RA4W VPN Reviews 2019 - Why 4.0 Stars?

RA4W VPN is a United States based company with servers located in 28 countries. Although this is less than some of our other providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, RA4W still allows you to choose from two custom clients or OpenVPN to connect your computer or connect through OpenVPN’s PPTP with their iOS app.

This company touts taking their customer’s privacy very seriously, and they’re not kidding! They encrypt all the data and communication that happens through their servers, and they don’t keep any data logs, so your information is never stored. Security is their top priority. They’re always monitoring their systems and made sure to develop their infrastructure in a way that allows the most secure connections possible.

In addition to that, they’re very fast. All their servers are connected to a high-speed Internet traffic exchange in order to provide you with the best browsing experience possible using a VPN.

To ensure that your browsing experience is up to par and that your data is never stolen, they have the best industry servers at any given time. They are constantly updating their equipment, so they have the highest quality servers and networking equipment available to them. Their top grade infrastructure keeps them from having downtime that could potentially interrupt your programs, as well as constant uplinks to keep everything streaming smoothly.

However, just in case you’re worried about anything happening at all with your data or with their services, they have an in-house support team that’s available any time of day at any day of the week. You can call or message them at any time to answer any question, concern, or comment that you might have about their service.

RA4W VPN has servers in over twenty countries across the globe in order to ensure that there is a server always online near you. All their plans come with unmetered bandwidth, mobile access, encryption, no logs, OpenVPN, and free port forwarding.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 25
Number of servers 34
Does VPN keep logs? Partially
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license Unlimited
Money Back Guarantee (Days): 0
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: Unlimited
VPN Plans: www.ra4wvpn.com/
RA4W VPN User Reviews
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Broken Down?

PROBLEM??? BROKEN DOWN??? Cloudfare says main site is down __> Cant connect, no news on social media anywhere, no email no nothing --- NOT nice!!! Anybody else also???

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    Great service!

    I would recommend this service. It doesn't log any kind of things (expect your email of course) Avarage speed is great and the support team is friendly :) So if you're in need of a good and cheap VPN, buy this one.

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      Mediocre VPN at best..

      I've used RA4W VPN for the last 6 months and besides that it's cheap i can't think of any reason why i would ever recommend it to anyone. The windows client is very minimalist and has no settings worth mentioning. Besides that it's featureless, it also has a bug where it creates insanely big logs when you have a long VPN session. An 8 hour session completely through VPN logged into my remote workspace using Citrix ended up creating a log file of 51 GB filling up my disk. The speed is very limited, though this might be a regional issue. In Europe my average speedtest reached a DL speed of 32Mbit. This is 32% of my internet connection, so a complete waste.

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