While most VPNs market themselves to all users, regardless of their reason for purchasing a VPN service, My Expat Network is one of very few who have a niche, that of accessing TV programs from your home country when you're abroad. With an intriguing business model such as this, as well as customer service features like the ability to have their representatives set up the software for their users, we wanted to ask their co-founder, Tim Fleming, some questions about what brought them to be where they are today, and how they differentiate themselves from other VPNs.
RapidVPN emerged in the shadow of persistent threat to the security of information from hackers, data sniffers, and online thieves. As they moved from fixed lines to mobile internet access points (via Wi-Fi, WLANs, Hot Spots, etc.), the threat perception to privacy and anonymity of internet users increased manifold. We spoke to Sales Manager Robin Leiser to learn the ins and outs of how they operate their service.
Hide my IP was conceived out of a personal need for a reliable, secure and easy to use VPN client. After the initial release of their variety of PC security tools, Hide My IP experienced a strong interest in VPN, and were encouraged to grow the service by expanding their VPN network with new locations and features. We spoke to a member of staff to get to know the company from the inside out. Here's what we found.
Cyhesion was founded in August 2017 by Tom Burton, a British security consultant who provides organizations with coherent security strategies that go way beyond technology. In this interview, he reveals the ins and outs of his work, and stresses the importance of healthy relationships between security and the business. 
Private Internet Access is a VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels that create several layers of privacy and security on the internet. They also support numerous organizations in their justful fight for internet privacy. We spoke with CEO Ted Kim to hear his views on the state of the internet today, and how to keep safe on the web.
As the name implies, VPN.asia is a service provider focused on one of the most restricted and problematic areas in the world, in terms of internet access. We contacted them to learn about how they operate, and what makes them safer than other VPN's? Here's what they had to say...
VPNLUX is a cyber security firm that helps clients develop a network architecture, so they can analyze threats and prevent cyber-attacks. As a VPN, they offer some unique features and custom solutions, giving true value to business clients worldwide. In this article, we sat down with CEO Alex Kross to learn how global trends in both technology and legislation are making waves in the industry.
TitanGrid was founded by a group of cyber security classmates, who decided to combine their skills in technology, sales and law, to provide a social assessment mechanism that helps businesses and individuals to reduce their digital footprint. In this article i've interviewed CEO Aleks Koha to find out what is it that makes certain people particularly prone to attacks, and what they can do about it.
What’s inspired you to start Astaris? When I was freshly out of university, I was hired by an American .com agency that built websites in London. After the .com crash of 2000, the company closed down and disappeared from the UK. Together with a group of former company employees, we launched our own web development...
Sixgill is an Israeli Cyber intelligence firm that specializes in disruptive technology, Dark-i, their main product, is designed to automatically gather relevant intelligence from within the dark web, disrupt malicious communications and even get criminals arrested. In this article, I was honored to interview the brilliant mind behind Sixgill, CEO Avi Kasztan, and get a taste of the great mystery called the Dark Web.