How to Download and Install NordVPN on Windows

NordVPN claims to be the world's most advanced VPN, and has been recommended by a number of platforms, including editor's choice and our readers 2nd best choice. In this article I am going to show you how to open an account with Nordvpn and configure their software on a windows desktop. Share


Before you do anything, we recommend visiting our reviews page for NordVPN and read the latest updates from our users. This will help you make a wise decision with regards to which VPN suites you best.

Opening an Account with NordVPN

First, open NordVPN ‘s website and click on Get VPN Now. Choose the the offer that suites you best. Notice there is actually no difference between the plans, the only changing factor is the length of subscription and the price per month, which is generally quite attractive.

Next, create your secure account by filling in your details and payment method. Interestingly, NordVPN offers a variety of payment methods, including paypal, credit card, bitcoin and others. After choosing paypal, we have been asked to agree to the terms of service before proceeding to checkout.

Login to your NordVPN dashboard

After completing the payment, you will see a confirmation message with a login link. Click it to see your dashboard, which looks like this:

login to nordvpn

Download NordVPN to Windows

Clicking on the Download Area tab will reveal a variety of download options, depending on your device. Note, the system will not identify your operating system, so to avoid errors, be sure you know what version of Windows you’re using.


download nordvpn

After download, I clicked to open the exe file, but nothing happened until about 60 seconds later, when the app opened asking for my username and password. You can create highly secure password using this tool.


Using NordVPN on Windows

The next thing to do after login is to choose the country you wish to browse from and click connect.

configure nordvpn on windows

Alternatively, click on Server to see more detailed information about the servers offered.


Once connected, you will see this:

connecting to nordvpn

Now you’re ready to start browsing the web securely.

Advanced configurations

Click on Settings to view a few more options to choose from. Here, you can choose your DNS servers, choose your default protocol, or add running processes to the kill list.


nordvpn settings


We hope you will make the best of this service! Be sure to leave a review to inform us of your experience with NordVPN.


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