Chameleon VPN Review 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

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Updated on 13th January 2021

Chameleons are very good at hiding, often doing so in plain sight. IP Chameleon is a perfect name for this company that offers a quality VPN service and allows you to change and hide your IP address.

You can change your IP address in any OS. The system works with Windows machines, Mac OS X, and Linux. In addition, you can use IP Chameleon for your mobile devices, such as your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. This means that even when you are mobile, you can use the VPN and keep your online activities anonymous and private, just as it should be.

The company currently has 21 servers in 19 different countries around the world. Some of the countries include the United States, Malaysia, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. In addition, the company does not log your information. This means that you will have true anonymity on the web. They do not even require your personal information when you register to use the service.

If you’re looking for a VPN that can give you access to Netflix, skip Chameleon. I’d recommend one of these VPNs for Netflix, which all offer fast and reliable servers, plus added extras such as streaming profiles.

You can choose from several different subscription plans. There is a one-month that offers rapid L2TP IPSec and OpenVPN connections. You will also have unlimited traffic and speed, and access to all of the servers. The other plans offer the same features, but they are for a longer subscription, and they offer discounts for the extended subscriptions. Thy have a six-month and a yearlong plan. If you find that you don’t like the system within the first ten days of using it, you can get 100% of your money returned to you.

You can also get a free VPN for testing just by registering. This will give you a chance to see how the system works, but keep in mind that this free trial version, which is not restricted by time, has a limited speed of 2Mbits/s, and you can only access one of the VPN servers.

Setting up the system is easy. You can download the app for the machine or OS that you are using, and then follow the setup instructions. The company doesn’t have a support section on their site, but they do have a tab so you can ask a question in case you need assistance.

Since it offers a free version that you can use to get a better idea of how the system works, it might be worth checking out. Just keep in mind that the speeds with the full version are generally going to be quite a bit higher, but not quite as high as with other leading vendors.

Number of countries with servers 19
Number of servers 21
Number of IP addresses 21
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1

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The Bottom Line

Fair prices and full compatibility, but some shortcomings

IP Chameleon is a middle-of-the-road service that’s ideal for light to medium users. It can’t unblock Netflix, so you can’t use it to stream the service’s many libraries. However, you can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular websites from all over the world. The company’s servers are concentrated in Europe and North America, so you can easily fool websites into thinking you’re from one of these locations.

IP Chameleon’s subscription prices aren’t too pricey, but they also aren’t the most budget-friendly. It’s compatible with most platforms, including computers and mobile devices, and it requires no personal info to set up an account. You can test out the service for free to see how you like it, but note that your speed will be throttled.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 7
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1

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