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Bitdefender VPN Review 2023 - A Decent Basic VPN Service

Author Image Kristin Hassel
Kristin Hassel | Updated on 29th December 2022 Staff Writer

Bitdefender is known as a leader worldwide for its powerful security software but it doesn't specialize in VPNs. Honestly, there may be a good reason for that. While it offers powerful cybersecurity software suites like AntiVirus Plus, Total Security, and Internet Security, it was really light on security features for its VPN.

On the other hand, setup was simple for each device I tested it on (Android, iOS, Windows), and the mobile apps even came with a kill switch. One excellent feature of Bitdefender VPN, is that it offers lightning-fast servers powered by Hotspot Shield. I was able to stream buffer-free in HD and even 4K for multiple streaming services.

There were a few things I didn't like though, like Bitdefender's logs policy and how difficult it was to contact customer support.

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Short on Time? Here Are My Key Findings:

  • Unblocks several streaming services: Bitdefender was able to unblock several of the streaming services I tested it with, including Hulu, Netflix US and UK, and BBC iPlayer. Find the full results here.
  • Server speeds: High-speed servers for P2P/torrenting activities, in most places. I did have a bit of an issue with lag on the Australian and Hong Kong servers due to high ping. See my full tests here.
  • Security: While it does offer a kill switch for mobile apps, the rest of the security is fairly basic. It offers wi-fi protection and Auto-On, as well as industry-standard encryption. See more about these features here.
  • Privacy: The HotSpot Shield servers are no-logs as per its policy, but Bitdefender's VPN app does collect some user information. Check here for more on privacy.
  • User-friendly apps: The app was quick to download and install, and just as easy to set up and navigate. I had a bit of an issue finding customer support though. Get more information on that here.
  • Money-back guarantee: It offers a 7-day free trial, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Bitdefender VPN Premium FREE for 7-Days!

Bitdefender VPN Features — Updated in February 2023

💸 Price 2.5 USD/month
📆 Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
📝 Does VPN keep logs? No
🖥 Number of servers 1300+
💻 Number of devices per license 10
🛡 Kill switch Yes
🗺 Based in country Romania
📥 Supports torrenting Yes

Can It Unblock Netflix? Yes

Yes, Bitdefender VPN can unblock Netflix libraries worldwide. Not only was I able to unblock Netflix US, UK, and France. I was also able to access BBC iPlayer and Hulu. Better yet, the lightning-fast servers made it possible for me to stream the services buffer-free in HD (and even 4K).

Bitdefender streaming platformsBitdefender was able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Netflix US, and Hulu.


I was expecting lightning-fast speeds on Bitdefender's servers since it utilizes Hotspot Shield's server network and I wasn't disappointed. Just to give you an idea of why download, upload, and ping are important, here's a little guide to understanding them:

  • Download: The time it takes to download files, photos, video, etc. It has a huge impact on your streaming capability, anything over 5Mbps is good for viewing HD, 25 Mbps or over is better for Ultra HD/4K.
  • Upload: The time it takes to send files. This can have a big impact if you like to upload torrents or love putting up your latest selfie or culinary creation on Instagram.
  • Ping: This is the signal that travels from your computer to the site. Latency is how quickly the data travels back. A slow ping is a nightmare for gamers, it can cause lag and (if the ping is too long) frequent disconnects.

My speeds were blazing to begin with, but didn't take too much of a hit once I connected to the VPN. As you can see my base speeds are excellent for streaming, gaming, browsing, torrenting, and anything else I'd like to do on the web. I started out with a download of 125Mbps, a fast ping of 5, and an upload speed of 95.7Mbps.

A chart displaying the speed test results for Bitdefender VPN, includes download, upload, and ping.A chart comparing the variation in download, upload, and ping speeds for each of the Bitdefender servers I tested.

I connected to a US server first and only had a 34% drop in download speed, and my upload speed barely suffered at all. I expected ping to increase significantly the further I got from my true location, so the steady increase with each new connection wasn't unusual.

Surprisingly, the Moscow server gave me faster speeds than the L.A. server. The download speed only dropped 30% from my base speed, and once again upload speeds barely dropped at all.

Australia is known for having slower internet speeds, so I was truly interested to find out if I would notice a significant drop. Nope! Again, my speeds were better than the last Bitdefender server I tested. The drop from my base download speed of 125 Mbps was only around 24%, and upload speeds held fairly steady at 76.4 Mbps.

Even the Hong Kong server I connected to offered incredibly-fast download speeds, and upload speeds were consistent with the other available Bitdefender VPN servers I tested.

Is It Fast Enough for Gaming? Yes

The speeds are definitely fast for gaming, however, I did experience a significant amount of lag while playing Fortnite on a couple of the servers. Notably the ping back was high enough on the Australian and Hong Kong servers to cause significant lag.

Get Lightning-Fast Speeds with Bitdefender VPN


Since Hotspot Shield provides the servers for Bitdefender VPN, user data is protected with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption is virtually impossible to decrypt, even super computers haven't been able to do so. While this is a standard feature with premium VPNs, that's not always the case with up-and-coming VPNs.

For its part, Bitdefender's app provides a kill switch for iOS and Android. A kill switch disconnects any apps run through the VPN from the internet, should the VPN fail. That means you won't need to worry about any potential tracing by your ISP, hackers, or government, due to a server disconnect.

It offers public wi-fi protection, so you can comfortably use your devices on unsecured and undersecured networks like your favorite café or bookstore. You can also use Bitdefender's auto-on feature to connect to the VPN the moment you start your device, so you never go unprotected.

While these are great basic features, I expected a little more from a company that's know worldwide for it's strong security software. I don't know, maybe the addition of double VPN for twice the encryption or an adblocker for bypassing those pesky ads at the very least.


While connected to the server no logs are kept by Hotspot Shield, but Bitdefender does keep some user logs. Keeping some logs isn't unusual, most VPNs keep non-personally identifiable data to fix glitches in the system or develop upgrades that benefit users.

Bitdefender collects some of your  un-personally identifiable data and information and uses Pango (now Aura) to process it and it's privacy policy leaves a lot to be desired. Here's a brief snippet of the information they may collect when you use any of their services.

Aura privacy policyAura (Pango) privacy policy on data collection practices.

Bitdefender itself used to ask for some potentially harmful app permissions. Since the review was published Bitdefender updated its Android app, and removed the read phone status and identity permissions request. I was able to confirm the change has been made and have adjusted the review. However, it's still important to know why this is an unusual request, and why it's important they took the complaint seriously.

Apps can use this permission to get your IMEI and a ton of personally identifiable information along with it, including but not limited to: name, phone number, and address. Please note obtaining this information isn't easy and I don't want to make it seem easy in any way, but it can be done and we you to be informed of any unusual practices VPNs could be using that put your data at risk.

Just to show how unusual it is for a VPN app to request access to this information, I checked the app permissions for ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, and Hotspot Shield. Not one of these providers requested the ability to read phone status and identity, even if a free version of the service was used.
I also performed a DNS/IP leak test. I connected to a nearby server in Chicago and performed the test, I was happy to see that Bitdefender VPN didn't leak my DNS requests or true IP address.
A screenshot of a connection to a Bitdefender server and the results of the DNS/IP leak test.Bitdefender VPN didn't leak my true IP address or DNS requests.

Torrenting - Allowed On All Servers

With high-speed servers provided by Hotspot Shield, you're free to torrent on any available server. The kill switch feature is a nice addition to the Bitdefender mobile app and helps protect your true location if the VPN fails.

Installation & Apps


Setup for Android was simple, just download the app and connect. You can choose between the free VPN at that point or sign up for a 7-day free trial of Bitdefender VPN premium. Bitdefender VPN's main user interface is easy to use, it offers the option of Automatic connection or the ability to choose a server location.

Once you connect to a server the Virtual Location information will change. I found that connecting to the server was fast and easy, just a couple of clicks and I was connected to a US server. You may also notice that Bitdefender VPN has a convenient free-trial countdown indicator in the upper left-hand corner of the user interface. That way there's no guessing how many days you have left on your trial!

Bitdefender main interface and settingsBitdefender's main interface and settings.

From the settings interface, you can choose to turn on the kill switch and auto-connect options. The app also allows you to choose light or dark mode, which is a nice added feature.

You can also view the Privacy Policy, opt-out of notifications, and review FAQs about the service.

Simultaneous Devices

For Android and iOS, free users are allowed one device connection. Users on any of the premium plans can have up to 10 simultaneous connections. The one exception is Bitdefender's Family Pack plan, which offers 15 simultaneous connections.

Device Compatibility

Bitdefender VPN offers its free VPN built-in to its security software for Mac and Windows users. Users can upgrade to premium for unlimited use, and to bypass the 200MB per day data cap of the free plan.

The VPN used to be available exclusively through Bitdefender's security software like its line of suites, but that isn't the case anymore. Android and iOS users can download the VPN from their designated app store, and get all of the same benefits that Mac and Windows users enjoy.

Get Your 7-day Free Trial of Bitdefender VPN Now!


1-Year Plan
$ 2.5 / month per month
1-Month Plan
$ 6.99 / month per month

Bitdefender VPN offers a monthly and yearly plan, that both come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also get a 7-day free trial and test all of the features before you buy a subscription.

Try Bitdefender Premium Free for 7-days!

Reliability & Support


Don't expect any help for the free version, it only offers chat and email support for paid subscriptions.  I just took advantage of its 7-day free trial to get around that.

The second issue I had was actually getting ahold of customer support. The Bitdefender site offers scant information on how to contact them about VPN issues, most of the FAQs and information are for their security suites.

I was finally able to get a hold of a representative via email and ask them why I couldn't connect to Netflix UK, as their site claims. I got an answer after about 24 hours, but by then I had already figured it out (my firewall interfering with the VPN, oops).

Bitdefender customer supportIt took less than 48-hours for customer support to respond to my inquiry.

The representative was personable and explained as nicely as they could, that there are no guarantees with streaming services and VPNs. Again, I was able to access Netflix UK, but it might be worth noting that firewalls may interfere with this VPN. This is the first time I've had that issue while testing a VPN, so I was a bit surprised even though I knew it was possible for other security software to interfere with VPNs.

Another tiny hiccup is you'll need to search for information on the VPN using the search bar on the Support page, since no information about the VPN shows up automatically.

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The Bottom Line

A decent basic VPN service.

Bitdefender VPN offers users a clean interface, basic VPN features, and lighting-fast servers via Hotspot Shield's network.

It's suitable for the average internet user that wants to stream content, securely access email, and surf the web. Past that, you may want something with more advanced security and obfuscation features.


Where are Bitdefender's main headquarters?

Bitdefender has headquarters in the US and UK as well, but it's main headquarters is in Bucharest, Romania. For those of you particularly worried about anonymity, this is excellent news as Romania is outside the 5, 9, and 14-Eyes Alliance. Still, they process their data through Aura, which a US company and they are definitely within the Alliance. The 5, 9, and 14-Eyes Alliance is a group of countries that exchange information, that they gather through mass surveillance of our online activities. You can learn more about the Alliance in this article.

What are some alternatives to Bitdefender?

There are a few free, safe alternatives to Bitdefender but if you want strong security and strict no-logs policies check out our top providers. The one I recommend is ExpressVPN. It offers strong encryption, a solid no-logs policy, advanced security features, and innovative protocols, like Lightway.  

Does  the VPN come free with Bitdefender Suites?

Bitdefender includes a limited 200MB traffic per device version, in their security suites for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. To get unlimited traffic (data, bandwidth, speed), you need to upgrade to the Premium VPN.

  • High-speed servers in 30 countries
  • Public wifi protection and a kill switch for mobile
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks Netflix
Money Back Guarantee (Days): 30
Mobile app:
Number of devices per license: 10
Bitdefender VPN User Reviews (User reviews are not verified)
Based on 9 reviews in 2 languages
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Cant browse at all

It was fast and stable when I bought the monthly subs. I thought it was the best VPN until I bought the annual subs. It's hard to connect, not PC app friendly, no update notification at all and you need to do it manually by visiting their site to download the newer version. An annual price was very expensive compared to better VPN services I used before. If you're going to renew, try to cancel it. You'll get a discount BTW

Awful application

I've been trying to solve a problem for a long time and I've sent a lot of emails to Bitdefender customer service. But neither voice nor hearing from Bitdefender. The people there are indifferent and ruthless,they are only interested in money. Yesterday I finally received an email from them and instead of trying to solve my problem,they apologized to me and thanked me for my patience.What more can I say? The people there are really ruthless and show contempt. Those who buy the application and are quiet are good customers and those who report a problem are hostile customers. I paid a lot of money for two subscriptions I have and instead of Bitdefender helping me,it throws me in the trash. A shocking example of avoiding these people and the application.

Victor Kwakman
Victor Kwakman
Excellent and FAST

VPN is easy to install and has several interesting options included. So far the best and FASTEST VPN I have used. Will sure continue using it with the Bitdefender Total Security which is also high quality.

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