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Top 5 VPNs That don’t Keep Logs for the Privacy Seeker

VPNs (and their policies) change all the time. For an updated list of VPNs that do not keep logs, click here

As with many things in life, there are many different types of VPN users, and thus different needs. Some users need a VPN to get around geo-blocking in order to access streaming content, while others want to secure their connection when using Wifi. Still, others use a VPN to download Torrents safely or in territories that restrict them altogether. These people will need to do their homework to make sure that the VPN they choose can accommodate their needs.

There is another category of users for whom a VPN plays a bit more of a critical role – it could even be the difference between life and death. That is the user who absolutely needs to make sure they remain anonymous and is willing to sacrifice in other areas, such as speed, the number of servers, customer service, or access to Netflix (gasp!). Political activists and journalists, for instance, rely on VPNs to circumvent government censorship so that they can communicate safely with the outside world. Depending on the country in which they are located, doing so may be against the law.

The most crucial aspects to examine when looking for the best secure VPN provider are jurisdiction (where the VPN is based out of), logging policy, and acceptance of Bitcoin. After all, if a VPN provider carries logs of their user’s activities, the chances of them being able to live up to their claim of offering an anonymity begins to decrease rapidly. Additionally, a VPN located in a country with laws that allow for the government to demand that they hand over their user’s data is detrimental to such a user.

That is not to say that 100% safety is guaranteed even with a no-logs VPN in the most VPN-friendly country, but it is a pretty safe bet. All of the VPN providers we recommend in this article are located in non-14 eyes countries, do not collect logs, and accept Bitcoin payment.

Here are the top 5 logless VPNs for those seeking the best privacy:




CactusVPN is a Moldova-based VPN. They are completely logless (as of early-2016) and accept Bitcoin for payment. They allow for up to three simultaneous connections, which is good for, say, a journalist who wants to connect their laptop and cellphone. They do not have a big list of countries or servers to connect to, but they provide a very secure 256-bit AES connection. They also have an “apps Killer,” which is a better version of a kill switch.




This Romania-based VPN is the most transparent around, with their office address and CEO’s contact information displayed on their website! They have a large selection of servers to choose from as well as a free – albeit limited – version of their VPN. Their software is very intuitive and features a kill switch, which we appreciate.




NordVPN, based out of Panama, is hard to beat in most categories. They are especially good when it comes to security with their double-VPN and Tor-over-VPN server selections. They also happen to be very affordable (check out their current coupons here). And if you happen to be someone who needs the best security and wants to be able to access Netlflix, they have special servers for this too, called Ultra Fast TV. Not to mention a very large plethora of countries and servers to choose from.





Seychelles is an extremely VPN-friendly country – or should I say archipelago – as evidenced by the large handful of VPNs that run out of it, including Trust.Zone. Their software does a very good job of automatically choosing the best server for you, and they have a kill switch as well. The downside to Trust.Zone is that they only have a native Windows app.

VPN tunnel



Based in Seychelles, VPNTunnel is a good service if you want to stay anonymous. All they require is an email address, and they do not log any private information about the user. They’re also great for those who want to watch popular content in the USA and the UK such as Pandora, Hulu, and Netflix or BBC iPlayer. However, past users have noted that their customer support falls short.

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