Best VPNs for Netherlands – 2018’s Fastest & Cheapest

The Netherlands has long been a popular destination to connect to when using a VPN abroad.

There are plenty of reasons to use a VPN within the country, too! Recent changes in Dutch legislation have raised some privacy concerns, and if this trend continues, the previously lax digital surveillance laws may give way to intrusive practices.

Nowadays, having a VPN in the Netherlands is seriously appealing — and almost mandatory if you want to ensure your online presence is protected. But with so many providers around, how do you land on the perfect service for your needs?

Allow us to help you out. We’ve reviewed hundreds of VPN services to bring you the definitive top-five list for the Netherlands. We’ll get to that shortly.

But first, what makes a good VPN for the Netherlands?

What You Should Look for in a VPN for the Netherlands

Before May 2018, the two main purposes of VPNs in the Netherlands were related to unblocking of foreign content and extra protection.

However, the implementation of “Wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 2017” can now be added to the list of reasons. In short, this act gave the Dutch government a lot more power for surveillance and data retention. It entered into full force on May 1 2018, and if legislation continues down that road, the Netherlands may transform into an unfavorable location for the privacy-conscious, similar to the UK.

Copyright infringement is another matter institutions have been taking seriously. Now that downloading copyrighted content for your own use is no longer legal, using a VPN for various peer-to-peer activities is advised.

For Dutch expats, VPNs are also handy when it comes to watching national TV abroad. For example, you can unblock all NPO livestreams and enjoy your favorite channels, regardless of your current location.

With that said, here’s what separates the great VPNs for the Netherlands:

  • Robust server network. Having a wide selection of Dutch servers with high speeds, P2P support, and even extra protection is vital for any worthwhile VPN for the Netherlands. As a rule of thumb, don’t limit yourself to just one country — the more locations you have available, the better.
  • Upfront privacy policy. Anonymity and peace of mind are the two principles of every solid VPN service. Even if your VPN doesn’t guarantee zero logs, make sure you choose a provider that’s transparent and clearly explains what data is gathered, as well as the purposes for it. Still, opting for a VPN with a proven no-logs policy is recommended.
  • Useful features. VPN providers will always advertise their qualities, but you have to know what’s unimportant and what’s truly necessary. When looking for a VPN, make sure it has protection — namely a kill switch to prevent any accidental leaks in case your connection drops. Ad-blocking and anti-DDoS features are also useful.

Our top VPN picks for the Netherlands are equipped with all that, and more. Check them out below:

1. GooseVPN

  • Native Dutch VPN service
  • Keeps zero logs
  • Variety of P2P and streaming servers
  • Free one-month trial

A favorite among Dutch users, GooseVPN is a native provider and the ideal multi-purpose VPN for the Netherlands. With over 95 servers globally (of which 16 in Amsterdam and 1 in Meppel), this service offers diversity where it counts. The P2P and Media servers are tailored for torrents and streaming/unblocking, respectively.

If you’re worried about government orders and privacy risks, you can rest easy knowing GooseVPN adheres to its strict zero-logging policy. This provider, in its own words, is “proudly raised in the Netherlands”, and it also takes great pride in ensuring its users’ complete privacy.

Couple that with friendly, knowledgeable support and excellent apps for desktop and mobile devices alike, and you have the perfect Dutch VPN. The only drawback used to be the lack of a kill switch, but after being implemented in late February, it’s no longer a sorely missed feature.

Eager to try it? We don’t blame you. What’s more, every GooseVPN plan comes with a one-month free trial!

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2. NordVPN


  • Packed with advanced features
  • Constant upgrades to server network
  • Based in Panama, away from the Five Eyes
  • Try it out and get a refund within 30 days

If native Dutch support isn’t a priority for you, NordVPN, always a favorite among users, also offers an excellent package for the Netherlands (and dozens of other countries).

Here’s a summary of what you get — 270+ NL servers, many of which support P2P and Onion over VPN. Extra features like Dedicated IP, DoubleVPN, and “obfuscated” servers for anti-censorship purposes are also available, if you opt for them.

Overall, NordVPN is one of the biggest providers on the market, with over 4,400 servers across the world and some serious security benefits. Ad-blocking, anti-DDoS, and much more await you with this VPN.

The regular service updates are a testament to NordVPN’s desire to improve. The custom clients are consistently impressive — whether it’s Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, Chrome or Firefox.

Such quality comes at a price, but NordVPN often has great deals you can take advantage of. Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

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3. ExpressVPN


  • Astonishing speeds
  • Proven privacy
  • Host of useful features
  • 30 days to get your money back if you aren’t pleased

ExpressVPN’s strength is in its name, and we’re happy to say it lives up to expectations – and users definitely agree.

Perfect if you want fast speeds for streaming/downloading (or if you’re suspicious of your ISP throttling bandwidth), ExpressVPN is known for being quick and reliable. Its Dutch servers are no exception — they’re located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague.

You’ll also enjoy some seriously handy features, like the “split tunneling”. In short, it means you can separate your VPN-protected traffic from the rest, instead of having the entirety of your connection re-routed. Other extras include DNS/IPv6 leak protection, fool-proof apps for all major operating systems, and a kill switch.

With responsive, knowledgeable customer support and a Dutch-translated website, we recommend you give ExpressVPN a shot if great speeds and unlimited unblocking are high on your list. If you change your mind along the road, you’re covered by the 30-day refund period.

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4. CyberGhost

  • Helpful interface divided in several profiles
  • Great performance at a reasonable price
  • Legit zero-logs policy
  • No Dutch localization for website/apps

CyberGhost, a Romanian VPN service, has a ton to offer to Dutch users.

Out of 1690+ servers, 100 are in the Netherlands. Just recently, 48 new ones were added, and the Netherlands network enjoys over 2,000 concurrent users daily.

This VPN isn’t as fast as ExpressVPN, nor does it have the advanced security features of NordVPN. However, it’s quick in its own right, and its tight logging policy ensures you’ll be safe on any website.

CyberGhost’s interface is the main attraction — separated into various profiles, you can select basic or advanced unblocking or torrenting settings in just one click. Intuitive and capable, this VPN is perfect for beginners and pros alike. Read what real users have to say.

A minor drawback is the lack of Dutch translation for the website or clients. If that doesn’t pose a problem for you, CyberGhost may just turn into your new favorite VPN for the Netherlands. Try it out — you have up to 45 days to get your money back!

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5. Private Internet Access(PIA)

Private internet access devices

  • Budget cost, Premium features
  • Huge number of servers in the Netherlands
  • 7-day refund period
  • US-based — not ideal for the privacy-conscious

A cheaper, but still solid option, PIA combines affordability and performance into a great all-around service, and its fans love it.

This VPN has a massive server network in the Netherlands — second only to the United States’ 1562, the Dutch presence in PIA’s roster amounts to a whopping 548 servers (340 VPN, 206 SOCKS proxy, 2 Squid proxy).

You’ll find plenty of Premium features in this budget-priced VPN. From port forwarding and a kill switch to SOCKS5 and P2P support (on select servers only), PIA is definitely well-equipped. IPv6 leak protection and a native ad-blocker are also available.

The only caveat to PIA is its registered location. This VPN is based in the United States, and we don’t need to tell you why this isn’t the ideal headquarters for a privacy tool. Still, PIA has had a long history of standing up for its users’ rights, along with a spotless track record so far.

If you’re interested in PIA, you can make use of the 7-day money-back guarantee and test it out risk-free.

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Choose the Ultimate VPN for the Netherlands

There you have it — our top five VPN picks for the Netherlands. Whether you want privacy and security or speed and limitless streaming, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our list.

Did you find this article helpful? Share it and let others know about the best VPNs for Dutch users at home and abroad!

Your privacy online shouldn’t be compromised with. Take a look at the best no-log VPNs on the market — because it really matters.

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