ExpressVPN promises a 30 days money back guarantee upon subscribing to their service. However, when logging into their website, it was difficult to find where and how exactly one can cancel their subscription. As your loyal vpnMentor, I went over to ExpressVPN's website to show you how to cancel your account with them and get refunded.
Want to get Hotspot Shield but don’t know how? We take you through the process of downloading and installing it step-by-step. Step 1: Open a Hotspot Shield Account If you only want the free version, skip to step 2 below. Personally, I tend to be suspicious about free VPN services, but if all you’re going...
Thycotic dates back all the way to 1996, when it was initially founded as a consulting company that helped to solve user access issues in Microsoft, Linux and Unix systems. With the intent of making their lives easier and helping their consultants do their job, they developed a software that helps manage and control privileged accounts within organizations. As time went by, they realized the huge potential of their software and shifted from being a consultancy firm to a fully dedicated software development company. Nowadays, with over 7,500 customers worldwide and 180,000 IT administrators successfully protecting their privileged accounts, Thycotic is dedicated to innovating and building leading Privileged Account Management software. We sat down with Cyber Strategist Joseph Carson to talk about privileged accounts, why they are such a risk to security and how can they be protected.
JC Cannon is considered as one of the foremost privacy authorities in the US. His background includes over 30 years of developing policies and standards, auditing digital products and services, planning and implementing website strategies and developing software. Most of all, he is known for his disciplined yet assertive approach to privacy- and he wrote 2 excellent books to tell you all about it. In this article Cannon gives vpnMentor readers a sneak preview to his latest publication, called Privacy in Technology - Standards and Practices for Engineers, Security and IT Professionals.
In Recent Advances in Cybersecurity, author Elsadig Saied aims to introduce the reader to cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection mechanisms. It includes the historical aspects of ICT development, and a broad classification of cybersecurity problems. In this interview, Elsadig talks about his insights from writing this book, and brings you the twelve chapter of his book, which discusses cyber security from the United States perspective.
GuardKnox, an automotive cyber security provider, protects the users of connected vehicles against threats that can endanger their physical safety, as well as the safety of their personal information. GuardKnox’s team brings over two decades of experience in providing hardware and software-based cyber security solutions to Israeli Air Force systems. The team shares the core values of the Israeli Air Force and is committed to supplying solutions which protect the automotive industry from the most critical cyber threats. We had the honor and pleasure to speak with CEO Moshe Shlisel about some of the most challenging aspects of the Automotive industry today, and discussed how they can be resolved with proper cyber security.
"The purpose of Become The Ultimate Hacker – Computer Virus, Cracking, Malware, IT Security and the other books around the series 'Programming for Beginners' is to help readers acquire new knowledge through the books we offer", says publisher Marco Grishaber. "Our intention is to help enhance the lives of our readers, by teaching them new skills and knowledge." Ever wanted to become a hacker? read the first chapter of this book , brought here exclusively for vpnMentor readers! 
The front cover of Hacked Again summarizes the author's story in one sentence: It can happen to anyone, even a cybersecurity expert. Scott N. Schober serves as CEO at one of the top tech & security firms in the US, and guess what? He has been hacked! Since then, he has made it his mission to tell the world about his story and educate others about staying safe online. This blog post gives vpnMentor readers a sneak preview to his book, Hacked Again, which was featured on every major tv show in the US.
Florian Gattung and Max Behr were high school students when they founded ShellFire- A VPN service that specializes in IRC bouncers and DDoS protected voice servers. Right from the beginning, they believed that freedom and security on the internet is a fundamental right for everyone. In this article, they reveal some of their most advanced technologies, and offer some useful tips on how to choose a trustworthy VPN.
Firmitas cyber solutions is a technology company founded in 2014 by a team of industry veterans with extensive experience both in the technology and business worlds. They specialize in providing adaptable operational cyber-defense solutions that protect connected systems, and specifically mission-critical systems. In this interview, Gil Keini talks about the difference between device-based and network-based security, and explains why your devices are more important than your data.