Stop AI-Driven Botnet Attacks with L7 Defense’ Unsupervised Learning

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L7 Defense is a pioneer in applying a novel “unsupervised learning” technology named Ammune™, which excel in its exceptional accuracy while differentiating “good” from “bad” internet traffic, in real time. Ammune, which originates from the Immune system model, protects from the most advanced botnet attacks currently empowered by AI.  In this interview, Co-founder Yisrael Gross discusses the technology behind Ammune and stresses the importance of cyber security automation.

Yisrael Gross, L7 defense

My name is Yisrael Gross and I’m a co-founder at L7 Defense. With background of marketing & Business Development for startups while also managing some major High Tech communities in Israel. It was in one of those events that I met my partner Dr. Doron Chema, co-founder of L7 Defense that is the company CEO and CTO.

The cyber scene in Israel is a closed loop where everyone is close friends mostly from the IDF units. Let’s say an entrepreneur comes along and he wants to dive right into it. But it’s a closed group, so what does he do? You have to be creative. In my case, I launched “Israel Cyber Group”, cyber security community which eventually grew into the largest forum in the Israeli cyber space. Others may use other approaches to that challenge. So, I think that it is just a matter of using your relevant experience to reach that point.

What is the L7 Defense’s technology all about?

It is a novel usage of a given bioinformatics algorithm which grew into a new type of unsupervised learning model. Ammune™ protects from the most dangerous AI-driven IoT botnet attacks as well as from previous generations of botnet technologies, as a standalone system, an embedded system or a cloud solution.   The way it works is it identifies the most complex malicious “patterns” from the traffic, that aren’t even visible to other tools.  The resulting patterns and output “signatures” are extremely accurate and algorithmically controlled by the target error rate (“False Positive”). Business wise, it serves many important values to the customers, including “Plug & Play” deployment followed by almost a zero need for maintenance support. It is very accurate by its results, causing usually no damages to customers and keeping their privacy safe, as fit to the GDPR regulation. Our current offering include DDoS mitigation solution as well as a robust Web Application Firewall solution. This product takes the defense layer into a much broader scope then used today, covering major “business threats” on users, accounts and transactions made by advanced botnet types mentioned above. A major advantage is that the product is deployed at the customer “yard”, with no need to share encryption keys, serving the GDPR compliance.

l7 defense Ammune dashboard


In such a competitive market, what makes your product unique?

The answer to that is straight forward. As far as we know, we are the only vendor which proved multiple-times its ability to successfully protect from AI empowered IoT-botnet attacks. Sadly, this is the most common type of attacks occurring these days, including problems such as “credential stuffing”, whereby  automated injection of breached username/password pairs in order to fraudulently gain access to user accounts. So, the simple answer is that we deliver defense from current threats that others cannot. Of course all the above mentioned values are there as well, still it is the threat defense that really matters, customer wise.

Who is your typical client?

Enterprises and operators who wish to protect themselves from cyber attacks.  Currently we see a lot of traction from the finance sector as well as from the government. The next wave is expected from internet companies, as we intend to launch our WAF product soon to be used directly at major cloud platform such as Amazon.

What can you tell us about L7 Defense’s future plans?

The future is in automation and accuracy. These are the parameters which cyber solutions will be increasingly judged by, especially at Edge computing emerging field, alongside with traditional IT playgrounds, such as the cloud. We intend to be there for our customers.


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