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Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

You might find it difficult to find two VPN services that are more different than ExpressVPN (a traditional VPN) and Hola VPN (a peer-to-peer proxy service, which isn’t a true VPN and may have security and privacy risks). ExpressVPN’s paid service comes with a variety of additional protections to keep you secure, while Hola VPN introduces serious security risks. ExpressVPN is a crowd favorite because it gives you access to more than 2,000 servers, has military-grade encryption, and beats almost all geoblocks we’ve seen. Hola VPN is a freemium proxy service that cannot change servers by nature. We found mixed performance for streaming, browsing speeds, and bypassing geoblocks . There are many other potentially harmful aspects of the P2P network that could drain your bank account and collect your data.






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 The Bottom Line

Geoff Whiting
VPN and Cybersecurity Researcher

Your best bet here is definitely ExpressVPN. For many, the main reason for getting a VPN is to browse without having their information tracked and collected. ExpressVPN lives up to that demand while Hola VPN doesn’t. You’ll also like the enormous number of secure servers and its ability to avoid content restrictions as well as robust P2P and torrenting support. Hola VPN still appears to be a service to avoid. There are significant concerns around the privacy of your connection, and it has a history of collecting detailed service logs and sharing these with its partners. Plus, Hola’s proxy structure could mean the data you pay for gets used up by someone else, making its “free” option potentially costly. More Info