Ironsocket VPN Review 2020 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

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IronSocket has 68 servers located in 36 countries around the world and, while it is not the largest VPN provider around, it still takes your privacy seriously. It claims to be able to unblock several streaming sites too but I was disappointed to see that Netflix is not one of them. If you’re interested in a far-reaching server network that gives you unrestricted streaming, opt for a global provider like NordVPN.

IronSocket is a VPN provider whose headquarters are located in Hong Kong, and they market their service to those who want to remain anonymous on the internet. IronSocket provides VPNs along with proxy servers and a DNS proxy service they call SmartDNS. Their VPN offerings support the OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols with two levels of encryption. They offer strong encryption which uses AES 256-bit encryption with SHA256 message authentication (this is the default configuration), and they offer light encryption which uses Blowfish 128-bit encryption to protect your data. This level is less secure but allows for faster transfer speeds. They also offer a no encryption option for when you want to maximize your download speeds but be warned there is no privacy when your connection is not encrypted.

IronSocket provides several proxy services for their customers to use instead of VPNs; many other providers do not offer this. The proxy servers are offered for those times when privacy is not a concern, and you want to maximize your connection speeds. They provide HTTP proxy and a SOCKS5 proxy service which work with most web browsers and other applications such as video games or IRC clients.

Another proxy service being offered is a DNS proxy service they call Smart DNS. This service allows you to unblock websites and bypass censorship filters, and it is pre-configured to provide access to over 160 media sites. Smart DNS lets you access these sites without using a VPN connection from anywhere in the world and is a convenient way to watch your favorite programs. The list of websites includes some big name streaming media providers like Hulu, network TV channels, and regional sports channels. You should keep in mind that these proxy connections are not encrypted, and any traffic that is sent through them could be monitored.

While IronSocket does support P2P file sharing traffic, it is limited to select servers only and may not be available in your country of choice. You will have to visit their website to see if your country’s server is supported. The devices supported include desktop and laptop computers running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. They also support Android and iOS devices as well as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and home routers.

There are three subscription plans available with the longer term plans offering discounts. The monthly plan allows you to use the service for short periods of time (such as when you are traveling abroad). The next pricing plan is the 6-month plan. The last pricing plan is the yearly plan. Along with the usual payment options like credit cards and Bitcoin, IronSocket accepts gift cards as payment for a truly anonymous payment method.

IronSocket is marketed at people who want to safeguard their privacy so it’s not surprising that it isn’t the best VPN for streaming. Read our guide to the best VPNs for Netflix if you want a more affordable option that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 36
Number of servers 50
Does VPN keep logs? Yes
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1

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The Bottom Line

The perfect mix of advanced technology and great service

IronSocket is a VPN that prioritizes customer support, so don’t take it for granted. But a premium VPN will offer you so much more. We suggest looking at these global providers so you can take advantage of maximum security, super-fast speeds, and feature-rich packages.

  • Committed to your privacy
  • Provides easy access to media channels
  • Compatible with many devices and operating systems
  • Multiple levels of encryption
  • Fast network
  • Get started with Ironsocket VPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 7
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans:

Ironsocket VPN User Reviews

Based on 10 reviews in 1 languages
Stay away - 2

This company is involved in MITM attacks, they hijack DNS and steal credit cards numbers, very little servers and very slow, my average software triggers alerts when using their service and they must have infected my PC because of the blue screens when connected to their service.

The best VPN - 10
Frank Pavich

How great is this company's customer service? After recently renewing for another year of service, I emailed them because I made an error in creating a new account. This was their reply: "It looks like you missed that we're offering a 50% discount on annual subscriptions. We've taken the time from your new subscription and added it to your current monthly subscription and we've also added an additional year FOC. Your new Next Due Date is now 24 December 2020." Seriously, they gave me an entire additional year of service for free. Try to beat that. On top of their excellent pricing, their service and tech support is top notch with quick responses and excellent assistance. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

These people are crooks - 2

They stole money from my gift card. Service was good when worked so I decided to extend subscription and paid with gift card, Ironsocket took my money and said extended subscription, next day I logged in my password did not work and received an email my subscription was terminated because of unpaid invoice. The support was nice when I paid with credit card, once I paid with gift card they no longer respond to my emails.

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