Neill Feather is the president of SiteLock, a leading provider of website security solutions for business. At SiteLock, Neill leads the company's approach to 360-degree domain security by providing industry analysis and utilizing rapidly evolving data sets related to security and hacking trends. Neill has over 20 years of experience in the technology and systems industry, notably providing technology solutions and industry insights for Johnson & Johnson prior to joining SiteLock. In this article, we sat for a one on one conversation to hear some of Neil's views on cyber security and what's coming next.
As more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, managing access permissions has become a daunting, yet crucial task for maintaining information security. Plain ID provide an elegant solution that eliminates role based definitions, and aligns them with the company policy instead. CMO Gal Helemsky explains.
2 weeks after its outbreak, the Wannacry attack is still taking victims, blackmailing some of the largest data centers in the world, including banks, governments and global institutions. We spoke to Trustlook CEO Allan Zhang to hear about their latest solution to the WannaCry cyber attack and their general approach to cyber security.
SCADAfence is a pioneer in securing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 networks from cyber threats, covering the smart manufacturing and smart building sectors, pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, automotive and building automation industries. Following the recent WannaCry events, we sat down with CEO Yoni Shohet to find out what kind of threat are SCADA systems facing today, what are the risks for our day to day lives, and how does SCADAfence help to prevent them?
Travis Witteveen had gained over 20 years of leadership experience at companies such as AVG Technologies, F-Secure Corporation, and Axent Technologies before joining Avira, certainly one of the most renowned companies dealing with IT security. As CEO, he is responsible for leading the company, growing its value, and guiding its social responsibilities. In this interview, he lays out Avira's success story, and gives us a sneak peak into their future developments.  
Fidelis Cybersecurity have recently expressed their growing concern related to the safety of using modern messaging apps. We spoke to John Bambenek, Threat Systems Manager at Fidelis Cybersecurity, to find out why messaging apps may not offer users the expected level of privacy, what’s problematic and what can users do to maintain their privacy.
Ask Leo is a one man brand, responsible for the publication of a series of books about backups and general computer literacy. His latest book, The Ask Leo Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet, covers the basics of internet safety in a light and down to earth manner. In the book, author Leo A. Notenboom gives precise instructions on what to do and which software to run in order to keep your computer, your data, and yourself safe while you use the internet. This article includes our 2 quick questions for Leo, followed by the first chapter of the book, which he has kindly agreed to share with vpnMentor readers.
Qualys was created by CEO Phillippe Courtot in 1999 and was the first organisation to be a SaaS provider. Currently used by more than 9,300 customers in over 100 countries, including a majority of each of the Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100, the Qualys Cloud Platform performs more than 3 billion IP scans/audits a year, resulting in over 1 trillion security events. In this interview Chief Technical Security Officer Darron Gibbs overviews the different modules that make up the Qualys platform, and explains the logic behind them.
The more our lives become digitized the harder it becomes for us to see when our basic rights to privacy are being violated. SurfEasy delivers accessible solutions that help put the user back in the driver's seat of their online privacy. We asked them a few questions about why and how they do their work, and here's what we found.
CitizenVPN was founded by Tobias Skytte in 2 locations: Denmark, his home country where data privacy is taken very seriously, and Nassau, where he can comfortably avoid the EU logging directive. Tobias strongly believes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and we certainly share the sentiment. In this exclusive interview he shares his views on free VPN, lifetime plans and data retention. In 5 words: It's worse than you think!