SecureTunnel VPN Reviews 2021 - Why 8 Stars?

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Secure Tunnel delivers exceptional VPN services, most especially for accessing geo-restricted websites and applications. Secure Tunnel VPN software, just as it’s slogan says, is a simple, secure and anonymous VPN. It provides an easy-to-use, reliable VPN service that you can use for your online tasks and activities.

One of its most distinctive features is its ability to provide SSH tunneling for its customers that are based in the US. In fact, it remains one of the few VPN software that offers such services. With server locations in the United States, Russia, and Europe, users can connect through any of these locations to surf t b email Web securely and anonymously.

Secure Tunnel supports PPTP, OpenVPN and SSH protocols. Using these protocols, Secure Tunnel hides your real location online by masking your network and making you anonymous. This gives users easy access to geo-restricted websites and helps them bypass firewalls put in place to monitor and control their Internet activities in some countries.
There is a free trial on Secure Tunnel that gives you a chance to try out the features before subscribing fully for its services. All you need to do is to provide your card details (even though you won’t be charged). This is to make sure users don’t cheat the system that b as been put in place to give them access to just one free trial. There is also a 30 day money-back guarantee that gives you an opportunity to get your full money back if you don’t see the need to jump into a paid subscription plan right away. This bold step shows how confident the developers are about the effectiveness of their product.

Secret Tunnel VPN software offers Ultra Fast feature which provides users with unlimited bandwidth, making it possible for them to browse anonymously and securely online.

With just some few bucks per month, you can get all the features of Secure Tunnel VPN software at your fingertips. There are three plans available namely the Surf, the Private Network, and the Complete Plan.
Currently, one month on the first plan, the Surf, which provides users with SSH secure tunneling costs $5.95. The second price plan, the Private Network, which offers SSH secure tunneling with PPTP VPN costs $12.95 per month while the third and the last plan which is the Complete Plan, costs 14.95 per month and offer SSH secure tunneling, PPTP, OpenVPN protocols which make it easy to access blocked sites and use all your favorite VOIP applications.

You can use various payment methods to subscribe for your desired payment plan. Methods like PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover and some others are accepted.

However, the downside to the Secure Tunnel VPN app is the unavailability of extensive coverage across many countries. Users will find it more attractive if the developers can increase the number of countries covered by their server locations in addition to reducing their prices

Number of countries with servers 3
Number of servers 3
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1
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Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.9 / 10

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1

SecureTunnel VPN User Reviews

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Fungerar bra, men inte så bra support - 8

Har använt mig av dem i många år, de säger att jag troligen är deras äldsta kund. Det kan ta tid att få support om något inte fungerar, men som tur är det ganska stabilt så man behöver sällan support. Vill också säga att jag får deras antal servrar till 16 stycken, spridda över världen. Samt att licensen inte hindrar installation på flera enheter, men man kan bara ansluta med en enhet åt gången. Man kan dock ansluta genom en router, och låta den betjäna X antal enheter.

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