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How to Change Your Smart TV Region — Updated in August 2022

You can change your smart TV region by accessing the settings menu. But doing so resets your device and deletes all of your data. Moreover, changing your region through the settings menu still doesn’t allow you to stream geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Lucky for you, I have a way around all these issues.

You can change your smart TV region by using a reliable VPN. A VPN changes your online location to your desired region and bypasses geo-blocks without resetting your device and deleting your data.

I found that ExpressVPN works best with smart TVs because it's fast, gives you access to plenty of regions, and it's easy to use. It even offers a solid 30-day money-back guarantee to test it risk-free. You can simply claim a refund if you decide it is not for you.

Change Your Smart TV Region Today

Quick Guide: How to Change Your Smart TV Region in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Get a VPN and install it on your smart TV or router. I recommend ExpressVPN because of its compatibility with almost every type of smart TV and router.
  2. Connect to a server. Choose as server that's in the same country as the content you want to unblock.
  3. Start watching. Now you can look for the app or title you want to watch.

Change Smart TV Region With ExpressVPN

Why You Need a VPN to Change Your Smart TV Region

Changing your smart TV’s location through settings doesn’t give you access to geo-restricted content. It might allow you to download apps from other regions, but you still can’t access the content on these apps because of your location.

So, to change your smart TV’s region properly (and unblock international content), you need to change your IP address with a VPN. A VPN works by replacing your actual IP with a virtual IP address, allowing you to access geo-blocked content on streaming services like Netflix. For example, connecting to a UK server makes it appear like you are using your smart TV in the UK. That way, you can unblock content that’s usually only available in the UK.

But not all VPNs are capable of bypassing geo-blocks. A quality VPN with good speeds and a large server network allows you to access the smart TV region of your choice and enjoy content without lags.

Change Smart TV Region Today

Best VPNs to Change Your Smart TV Region in August 2022

1. ExpressVPN — Lightning-Fast Speeds for Watching Your Smart TV in UHD

  • Ultra-fast speeds
  • 3,000 servers in 94 countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more
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ExpressVPN offers the best speeds for streaming content. During my testing of ExpressVPN’s US and UK servers, the speed averaged above 5 Mbps against a base speed of 6 Mbps. On average, you can expect about 20% speed loss with the VPN on. With ExpressVPN, speed only dropped by 7% on average, which was not even noticeable. I was easily able to stream The Adam Project on Netflix US in HD without any lag. Based on these results, ExpressVPN is ideal for UHD streaming if you have a connection greater than 25 Mbps (the minimum requirement for UHD streaming).

Graphic showing speed comparisons between base speed and VPN speeds for UK and US servers of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN’s speed on both the US and UK servers is nearly identical to my base internet speed

Furthermore, ExpressVPN has an extensive server network with 23 servers in the US and all other countries. The US servers are especially helpful in accessing the Netflix US library, which has the largest collection of titles. Another advantage of this vast server network is that you can switch to a non-crowded server if you feel that the speed is slow. That way, you can enjoy a lag-free streaming experience on your smart TV.

ExpressVPN has native apps for almost all devices, including smart TVs. You can change your region and stream by installing it directly on your smart TV. In case the app is not compatible with your smart TV, it also has a SmartDNS feature called the MediaStreamer, which can be easily set up on your smart TV or router. This feature is specifically designed to bypass geo-restrictions and stream content on smart TVs that do not support VPN apps.

The only minor con I found with ExpressVPN is that it is a bit expensive, with the cheapest plan starting from $6.67/month. But that was not a problem for me as ExpressVPN was offering a generous discount and months of free service when I signed up. You can even save up to 49% with its current discount offer.

ExpressVPN even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can claim a refund if you are not impressed with its service. I contacted support through its 24/7 live chat feature to test out the refund process and canceled my subscription after 24 days of usage. The representative approved my request without asking any questions, and the money was back in my account after 3 days.

Try ExpressVPN Now

2. CyberGhost — Optimized Servers for Streaming on Smart TV

  • Streaming optimized servers
  • 9,023 servers in 91 countries
  • 7 simultaneous device connections
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more
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In addition to an extensive server network with 9,023 servers spanning over 91 countries, CyberGhost offers streaming optimized servers. These servers can unblock specific streaming services such as Netflix on your smart TV. You can also add a server to the favorites section and save time instead of searching for a server every time you want to watch. During my testing, I watched 4 episodes of Downtown Abbey on Netflix UK using CyberGhost’s Netflix UK optimized server. I only had to wait for 7 seconds during each episode's initial loading for an otherwise lag-free stream.

Graphic showing streaming optimized servers and one-click connect button on Cyberghost app interface.

You can unblock and watch your favorite streaming platforms using these optimized servers

You get superfast speeds with CyberGhost. I got about 5 Mbps speed on the US and UK servers, with speeds only dropping by 13% in comparison to my base internet speed. This is particularly impressive as the US servers are more than 7500 miles away from my location in Pakistan. I also found that the optimized servers provide slightly better streaming speeds than regular servers. I could unblock and stream both Netflix US and UK buffer-free using these servers.

If your smart TV is not compatible with the CyberGhost’s app, it also has a SmartDNS feature similar to ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer. This feature changes your smart TV’s region by replacing your local DNS address with a new one, so you can stream geo-blocked content. I was able to unblock Netflix and Hulu using this SmartDNS feature.

The only issue with CyberGhost is that its short-term plans are pretty expensive and come with a shorter money-back guarantee. However, that was not a problem for me since I opted for the long-term plan as it offered the best value anyways. I was able to get CyberGhost for just $2.29/month.

You can also get an extended 45-day money-back guarantee with the long-term plans. If you decide that CyberGhost is not for you, you can simply get a refund. To test this claim, I contacted their 24/7 live chat support and canceled my subscription. After a couple of questions, the support representative approved my request, and I got the money back in 4 days.

Try CyberGhost Now

3. Private Internet Access — Lots of Servers to Unblock Smart TV Streaming Apps

  • 29,650 servers in 84 countries
  • 24/7 chat support
  • 10 simultaneous device connections
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more
August 2022 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 82% off!

Private Internet Access (PIA) has one of the largest server networks globally, allowing you to unblock content from different regions like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This extensive server network also ensures no overcrowding on a particular server, so you can watch your favorite shows buffer-free. PIA even displays latency next to each server so that you can choose the best server for a seamless streaming experience.

PIA also offers pretty good streaming speeds, even on long-distance servers. As I was testing PIA, I got a bit more than 8.4 Mbps on a 10 Mbps connection, which is only a 16% drop on US servers. This is great, given that these servers are thousands of miles away from my location. The speeds were greater than the 5 Mbps required for HD streaming. I watched 5 episodes of The Witcher with only 10 seconds of initial loading time for each episode and did not face any buffering issues afterward.

Screenshot of The Witcher streaming on Netflix US with Private Internet Access VPN connected.

PIA speeds are fast enough to stream HD content on Netflix without any lags

In case your smart TV is not compatible with the native VPN app, PIA also comes equipped with an excellent SmartDNS service that you can use to change the region of your smart TV. The SmartDNS feature replaces your DNS address with a new one that allows you to unblock and stream geo-restricted content.

The only downside to using PIA is that it does not have the most user-friendly app and offers many customization options that might overwhelm users. But that was not a problem for me as I stuck to the pre-configured settings most of the time and only used customization options when required.

PIA also comes with multiple subscription plans. However, the short-term plans had the same features as long-term plans but were quite expensive in comparison. I was able to get PIA for just $2.19/month.

PIA is also backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that this VPN is not for you. I canceled my subscription after 3 weeks through its live chat feature. The representative processed my request, and I got my money back in just 4 days.

Try PIA Now

4. IPVanish — Quick Connect Option to Find the Best Server for Your Smart TV

  • Best available server feature
  • 2,000 servers in 75 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more
IPVanish August 2022 Deal: It's hard to find active IPVanish offers so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 77% off your IPVanish subscription today! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

IPVanish has a Quick Connect feature that automatically selects the best available server in a given region. You only need to choose your required region, select the Best Available option and press the connect button. I used this feature for the US region and found a server that could reliably unblock Netflix US without having to test and find one manually.

You also get consistently high speeds with IPVanish. As I was testing IPVanish, I consistently got speeds above 5 Mbps (the minimum for HD streaming) on its US servers against a base speed of just 6 Mbps. I watched 3 episodes of Mindhunter on Netflix US, with each episode taking about 14 seconds to load initially. The drop in speed was just a little above 17%.

IPVanish also has a large global server network of reliable servers that you can use to stream content from anywhere. IPVanish is particularly impressive in unblocking Netflix US. I could unblock Netflix US on my smart TV quite reliably and did not face any issues.

The only minor con I found with IPVanish is the lack of cryptocurrency payment options. However, you can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or even a gift card. It offers several short and long-term subscription plans, but the latter provides better value. I was able to get IPVanish for just $2.50/month.

IPVanish also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a refund by canceling your subscription after logging into your dashboard or contacting support. I used the first method and got my money back in 4 days.

Try IPVanish Now

5. PrivateVPN — Simple App for Streaming Content on Smart TVs

  • Minimalistic app interface for beginners
  • 200 servers in 63 countries
  • 10 simultaneous device connections
  • Can unblock: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and more
  • Compatible with: smart TVs, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, Apple TV, and more

PrivateVPN has a very user-friendly app with a simple interface perfect for beginners. There is an option for connecting the VPN with simple or advanced mode. You can just select the simple mode and let the app take care of finding the optimal servers. I watched Tenet on Netflix UK using PrivateVPN without any lag. Moreover, the UK and US servers unblocked Netflix and other streaming platforms.

PrivateVPN also offers extensive guides and tutorials on installing its apps on most devices. You can use these guides to set up the PrivateVPN app on your smart TV and stream geo-blocked content. In case your smart TV is not compatible with the app, PrivateVPN also has a guide for installation for routers.

PrivateVPN also offers very fast speeds that are more than sufficient for HD streaming or UHD if your starting speed supports it. I was able to unblock and stream Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video using PIA’s US server without any lags or buffering during my testing. I consistently averaged above the minimum speed of 5 Mbps required for HD streaming on a base connection of 10 Mbps with just a 24% drop.

The only minor con I found with PrivateVPN is its smaller server network compared to other VPNs on this list. However, that is not an issue as almost all the servers it offers are pretty good and can unblock geo-blocked content.

PrivateVPN offers multiple subscription plans, including some pretty good short-term plans. But I found the long-term plans to be the most economical. You can get PrivateVPN just for $2/month.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you can try it out. If you decide it does not meet your requirements, you can simply get a refund. I got my money back 6 days after my cancelation request was approved.

Try PrivateVPN Now

How to Use a VPN to Change Your Smart TV Region

  • The first step is to get a top-tier VPNI recommend ExpressVPN due to its incredible speeds, great device compatibility, and unblocking capabilities.

Other ways to use a VPN with your smart TV include:

  • Install a VPN Android app

You can change the region of your Android Smart TV using VPN apps. Almost all top-tier VPNs have native Android apps that you can download and install on your Android TV from the Google Play Store. After this, you only need to choose a server in your desired location and connect to change your smart TV’s region.

  • Use network connection sharing

A smart TV can change regions by using your laptop or Mac’s internet connection and VPN. You can do this by pairing your laptop and smart TV using an ethernet cable or WiFi hotspot, allowing your TV to use the shared internet connection.
After successful pairing, you only need to connect the laptop’s VPN to any region and stream geo-blocked content on your smart TV.

  • Use screen mirroring

Another way to change your smart TV region is by mirroring your Android or Apple mobile on your smart TV. Just download the VPN app on your phone, select your desired region, and mirror your mobile’s display on your smart TV.

This method will not change your smart TV region technically, but you can still stream content on your smart TV with your phone. This method is particularly helpful in changing regions of Samsung or LG smart TVs with built-in Chromecast that do not support native VPN apps.

  • Install a VPN on your router

If your smart TV is natively not compatible with VPNs, the easiest and most versatile way is to install a VPN on your router. When you install a VPN on your home router, all your devices using that router can use the VPN.

However, not all routers can run VPN software. Make sure to check your router’s manual to see if your home router is VPN-compatible (e.g., like DD-WRT, pfSense, or Tomato). You can also flash your router with VPN software yourself, but if you make a mistake, this method can permanently damage your router.

  • Get a VPN router

If your smart TV is not an Android TV and your router is not VPN-compatible, you can get a VPN router. These are pre-configured routers that are designed to work with VPNs or already come with a VPN pre-installed. For example, you can get an ExpressVPN-configured VPN router from FlashRouters.

Depending on your smart TV type, any of these methods can help you change your TV region. Once you have a VPN on, you can connect to a server in a country of your choice and easily change your smart TV location.

Try ExpressVPN Today

FAQs on Changing Your Smart TV Region

How can I change the Smart Hub region on my Samsung smart TV?

You can change your Smart Hub region on your Samsung smart TV by following these steps:

  1. Open the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions page by pressing Menu or Source.
  2. Select setup in the system settings by entering the default 4-digit pin “0000.” On this menu, you need to press a combination of keys based on your TV model. The model number contains letters and numbers and is often found on a sticker on the back of your TV.
    1. For H and K series, press “2, 8, 9”
    2. For the F series, press “Mute, Return, Volume Up, Channel Up, Return”
    3. And for the J series, press “Mute+Return+Volume(+)+Channel(↑)+Mute”
  3. After pressing your required combination, a menu with different regions will appear. You can select your desired region from this menu.

But bear in mind that changing your Smart Hub region resets your smart TV and deletes all your data. Therefore, you can only select 1 region at a time and cannot install apps from 2 different regions at the same time.

So, if you plan on using apps from different regions, then my advice is to use a top-tier VPN. A VPN is an app that you can use to connect to a server in the desired location, which makes it appear as if you were there. That helps you unblock and use apps from other regions.

Can a VPN also change the region of my LG smart TV?

Yes, using a VPN is the best way to change the region of your LG smart TV if you want to stream geo-restricted content from different countries. However, these smart TVs do not support native Android apps, so you have to install the VPN on your router or use the SmartDNS mode of the VPN.

Alternatively, you can also use the built-in Chromecast option to mirror your iPhone or Android on your LG TV and stream content from your desired region by using the VPN on your phone.

Can I use a free VPN to change my smart TV region?

Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it as these so-called free VPNs are not always free. They are not really good at unblocking geo-restricted content and can slow down your speed due to overcrowded networks.

Plus, they can compromise your online privacy by logging your data and selling it to advertisers. So to avoid this, my advice is to use a good-quality VPN that offers a solid money-back guarantee if you value your privacy.

Try ExpressVPN Today

Change Your Smart TV Region Now

The easiest way to change your smart TV region is by using a VPN. It gives you an alternate IP address of your required region so you can download and use apps on your smart TV without resetting it. A VPN will also not delete your user data every time you change your region through your smart TV settings.

I found ExpressVPN to be the best among all the VPNs I tested. It has excellent speeds, comes with native apps for most smart TVs, and even offers an excellent SmartDNS service for those not compatible with the apps. You can also change your smart TV region by directly installing it on your router. You can even test ExpressVPN risk-free as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You claim a full refund if you decide it is not for you.

To summarize, the best VPNs to change your smart TV region are…

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The information above can be used to track you, target you for ads, and monitor what you do online.

VPNs can help you hide this information from websites so that you are protected at all times. We recommend ExpressVPN — the #1 VPN out of over 350 providers we've tested. It has military-grade encryption and privacy features that will ensure your digital security, plus — it's currently offering 49% off.

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