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8 Best (TRULY ANONYMOUS) No-Log VPNs in 2022

Most VPN providers claim they don't keep logs — but that's impossible to test without risking your security. If you find out the VPN you're testing does keep logs after you sign up, it already has your data on file.

I've tested 300 of the top services to find the 8 best no-log VPNs. In addition to testing security features, I've combed through privacy policies, checked warrant canaries, and questioned customer service representatives to find out whether no-log really means no logs.

My top choice is ExpressVPN. It's based in the British Virgin Islands and uses RAM-based servers. None of your data is written to a hard drive, so it can't be stored or shared with anyone else.

See my complete analysis below for 7 other premium VPNs that really don't keep logs. I'll also list a few to avoid, as they do keep some records that could put you at risk.

Short on time? Here are the best no-log VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN – Super-fast, reliable VPN that uses RAM-based servers so your data can't be stored.
  2. CyberGhost – User-friendly service with secure, self-owned NoSpy servers and a guaranteed no-logs policy.
  3. Private Internet Access – Comes with a free ad blocker and keeps your data safe on public WiFi networks.
  4. IPVanish – Advanced security features to help you bypass internet blocks in countries with a lot of censorship.
  5. PrivateVPN — Simple, easy-to-use app that’s also budget-friendly.

And 3 more no-log VPNs | Our VPN Research Methodology | FAQs

How Does a No-Logs Policy Protect You?

When you use a VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) can't see what you're doing online - but your VPN can. If your VPN keeps logs, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

The biggest threat to your privacy is the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. If your VPN is based in an allied country, surveillance agencies can access your browsing activity.

If you use a no-logs VPN, it doesn't have any records to give to the authorities, even if it's asked for them.

Additionally, if your VPN logs your activity, you're in trouble if it's ever compromised by hackers. But with a no-logs VPN, even if a hacker gets in, there isn't any information available for them to steal.

Try a No-Logs VPN Today!

The 8 Best No-Log VPNs – Full Analysis (Updated January 2022)

I've researched, tested, and questioned 300 premium VPNs to find the 8 best no-log services.

Each VPN on my list guarantees your safety and privacy. I have also noted additional features like malware protection, customer support options, and money-back guarantees.

I frequently retest and review my recommendations so this list contains a fully up-to-date account of each VPN's privacy policy as of January 2022.

PRO TIP: If you encounter a server that doesn't work while using any of my recommendations, simply disconnect and reconnect to a different one to get up and running again.

1. ExpressVPN – The Most Secure No-Logs VPN

  • Zero-logs policy
  • RAM-based servers
  • Compatible with Tor over VPN
  • Lightning-fast speeds for streaming and torrenting
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, Vudu, Disney+, Sling TV
  • Compatible with: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, routers
ExpressVPN Offer January 2022: For a limited time only, you can get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off! Don't miss out!

ExpressVPN has a watertight zero-logs policy that has been tested both by myself and in independent cybersecurity audits by Cure53 and PwC.

ExpressVPN only stores your email address and payment information. If you want even more privacy, you can pay with cryptocurrency so your payment information is untraceable.

I recommend creating a new email account to use exclusively for ExpressVPN. That way, you don't need to use your personal email.

Its zero-logs policy is backed up by its TrustedServer technology.

Unlike other VPN servers, which write information to their hard drives, ExpressVPN's servers run on RAM. That means they're wiped of all data with every reboot.

ExpressVPN also uses 256-bit encryption. This is the highest level of encryption available and makes your traffic impenetrable.

With perfect forward secrecy, you're assigned a new encryption key every session. So, if a previous session is compromised, all of your other sessions are safe.

If your VPN connection fails, the automatic kill switch will kick in to prevent unprotected data from leaving your network. There's also DNS and IPv6 leak protection to stop security flaws in your device from exposing your browsing activity to your ISP.

For even more security, ExpressVPN is compatible with Tor over VPN. This means you can switch over to the Tor browser to hide your activity from your VPN.

ExpressVPN is based in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands, outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. This means it can't be forced to share your private information with any surveillance agencies.

You can choose from 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries, all of which are P2P-compatible. ExpressVPN is one of the fasted VPNs we've tested, too.

I was impressed to find during my tests that it can unblock all of Netflix's regional libraries. I was also able to unblock Hulu, HBO GO, and Vudu.

You can connect up to 5 devices at once with one ExpressVPN subscription.

The apps are extremely easy to use, but if you run into any problems, there's a helpful 24/7 live chat. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out.

Want to know more? Explore our ExpressVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing.

Try ExpressVPN Today!

2. CyberGhost – Best for Beginners

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • User-friendly
  • Built-in ad, tracker, malware blocking
  • Dedicated profiles for streaming and torrenting
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Vudu, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Sony Crackle, Sling TV
  • Compatible with: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, routers
January 2022 Deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off its most popular plan! Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your CyberGhost subscription.

If you're new to VPNs, I recommend CyberGhost. It's extremely easy to use, and you don't need to change any settings or configure it - just install, log in, and connect.

Don't let that put you off if you're a more advanced user, though. CyberGhost is highly customizable. You can set custom security rules, choose your own protocols, and more.

It also has a no-logs policy you can trust. CyberGhost issues regular transparency reports that communicate key statistics, security information, and details about any legal requests it receives.

These reports confirm that CyberGhost doesn't store any of your data logs. It does record your login information, including the frequency of your logins for marketing purposes. However, none of these details can be traced back to you and they're deleted every 24 hours.

CyberGhost is based in Romania, which is not part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. You don't have to worry about government agencies strong-arming it into handing over your data. Even if they did, there wouldn't be anything to hand over.

I also like CyberGhost's built-in ad, tracker, and malware blocker. It protects your device from malicious sites and stops annoying and potentially harmful popups. It also blocks ads while you're streaming. I switched it on to watch CWTV and didn't have any interruptions.

CyberGhost is set up particularly well for streaming. There's a dedicated streaming profile that optimizes your connection based on the service you're trying to unblock. Each server is labeled according to the sites it can access. I was able to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sony Crackle, and Sling TV while I was testing it.

There's a dedicated torrenting profile too. This automatically connects you with P2P-optimized servers for a high-speed, secure torrenting session.

A network of 7,580+ servers in 90 countries guarantees there's always a server nearby, even when you're traveling. It also means you can unblock geo-restricted sites from all corners of the world.

You can connect up to 7 devices at the same time with one CyberGhost account. It's ideal if you have a large household, or want to protect all your portable devices, too.

It offers 24/7 live support and gives you a generous 45-day money-back guarantee to make sure it's the right service for you.

Want to know more? Explore our CyberGhost review to see the full results of our research and testing.

Try CyberGhost Today!

3. Private Internet Access – Affordable VPN for Torrenting

  • Zero-logs policy
  • Built-in ad, malware, tracking blocker
  • P2P-friendly across all servers
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix US and UK, FOX Go, Sony Crackle, Showtime, ESPN
  • Compatible with: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, routers
January 2022 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 84% off!

A great option for torrenting, Private Internet Access has a large global server network. You can also pay anonymously with several major brand gift cards.

Private Internet Access is based in the US. As one of the founding members of the 5 Eyes Alliance, the US is not known for its privacy-friendly legislation.

However, Private Internet Access' zero-logs policy means it has no information to pass on, even if requested by the US government.

The policy has been tested several times in the past; when authorities have demanded Private Internet Access hand over logs, the VPN service has been unable to comply, proving that it really doesn't store any of your data.

In addition, you're protected by military-grade encryption, an automatic kill switch, and IPv6/DNS leak protection. While most of these features come as default, it is worth remembering that Private Internet Access' default encryption setting is 128-bit AES. You need to change it to AES 256-bit for the highest level of encryption,

There's also a built-in ad, tracker, and malware blocker.

All of Private Internet Access' 29,650+ servers in 70 countries support torrenting. It also bypasses geoblocks with ease, I was able to unblock Netflix US and UK, Hulu, Disney+, and more.

Private Internet Access gives you a generous 10 simultaneous connections. There's no live chat support and its email ticket system can be slow, so I'd use its online knowledge base if you need any help setting up.

Want to try before you buy? Use the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more? Explore our Private Internet Access review to see the full results of our research and testing.

Try Private Internet Access Today

4. IPVanish – Best for Customer Support

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Easy-to-use
  • Streaming and torrenting-friendly
  • Connect up to Unlimited devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Vudu, FOX Go, Disney+, Sony Crackle, Sling TV, Showtime
  • Compatible with: macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome, routers
IPVanish January 2022 Deal: It's hard to find active IPVanish offers so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 72% off your IPVanish subscription today! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

IPVanish has one of the best customer service departments available with help available via live chat, phone, and email 24/7.

Although it's based in the US, its parent company, StackPath, had IPVanish independently audited before it acquired it. The auditors found no history of data logs and were able to confirm its no-logs policy. This means that, even if the government requests information, IPVanish does't have any records to share.

Additional security measures include AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch that guarantees any sensitive data, like your location or IP address, is never exposed – even if your VPN connection goes down.

You can add SugarSync Cloud Storage to your IPVanish subscription for secure storage for personal files such as documents, photos, videos, and music, too.

During my tests, I used IPVanish to unblock some big streaming providers like Netflix and Disney+. I also discovered that it supports P2P traffic on all of its servers.

I found IPVanish very easy to use. You can get the VPN on up to Unlimited devices at the same time, which is useful for protecting your whole household. Each of its apps is very simple and user-friendly.

Try IPVanish out now with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more? Explore our IPVanish review to see the full results of our research and testing.

Try IPVanish Today!

5. PrivateVPN - Simple and Budget-Friendly

  • Zero-logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption with 2048-bit DH key
  • Simple and easy-to-use apps
  • P2P and streaming-friendly
  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, HBO GO
  • Compatible with: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, routers

PrivateVPN is one of my favorite budget-friendly services. It's super easy to install and set up, and doesn't compromise on security.

It's great choice if you want to unblock geo-restricted content without a complicated set up process. It's also fast enough that you can stream, torrent, and game with no issues.

Although it's based in Sweden, you don't need to worry about the 14-Eyes Alliance. After a deep dive into PrivateVPN's privacy policy, I'm satisfied that it does not keep any records.

Its zero-logs policy guarantees that none of your information is stored besides your login email and password. No timestamps, no usage information, and no identifying data. Even if the authorities were to request information, PrivateVPN has nothing to hand over.

As its name might suggest, PrivateVPN takes your privacy seriously. It uses military-grade encryption to secure your traffic against interception, with a 2048-bit DH key for an additional layer of secrecy. An automatic kill switch and DNS/IPv6 leak protection shield your identifying data from being exposed.

My favorite thing about PrivateVPN is how simple and intuitive its apps are. You can download and use the VPN on up to 10 devices at the same time and its apps are clean and user-friendly across the board.

Streaming is easy with clearly labeled streaming-optimized servers for each of the major streaming services. I used PrivateVPN to get into Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SkyTV, Crunchyroll, and Disney+.

It's great for torrenting too, with P2P file sharing supported across its network of 200+ server locations in 60 countries.

There is live chat support, but it's only open during Swedish business hours – it's not 24/7. However, when it is available, it's direct and helpful.

If you want to test the VPN out before making a long-term commitment, take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more? Explore our PrivateVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing.

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6. VyprVPN – Best for Bypassing VPN Blocks and Censorship

  • Zero-logs policy
  • NAT firewall for blocking malware and botnets
  • Unique Chameleon protocol to bypass VPN blocks
  • 30 devices per license
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Vudu, HBO GO, Disney+
  • Compatible with: macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, routers

VyprVPN is a user-friendly no-logs VPN with some unique security features. My favorite is its proprietary Chameleon protocol. It helps you to bypass censorship, surveillance, and VPN blocks undetected by scrambling your OpenVPN metadata. When you're using Chameleon, nobody can tell that you're using a VPN.

Based in privacy-friendly Switzerland, VyprVPN was one of the first VPNs to have its privacy policy independently audited. The audit, by Leviathan Security, confirmed that the VPN does not store any logs.

VyprVPN is packed with security features. Alongside AES 256-bit encryption and an automatic kill switch, it has a NAT firewall that blocks malware, hackers, and botnets from compromised your device.

The Chameleon protocol also means VyprVPN is great at unblocking streaming sites. I used it to access Netflix and BBC iPlayer, which are famous for their anti-VPN measures. You can also torrent anonymously on all VyprVPN servers.

You also get up to 30 device connections on one license, and there's 24/7 live chat support available if you need help.

Try VyprVPN for yourself with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to know more? Explore our VyprVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing.

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7. ZenMate – Good Value VPN for Windows

  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Built-in tracking and malware blocker
  • Streaming and P2P-friendly
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Showtime, ESPN, FOX Go
  • Compatible with: macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, Opera

ZenMate has a lot to offer, and it's a great choice if you're running Windows. It's got over 4,100 servers in 80+ countries, with many optimized servers that can bypass restrictions. It's easy to use, too.

ZenMate has a strict no-logs policy, and it does not store any information. It's based in Germany, but because it doesn't log your data, you don't need to worry about the 14-Eyes Alliance.

It safeguards your privacy further with military-grade encryption to stave off hackers and snoopers. Built-in protection blocks malware and fends off trackers. There's also a separate ad-blocking firewall you can download for free.

Sadly, only ZenMate's Windows apps feature an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection, so bear in mind your IP address and location might not be protected in other apps.

I was able to access most of the big streaming players with ZenMate. It can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and Disney+ – but not Hulu, Vudu, or Sling TV. It has P2P-optimized servers for torrenting.

You get Unlimited simultaneous connections with one ZenMate license. Its 30-day money-back guarantee isn't as generous as some other VPNs, but it does have a very useful 24/7 live chat if you need any help during your trial period.

Want to know more? Explore our ZenMate review to see the full results of our research and testing.

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Try ZenMate Today!

8. Windscribe – Netflix-Optimized Servers and Unlimited Devices

  • Strong no-logs policy
  • Torrent-friendly
  • Windflix servers optimized for Netflix
  • Unlimited device connections
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with: Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, FOX Go, HBO GO, Disney+
  • Compatible with: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, routers

With unlimited device connections, Windscribe is a great choice for families. It supports torrenting, has dedicated servers for Netflix and can unblock plenty of other streaming services.

Windscribe is based in Canada, another founding member of the 5 Eyes Alliance. However, like Private Internet Access, Windscribe's no-logs policy is strong enough that this isn't an issue.

After checking its privacy policy, I found out that Windscribe does not log or store any usage data or identifying information. It does record your time stamps and the amount of data you use during your session, but this data is anonymous; it can't be used to identify you.

Windscribe goes one step further as it doesn't require any identifying information to register, either. You only need a username and password and you can pay using Bitcoin for total anonymity.

As well as DNS and IPv6 leak protection, it uses WebRTC leak protection. This stops your browser from accidentally leaking your IP address.

It protects your traffic with military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch.

Windscribe supports torrenting on most servers and labels its P2P-friendly servers so you can find them easily. It has special Windflix servers for unblocking Netflix. I was also able to use these servers to unblock Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

You get unlimited device connections with Windscribe and it has a 24/7 live chat if you want help with installation. You only get a 3-day money-back guarantee though, and you need to have used under 10GB of data to get your refund.

Want to know more? Explore our Windscribe review to see the full results of our research and testing.

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Try Windscribe Today!

VPNs That Do Keep Logs

No-logs policies are pretty standard for VPNs - or, at least, they should be.
During my research, I discovered some VPNs that keep connection and usage logs.


Although PureVPN claims it doesn't log any user activity, it isn't as secure as I'd hoped.
PureVPN co-operated with the FBI in a US criminal case and released information that revealed a users' real location and IP address to the authorities.
Although it's reliable for bypassing geoblocks, this case shows that PureVPN does, in fact, keep some important logs. Our PureVPN review explains its features and security in further detail.


Hola is a P2P-based VPN. It routes your data through other peers on the network, instead of VPN servers. And, it routes other peoples' data through you.
This is about as secure as it sounds, made worse by the fact that Hola admits to keeping all sorts of records, including your browsing activity. It doesn't encrypt your data, either. My colleague conducts a full investigation into its policies in our Hola VPN review.


BolehVPN claims not to log any of your connection details or browsing activity, and for the most part, that's true.
But, when I was digging through its privacy policy, I noticed an interesting caveat: it may turn logs on temporarily to identify suspicious users.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you have to trust them to turn the logs off and delete any recorded activity, once the user has been dealt with. Otherwise, it is a very reliable and easy-to-use VPN. We delve deeper into its features in our BolehVPN review.

Research Methodology

I tested 300 of the most popular VPNs to see which services keep logs, and which are safe to use.

When researching and conducting my tests, I looked for VPNs with watertight privacy policies. I combed through each service's privacy policy, checking for:

  • Any logging information that was hidden in the small print. I have only listed VPNs with strict no-logs policies.
  • Independent audits. I have preferenced VPNs that hired independent auditing companies, like Cure53, to verify their security measures and policies.

I also checked for and tested other features, such as:

  • 256-bit encryption, to ensure your personal data is fully protected
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection, which ensures your IP and DNS requests cannot be compromised by security flaws in your device.
  • An automatic kill switch to stop unprotected data leaving your network if the VPN connection fails.
  • Ad, tracker, and malware blockers to protect your device from malicious infections.
  • P2P and streaming compatibility. I have tested each service to make sure you can use it for torrenting and streaming.

I also made note of additional features like money-back guarantees, simultaneous connections, and customer support systems.


Do all VPNs keep logs?

Many VPNs keep anonymous logs of unidentifiable data, like connection timestamps and the amount of data you use. This data is used to monitor and improve the service, and it isn't a red flag. Anonymous data like this can't identify you or be used to monitor your browsing activity.

You only need to worry if your VPN records identifying information, like your real IP address and the websites you visit.

However, the best VPNs don't keep any logs at all. Many accept cryptocurrency so that you don't even need to give them your payment details. I have marked these as no-logs VPNs on my list.

What is independent auditing?

Some VPNs, like ExpressVPN, hire independent companies to audit their policies and security features.

Auditors thoroughly test a VPN and examine it for weaknesses and leaks. They then produce an impartial report on their results and the security of the VPN.

These audits are useful for two reasons: they prove a service's logging policy, and they expose any potential security threats.

Are there any free no-log VPNs?

Most free VPNs come with hidden costs - like the risk of data logging.

Some have even been caught selling users' logs to make extra money.

Even if they claim not to log your data, free VPNs don't have the resources to invest in an independent audit. So, you never know if they're telling the truth.

The Bottom Line

A strict no-log policy is one of the first things you should look for in a VPN. Without one, you're at risk.

All of the VPNs on my list are safe to use, and none of them keep logs. ExpressVPN is my top recommendation because of its RAM-based servers. Because it can't save any data on hard drives, it is impossible for it to keep logs.

A Turkish investigation actually proved that ExpressVPN doesn't keep logs.

Once you're ready to sign up, you can save money on your new VPN by using one of our special deals.

To summarize, the best no-log VPNs in January 2022 are...

Privacy Alert!

Your data is exposed to the websites you visit!

Your IP Address:

Your Location:

Your Internet Provider:

The information above can be used to track you, target you for ads, and monitor what you do online.

VPNs can help you hide this information from websites so that you are protected at all times. We recommend ExpressVPN — the #1 VPN out of over 350 providers we've tested. It has military-grade encryption and privacy features that will ensure your digital security, plus — it's currently offering 49% off.

Visit ExpressVPN

About the Author

Kristina is an experienced tech writer and researcher with a keen interest in cybersecurity for businesses and the general public.

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