonymous VPN, you can only use an email that runs on a ticketing system where you will need to enter your email address, subject, and the system that you are using.

For general queries, you can reach them using the email: support@anonymousvpn.org. Any billing issues can be resolved using sales@anonymousvpn.org.

Once you contact them and enter your email address, the ticket is opened and you will get an alert in your inbox. The good thing is that the email support is 24/7 and the replies are made within 20 minutes of inquiry in native English.

I sent them several emails to clarify several issues on the platform. My emails were responded to fairly fast but some of the information contained in the answers was vague and dodgy. For example, below is the reply I got when I asked whether I could use the VPN in China:

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN

A screenshot of an email from Anonymous VPN

Anonymous VPN also has a rich Knowledge Base section that covers most topics about the VPN and offers helpful tips on some of the common issues you may face on the platform.

They also have a FAQ section with two parts. One has answers to common questions about the VPN and the other is about billing. The section is quite comprehensive and often saves you the pain of contacting support.

They also have a Facebook page and Twitter to engage their community. However, a look at the FB page shows inactivity with the last post made in 2018. Regardless, the provider still responds to comments with a recent reply last month.

Unfortunately, Anonymous VPN doesn’t have a live chat feature which is now common among many VPN providers. Live chats have quickly become the industry standard due to their convenience and promptness. Hopefully, the VPN will add this feature to help improve their customer service experience.

The Bottom Line

Final Verdict

Anonymous VPN is ideal for casual users.

Its speeds are decent and it has advanced security features. Their strategic location in Seychelles makes it a privacy-friendly provider. Its zero log policy also builds its case on privacy.

Torrenting is safe on the platform, though one needs to constantly check their IP address to ensure there are no leaks.

That said, the fact the VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix or many of the major streaming sites is a turn-off. Its limited number of servers needs to be expanded and its compatibility improved to accommodate many common devices.

All in all, Anonymous VPN comes with a hefty price tag which could be due to its solid security features and above-average privacy of user data.

  • Easy-to-use and Access to restricted sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No logs privacy policy
  • -day money back guarantee
  • Competitive pricing

FAQs on Anonymous VPN

Is Anonymous VPN safe?

Yes. It uses 256-bit encryption to protect users on the platform and has a strict zero log policy for ultimate privacy.

Can Anonymous VPN unblock Netflix?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t use the VPN to unblock Netflix or stream content from libraries in the US, UK, or Canada.

Will Anonymous VPN slow my speeds down?

Yes. There will be a considerable drop in speeds especially when downloading which may even drop by 90% depending on your distance from the server.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 14
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 3

Anonymous VPN User Reviews

Based on 10 reviews in 1 languages
I have been using this service for many years and the only problem I have had is I forget to renew. - 10

As mentioned I have been using this service for many years (I think it is almost 5) and the only problem I have had is I forget to renew the service. I started using the service because I was using the popcorn time app and have not had one problem since, prior to that my internet provider uses to send me messages that I could get in trouble using the popcorn time app but since then no issues and no messages from Comcast.

Sylvie Perron
Great service - 10
Sylvie Perron

It's a great service, the only thing i don't get a warning went its going to be expired so you end up wondering why its not working anymore .We got to remember to renew. And I don't remember the password.

Anonymous VPN did remote service to install vpn on my computer, ruined computer - 2

It worked well enough when it worked, but when their tech support ruined my computer while attempting to install code remotely so it could run their program. They only offered a year service for compensation, I was left with out a computer. Beware!

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