Amaze VPN Review & Test 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

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Updated on 12th January 2021

Amaze VPN is a proxy service available for android OS devices, mainly mobiles and tablets. Available through the Google Play Store it is both easy to find and easy to use and includes 20 servers to choose from. Unfortunately, as a proxy rather than a VPN, Amaze VPN is not able to unblock Netflix. For streaming and better compatibility with other devices, consider NordVPN. NordVPN can unblock all major streaming sites and gives you super-fast speeds for streaming.

Amaze VPN is available for all android devices that have access to the Google Play Store. Although it’s in their name, Amaze VPN is not actually a VPN but a proxy which only masks your IP. This makes it useful for those that don’t want to use a full VPN whilst browsing the internet. Amaze VPN includes a selection of 20 servers in seven countries including USA, UK, and Japan. Amaze VPN does not log the details of what you browse on the internet and neither is it located in one of the Five Eyes countries, keeping your details safe and sound. If the worst should happen however, Amaze VPN comes with a kill-switch, which is the disconnect button. Pressing this will immediately disconnect Amaze VPN.

It’s really easy to download and install Amaze VPN. Anyone with access to the Google Play Store can find, download, and install it. Once installed, you will be greeted by a simple interface with a large connection button and, underneath that, the sever selection menu. Selecting servers couldn’t be easier. Open the menu and select the server you want. Some of the servers displayed are designated turbo which are a separate premium service.

Amaze VPN provides a premium service which allows access to faster VIP servers which are dubbed turbo. These servers are faster, ad free, and have an unlimited bandwidth allowing for faster download and upload speeds. The premium service is available in either monthly payments or a more affordable six monthly block payment. Payment is made through the Google Play Store. The basic version of Amaze VPN is completely free to use, which is the ultimate free trial.

Customer support for Amaze VPN is usually fast and effective. They listen to their customers’ complaints and reviews and put words into action through regular updates and bug fixes that may arise in Amaze VPN.

For what it offers, Amaze VPN is a decent proxy. It does not log your activity on the internet. With its simplistic interface, it is easy to install as well as to set up. We put Amaze VPN through some tests and sometimes the IP does leak through RTC, allowing for the possibility of allowing sites to pick up your real IP address. This is something that the developers need to look at and remedy. It also does not let you stream Netflix and other streaming sites protected by anti-VPN software. You need a more powerful VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN for that.

Until Amaze VPN upgrades its features, check out these global vendors who have a wealth of feature-rich packages between them.

Number of countries with servers 10
Number of servers 25
Number of IP addresses 25
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 5

Compare Amaze VPN with the top alternative VPNs

  • Kill-switch
  • Allows you to stream Netflix, Hulu, BBC
  • Works on Android OS devices
  • Not located in a Five Eyes country
  • Selection of 25 servers
  • Get started with Amaze VPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) :
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5

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