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SlickVPN Review & Test 2021 -Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes | Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts
Updated on 12th January 2021

SlickVPN is known for its dedication to security and anonymity. Slick Networks, Inc. is their recognized corporate name, but they have a rather complex business structure to help protect their customer’s identity. They have many layers of offshore holding companies, operating companies, and subsidiary holding companies to help protect their interests. Their main company is located out of the United States, and they have an operational business in Nevis.

If you’re less interested in convoluted privacy measures and more interested in watching Netflix, SlickVPN might not be the right choice for you. I found its unblocking abilities to be patchy at best, you might be better off with one of the best VPNs for Netflix.

SlickVPN owns all its DNS servers, so you don’t have to worry about them sharing your information with a third party. They are located in over forty-five different countries, and they have over a hundred and twenty-five gateways available. They have gateways in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hungary, Hong Kong, Indian, Iceland, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Japan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Macau, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Kosovo, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

They offer PPTP, IPSec, and OpenVPN at 128-bit and 256-bit encryption levels. SlickVPN does not log your traffic or any session data of any type. That means they do not log your real IP address, your session time, or anything that you’re doing on their servers.

They also have a SlickVPN Scramble feature that is available to all of their customer’s accounts. This provides you with an added level of security and privacy by hiding the OpenVPN headers, letting you bypass the Deep Packet Inspection. Using this feature lets you access the network when VPN access has been restricted by a certain location, such as a school, country, workplace, or organization. They also offer a product called HYDRA, which uses multi-destination, multi-hop connections to block someone from tracking your activities online.

All traffic is currently allowed on their servers, so you can file-share with ease and peace of mind.

This company allows you to pay your subscription using cash, PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, and money orders. They keep your user authentication and billing information on an independent platform for top-notch security. One is operated in the United States, and the other is operated in Nevis. They offer the capability for you to delete your payment information permanently from their servers at your discretion. All your data is automatically removed from their records shortly after you stop being a paid customer.

Number of countries with servers 45
Number of servers 150
Number of IP addresses 250
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 5

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The Bottom Line

It offers plenty of anonymous payment options but falls short when it comes to streaming.

SlickVPN offers users strong encryption, anonymous payment options, and some interesting advanced security features like Hydra and Scramble.

While this sounds impressive, SlickVPN still doesn’t offer the well-rounded service of a provider like NordVPN. SlickVPN can’t unblock the major streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu either, something NordVPN has no problem doing.

If you want to find other VPNs that guarantee anonymity and can unblock streaming sites, choose from our top VPNs for streaming Netflix instead.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 30
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5

SlickVPN User Reviews

Based on 7 reviews in 1 languages
White labeled cash grab - do yourself a favor and pass... - 2
#v50M6506 -
Feb 26, 2021

I purchased SlickVPN because they told me they would provide a port forward. After signing up they give me a few bits saying it is a port forward but it is not. There is next to no support at all, and this topic has gone unaddressed by SlickVPN now for days if not weeks. Think it is a white-labeled VPN that they slap their graphics to and grab the cash. They are not a real VPN. Waste of time and money. Also, note - there is no iOS app. MacOS app is pretty limiting.

Has worked well for me for years with responsive support staff - 10
Gretta -
Jan 28, 2021

I purchased a lifetime subscription (core servers) years ago. Service works great for streaming, although a few providers block. The majority that does not block, speeds are great with no to minimal buffering. The PC client is great, android uses OpenVPN and it can be a pain. My records go back to 2017 with them, but I have been with them much longer than that, I have contacted customer support 5 times in 2017 (mainly with connectivity issues and OpenVPN configuration issues), twice in 2019, and once in 2021. Most contacts have to do with Continuous Authentication failures that are quickly resolved. The support staff is friendly and responsive. It is not the best VPN out there, but it is more than acceptable for my needs. If budget is a consideration for you, these guys are worth a shot.

Bad, negative - 2
Александр -
Jan 2, 2021

First, a terribly cumbersome outdated program from the 80's, in which switching servers, and in general use causes a negative. Technical support, which does not have a real-time chat, if you leave a review through feedback, then you can not attach a screenshot, they respond for quite a long time, a day has passed, and there is still no response and action on their part. I think they just want to raise money quickly and get out of here.

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