Onavo Protect Reviews 2020 - Why 5.4 Stars?

Ariel Hochstadt | Ex-Google, International tech speaker

Onavo is a company based in Israel who was acquired by Facebook in 2013. Facebook uses Onavo to track users’ activities on other social media platforms, and we do not recommend to use this VPN. You can read more about how Onavo works with Facebook, here.

The “Protect Free VPN + Data Manager” is exclusive for Androids and iOS devices and to date there have been over 10 million Google Play downloads – proving their popularity.

This app offers a VPN which will help to keep your data safe and secure when browsing, streaming or downloading. Whether you connect with a mobile provider or an ISP, this app’s VPN will ensure that data is encrypted as it enters their server. You can hide your true IP address to increase your anonymity and even unblock geo-restricted services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or Facebook.

Onavo has implemented another layer of security by giving you notifications that appear insecure or give you the choice to block such websites in the future. This aids in preventing malicious websites from phishing sensitive data like passwords or credit card numbers. So if you surf public WiFi hotpots, this can certainly steer you away from danger.

The data manager feature is highly convenient as you can set data alerts that let you know when you’re reaching your limit on your data plan. Or you can receive alerts when particular apps start consuming a certain amount of data – giving you more power and control over your device.

Also, far too often apps seem have a mind of their own when they’re not in use. They often operate faintly in the background, not only causing your battery to run down quicker but they actually begin munching into your mobile data plan. Onavo steps in to prevent apps from using data in the background and you can set apps to use WiFi connections only, which can save you money in the process.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an Android VPN then why not go the extra mile and download Onavo’s “Protect Free VPN+Data Manager”. You’ll not only get a fast, secure VPN to keep you browsing safely and anonymously, but also data-saving features that can actually save you money.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 1
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 1

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Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.onavo.com

Onavo Protect User Reviews

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Spam Ad - 2
Alan W Boal

This ad is relentless spam on my smartphone. Will not reveal why the ad is on the screen. Over thirty attempts to remove the ad by reporting everything from irrelevant to hide, etc. No information on web site. Is it another Facebook security scandal?

Semble bon - 10

Utilisé sur une période de dix jours sur un réseau wifi non sécurisé je n'ai noté aucun ralentissement et rien de fâcheux n'est arrivé. Je ne suis pas un expert et j'aimerais bien avoir d'autres avis. Je ne connais pas de méthode pour vérifier la valeur d'un VPN.

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