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Hide My Ass VPN offers the most basic features a VPN user can ask for and nothing else, making it perfectly suitable for those without much technical knowledge who just want their IP address hidden, for whatever reason. 'HideMyAss' may sound like a strange name for a VPN, but as always, we had to give it a try for our faithful readers, so In this quick tutorial we're going to show you how you can get your HMA vpn account up and running. Let's get started!
Jawad Hui Kurishi is a security and freedom enthusiast, who has been serving the IT industry for the last three decades. Formerly a network consultant at PureVPN and Ivacy VPN, Kurishi now runs OneVPN, a Hong-Kong based service that uses BSD technology to provide ultra-secure encryption. In this interview he expresses his concerns regarding internet censorship and offers the technology to fight against it.
Private Internet Access is a VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels that create several layers of privacy and security on the internet. They also support numerous organizations in their justful fight for internet privacy. We spoke with CEO Ted Kim to hear his views on the state of the internet today, and how to keep safe on the web.
Travis Witteveen had gained over 20 years of leadership experience at companies such as AVG Technologies, F-Secure Corporation, and Axent Technologies before joining Avira, certainly one of the most renowned companies dealing with IT security. As CEO, he is responsible for leading the company, growing its value, and guiding its social responsibilities. In this interview, he lays out Avira's success story, and gives us a sneak peak into their future developments.  
UNLOQ is a London-based startup that provides simple & secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorization and data encryption for organizations that seek to comply with GDPR. We sat for a chat with CEO Marcea Patachi to hear his views and give you a taste of what UNLOQ is all about.
On March 2018, Join the Nullcon community for 48 hours of cyber security workshops, lectures and training sessions, followed by beach parties and holi celebrations in one of the most beautiful locations in the world- Goa. We spoke to Yuliya Pliavaka, one of the organizers of Nullcon, to hear all about it.
Bitcoin, the currency of the modern age, has been around long enough to be changing the game of our financial systems. It is an open source, peer to peer encrypted payment system that has no central authority and does not rely on old school financial institutions like banks. Instead, it offers a completely anonymous solution to trading goods and services while contributing to the growing bitcoin economy. In this article we are going to overview the steps needed to opening a bitcoin merchant account, which will allow you to accept payments from your clients in bitcoin, whether or not you have a website.
Starting PageSeal, our main vision was to create a product that allows eCommerce websites to protect their customers from unnecessary distractions and increase their trust. How prevalent is browser spam? There’s not one number to point out, because it varies greatly depending on the demographics of the target audience. You can have 5% of your...
Biowatch is a startup company that's all about securing your personal assets without compromising your convenience. Using a tiny device that attaches to your watch strip and recognizes your vein pattern, you could exempt yourself from ever having to enter a password again, and that's only the beginning. With the rapid emerging of IoT into our lives, Biowatch could be protecting your car, computer, bank account and even your entire home. We spoke with CEO Matthias Vanoni to learn how it works.
A long time ago, Basil Philipsz has founded Distributed Management Systems (DMS), which started originally as a software house doing small jobbing contracts. One of those projects was a physical access control system in which they were successful at protecting the Port of Dover by setting up a system of magnetic stripe cards for internal Users, such as the Police and Customs authority, to access the port. That triggered his interest in access security, so he embarked on a set of inventions, 4 of which particularly underpin the CASQUE SNR technology. In this interview Basil Philipsz reveals the ins and outs of this operation.