How to Use Mark Rober’s NordVPN Discount – It’s So EASY!

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Inventor and Youtuber Mark Rober does it again, and we have not only the rundown on his latest video, but we will also share with you exactly how to get this crazy discount. It’s really simple.   

Get Mark Rober’s NordVPN Discount: Quick Guide

  1. Just go to NordVPN’s website
  2. Insert the code as seen in the picture below and complete your purchase.

NordVPN checkout

What Does Mark Rober’s NordVPN Discount Coupon Offer? 

The coupon includes 70% off NordVPN’s 3-year deal and an extra month for free if you use the code ‘MARKROBER’.

Just as the world of technology develops and advances, so do the threats. Make sure you’ve got your back covered and your data safe. NordVPN is a particularly good choice considering its vast server base, excellent data encryption and safety features and multi-platform compatibility.

We strongly recommend you to check out our in-depth review of NordVPN to truly convince yourself of its benefits.

But if you can’t trust Mark Rober’s judgment, then whose judgement can you trust?

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap Video – What’s behind Mark Rober’s NordVPN Discount Coupon? 

Rober had enough of his delivery packages being stolen by strangers from outside his porch.

To take revenge and teach these thieves a lesson, he decided to insert a glitter bomb in the package – an unexpected surprise for the collector. Not surprisingly, this video quickly went viral  – thanks to Mark’s fantastic (and sometimes inappropriate) humor and the bomb’s unique and creative design.


But the video is not just for laughs – Rober also uses it to bring forth an important point. Just as his bomb device is able to protect us from bad guys in real life, VPNs can protect us in the online world.

The online world is no different than the physical reality – anywhere you step or turn (or click) you might happen to run into malware and third parties that want to steal your data. Whether its individuals, organizations or even governments, the nature of the outsider doesn’t matter. We can all be a victim of theft, cyber-hacking, privacy breach and the list can go on and on.

So How Can VPNs Protect Us?

What a VPN does is that it allows us to access the internet and perform all our desired online activities safely and privately by routing our connection through a server that hides all our actions.

It basically allows us to virtually transpose ourselves in any location on the globe where the VPN provider we use has servers.

Want to know more? Here’s our VPNs Newbie guide

Why is This Important?

It keeps our personal details safe, protects us from hackers and from surveillance from third parties and ISP (Internet Service Providers) and allows us to surf the web freely, without borders.

Nowadays there are more than 300 VPN providers available, all offering good and similar services. How do we choose the best one?

The answer is simple: we listen to our engineer and Youtube star genius. At the end of his viral video, Mark Rober introduces NordVPN as the service provider of his choice.

Rober is not the only one who is loving this VPN though – it is a user favorite.

But even if you are too lazy to head over to our detailed expert review of Nord, you can see our mini-summary of what makes it one of the best VPNs out there:

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