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What is The Second Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country

As VPN and streaming researchers, we often hear from Netflix users who are seeking content in a totally different language from their country of residence.

Unlike in the past, where expats often found themselves isolated from all content from their home country, in this global age people are no longer limited geographically by nationality.

This map of Europe, created by reddit user JimWillFixIt69, illustrates this fact beautifully. The creator used publically available census data to find out which non-native nationality makes up the largest demographic group in each European country. The results are fascinating and visually engaging.

Map of 2nd Nationalities

On this map, each European country is overlaid with the flag of the second-largest nationality. As you can see, every country has a significant population with close ties to a completely different culture, often with a different native language and sometimes even from a different continent.

This beautiful illustration gives us a glimpse of the world’s rich diversity and the growing desire for access to international content.

Thanks to the power of the internet, for the first time in history expats from all over the world can engage with content from their home country at any time.

For many expats, website geo-restrictions are the biggest remaining barrier that blocks them from media in their native language and other online content from their home country.

VPNs tear down this wall by giving you limitless access to international shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming sites no matter where you’re physically located.

As more and more people spread their roots around the world, we expect the demand for international content to continue to grow. That’s why we strive to provide unbiased, reliable expert advice to meet this need.

If this map made you crave content from home or inspired you to explore a new Netflix catalog, check out our experts’ top VPN recommendations to get started on your journey.

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