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How to Watch Cellcom TV Abroad in 2023 — Easy Guide

Cellcom TV is geo-restricted to Israel, meaning you’ll miss all your favorite shows when outside the country. However, there’s a simple solution that can give you access while traveling abroad.

The easiest way to watch Cellcom TV outside the country is with a VPN — a simple tool that hides your physical location and replaces it with one from your preferred location. So, you can use it to make it look like you’re in Israel.

After testing over 50 VPNs, my top pick to unblock Cellcom TV is ExpressVPN because its high-speed servers in Israel let me watch Cellcom TV abroad in UHD without buffering. Plus, it’s easy to use and compatible with various devices. It’s backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN without risk. If you’re not happy with it, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Watch Cellcom TV Today

Quick Guide: How to Watch Cellcom TV From Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download a VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN due to its superfast speeds and reliable servers in Israel.
  2. Connect to a server in Israel. Cellcom TV is only available in Israel, so you have to connect to a server in this country.
  3. Start watching Cellcom TV. Open your Cellcom TV app and log in to your account to enjoy your favorite shows.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Cellcom TV

Due to broadcasting restrictions and licensing agreements, Cellcom TV is only available in Israel. If you try to access it outside Israel, you’ll see the Cellcom TV error message saying your internet connection is not working.

Screenshot of error message when trying to access Cellcom TV outside IsraelIt wasn’t even possible to open the Cellcom TV app while I tried to access it from abroad

A VPN helps you bypass these restrictions by masking your actual location. It redirects your internet traffic through a server in a country of your choice, making it seem like you're browsing from that country. For example, you'll get an Israel IP address when using a VPN to connect to a server in the country. So, you can watch your favorite shows on Cellcom TV outside Israel.

On top of that, premium VPNs like the ones on my list are fast enough that you can watch Outlander and Young Sheldon in UHD without buffering.

The Best VPNs to Watch Cellcom TV From Anywhere in 2023

The VPNs on this list have servers in Israel to reliably bypass Cellcom TV geoblocks, so you can watch popular Israeli content anywhere. Plus, they’re easy to use on any device and offer high speeds for uninterrupted entertainment.

Best of all, they all come with a tried-and-tested money-back guarantee, so you can test them risk-free and get a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

1. ExpressVPN — Superfast Speeds to Watch Cellcom TV in Ultra HD Without Delays

  • Lightning fast Israeli servers to watch Cellcom TV in high quality without buffering
  • 5 simultaneous connections to access Israel content on multiple devices
  • 3,000 servers in 94 countries to unblock your international accounts
  • Can unblock: Cellcom TV, Mako TV, Kan 11, Channel 13, Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, smart TVs, routers, Roku, Kodi, and more
ExpressVPN Offer January 2023: For a limited time only, you can get an ExpressVPN subscription for up to 49% off! Don't miss out!

ExpressVPN’s fast network of worldwide servers (including Israel) makes it ideal for streaming Cellcom TV without annoying interruptions. I recorded an average download speed of 54.5 Mbps when I tested Israeli servers on my iPhone. This is only a 3% drop from my base speed of 56.2 Mbps. Impressive results since you can usually expect an average speed drop between 15% and 20% when using a VPN. You only need 25 Mbps to stream in Ultra HD, so this was enough to watch FBI: International in high quality.

Additionally, it's easy to get around geo-restrictions with the VPN’s obfuscation technology — Cellcom TV and other streaming services can’t block you as your VPN traffic appears like regular internet traffic. I accessed Cellcom TV and other Israeli channels (such as Mako TV and Channel 13) within seconds of connecting to a server in Israel. Plus, ExpressVPN regularly rotates IP addresses, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows due to using an IP that’s blacklisted because of other users' online activity.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN unblocking Cellcom TVExpressVPN could reliably bypass Cellcom TV’s geoblocks

The VPN app is also super easy to use, so you can stream Cellcom TV even if you're new to VPNs. I downloaded ExpressVPN on my iPad, connected to a server in Israel, and started watching Unauthorized Living in less than 5 minutes. You can even save Israel under "Recent Location" to quickly reconnect the next time you launch the app.

One drawback is that subscriptions are a bit pricey, starting at $6.67/month. However, ExpressVPN often runs generous discounts — I got 49% off when I signed up for its long-term plan, plus 3 months of service for free. There are also short-term options, but the 2-year plan offers the best value by far.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can always get a full refund if you're not completely satisfied. I canceled and asked for my money back using the 24/7 live chat. The representative asked only about my experience with the app and then proceeded to process my request — the whole process was effortless. My money was back in my bank account after 3 days.

Watch Cellcom TV With ExpressVPN

2. CyberGhost — User-Friendly Apps to Access Cellcom TV From Anywhere Hassle-Free

  • Easy-to-use interface to connect to an Israeli server and watch Cellcom TV
  • 7 simultaneous device connections so you can stream from multiple devices
  • Unblock all your subscriptions when traveling with 9,758 servers in 91 countries
  • Can unblock: Cellcom TV, Mako TV, Kan 11, Channel 13, Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, smart TVs, routers, Roku, Kodi, and more
January 2023 Deal: CyberGhost is currently offering 84% off its most popular plan! Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your CyberGhost subscription.

CyberGhost’s apps are user-friendly and work almost identically across different operating systems, so you don’t need to search settings whenever you want to adjust features. When clicking the ‘All servers’ tab, countries with CyberGhost servers are conveniently listed alphabetically. It even shows you the distance of each one from your actual location to help you choose the fastest one (the shorter the distance, the better your speed). During my tests, I found you can add servers (like Israel) to your favorites by clicking on the star icon.

There are over 50 servers in Israel to unblock Cellcom TV hassle-free. When using its Best Location feature, you’re always connected to the best possible Israel IP available. If one Israeli server stops working, it automatically switches you to another IP.

Like ExpressVPN, its servers are fast — I could access Cellcom TV on my iPhone, and load shows in seconds. I experienced only an 8% speed drop while connected to a CyberGhost Israeli server. This is excellent for streaming Succession in HD buffer-free.

Screenshot of CyberGhost unblocking Cellcom TVI didn’t have any delays while using CyberGhost to watch shows on Cellcom TV

I found its short-term plans expensive with a limited money-back guarantee. However, a long-term CyberGhost subscription is available at only $2.19/month. Since all plans have the same features, I recommend the 3-year option for the best savings.

With the extended 45-day money-back guarantee on long-term subscriptions, you can try CyberGhost for free. I asked for a refund via its 24/7 live chat to test this policy. The support agent only asked my reason for canceling and didn’t try to convince me to stay. I had my money returned to my credit card within 4 days.

Watch Cellcom TV With CyberGhost

3. Private Internet Access — 10 Simultaneous Connections to Watch Cellcom TV on All Your Devices

  • Connect up to 10 devices at once for the whole family to enjoy Cellcom TV
  • MACE ad and malware blocker stops annoying pop-ups while browsing
  • 29,650 servers in 84 countries to easily bypass geo-restrictions
  • Can unblock: Cellcom TV, Mako TV, Kan 11, Channel 13, Netflix, Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and more
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, smart TVs, routers, Roku, and more
January 2023 Update: PIA doesn't usually have deals or discounts (it's already so affordable), but right now you can get a new subscription for a crazy 83% off!

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers 10 simultaneous device connections, so you can safely bank online while the kids watch Paw Patrol on Cellcom TV. After connecting PIA on 8 devices at once (including a few smartphones, Windows PC, and my kids’ tablets), I didn’t experience any drop in performance.

It has one of the most extensive server networks worldwide, including many servers located in Israel to access your subscriptions when abroad. I unblocked Cellcom TV in just a few seconds during my tests.

Screenshot of PIAunblocking Cellcom TVYou can watch the best documentaries, like My Life as a Rolling Stone, on Cellcom TV from anywhere with PIA

My speeds remained consistently fast on all the Israeli servers I tried. I’m located in the Netherlands and averaged a download speed of 47.4 Mbps. Although a bigger speed drop compared to ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, PIA is still more than capable of streaming Cellcom TV in 4K quality.

Beginners might find the VPN’s many customization options confusing. However, PIA comes pre-configured, so you can access your Cellcom TV account without problems.

PIA is a cost-effective VPN with long-term prices starting as low as $2.19/month. I recommend its 2-year plan as the short-term options cost more without offering additional features.

You can try PIA risk-free for yourself as it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. When I tested the refund policy, it was straightforward. I used its 24/7 live chat support to cancel my subscription and got my money back in my PayPal account 5 days later.

Watch Cellcom TV With PIA

Where Can I Watch Cellcom TV Online?

You can access Cellcom TV by installing one of its apps on your iOS or Android device, smart TV, or media streamer. Download the app via their website's App Store or Google Play Store link.

Screenshot of Cellcom TV's signup processYou get the login credentials for Cellcom TV when you sign up for a subscription through its website.

Unfortunately, Cellcom TV doesn't work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, if you have a Windows smartphone, you can download the Cellcom TV Windows phone apps since it works on mobile devices.

Keep in mind that Cellcom TV isn’t available outside Israel, so you’ll need a VPN to get past the geoblocks when traveling abroad.

Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free Today

FAQs on Watching Cellcom TV with a VPN

Can I watch Cellcom TV for free?

Yes, you can watch Cellcom TV free for a month when signing up — the first month is free. However, if you’re outside Israel, you’ll need a VPN with a server in the country to stream CellcomTV. Simply launch your VPN and connect to an Israeli server to access Cellcom TV anywhere.

On which devices can I watch Cellcom?

You can watch Cellcom TV on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streamers like Kodi. However, it doesn’t work on computers, so you can’t stream with your Mac or Windows PC. You might want to also choose a VPN compatible with your favorite devices so that you can watch Cellcom TV while traveling outside Israel.

Can I watch Cellcom TV with a free VPN?

It’s unlikely, as free VPNs have limited servers (not usually ones located in Israel), so you won’t be able to access your Cellcom TV abroad. Plus, they also restrict speed and bandwidth, forcing you to upgrade to their paid versions, so it’s not ideal for streaming Cellcom TV. The most reliable way to watch Cellcom TV is with a premium VPN that offers a money-back guarantee. These VPNs have many servers in Israel to easily bypass geoblocks and offer extensive server networks, fast speeds, and unlimited data.

Free VPNs can also be risky since they may contain malware and don't have the essential security features to keep you safe online. Some have even been caught recording and sharing user data with third parties for profit.

What can I do if my VPN isn’t working with Cellcom TV?

Many free and poor-quality VPNs can’t unblock Cellcom TV. This is mostly due to a lack of resources to keep up with VPN-blocking technologies, a small server network, or slow speeds. That’s why I’d recommend investing in a high-quality VPN. If you’re still having issues, there are a few tricks you can try:

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Use an Incognito window.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Check your firewall settings since they might block your VPN (if so, you can add the VPN app as an “exclusion” to your firewall settings).
  • Contact your VPN’s customer support to ask for a server that can access Cellcom TV.

Can I watch Netflix on Cellcom TV?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on Cellcom TV when using a set-top box from Cellcom. To do this, navigate to your Home screen and choose either ‘Connect from your remote’ or ‘Connect front the Menu’. Then, find the Netflix app and sign in. However, if you want to watch Netflix on Cellcom TV outside Israel, you’ll need a VPN with servers in the country.

You must sign up and pay directly on the Netflix website if you don't yet have a Netflix subscription. According to Cellcom TV, your Netflix subscription can be billed through your Cellcom TV invoice after a few months.

Watch Cellcom TV With ExpressVPN Today

Start Watching Cellcom TV Now

You need a quality VPN to watch Cellcom TV outside Israel. Many VPNs struggle to unblock Cellcom TV due to a lack of servers in Israel. All the VPNs on this list can provide you with an Israeli IP address to access your Cellcom TV account anywhere in the world.

My top recommendation for watching Cellcom TV abroad is ExpressVPN. It has a high-speed network of Israeli servers to watch Cellcom TV without buffering. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN out risk-free. You can get a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

To summarize, the best VPNs for watching Cellcom TV are…

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