CactusVPN was created in 2011 by three friends with a solid background in ecommerce and security and the same strong beliefs: that everybody deserves privacy and freedom while they are online; that nobody should be afraid to access the Internet; and that information and any other online content should be available for all of us, regardless of the country we live in, the company we work for or the ruling political regime. Get to know CEO Sergiu Candja in an exclusive interview for vpnMentor.
The realization that the security field is diverse, complex and fast changing brought MazeBolt to create and continuously update a system that allows customers to adapt quickly to ever evolving cyber threats. In this Interview, MazeBolt CEO Matthew Andriani talks about the discourse and implications of DDoS attacks and urges readers to tighten their defenses.
Red Button is a security services and consulting company specializing in mitigating and preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Towards that purpose, they’ve introduced the DDoS Resiliency Score, an open standard, virtual DDoS testing technology that enables immediate assessment, as well as a range of proven processes and methodologies for SOC/NOC teams. In this article, we interviewed CEO Ziv Gadot to learn more about what the hell is DDoS and how it can be avoided.
ReSec Technologies offer a simple and cost-effective mechanism that protects companies and individuals against malware. In this article, CEO Dotan Bar Noy explains how the logistics behind the ReSec solution work, and why they've decided to prioritize prevention over detection.
Safe-T is a leading provider of software-defined access solutions which mitigate attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data. In this interview, co founder and VP product Eitan Bremler explains what software defined access is all about, and why going digital means you can't trust anyone.
This is the story of Robert Beens, a web entrepreneur who decided to devote his career to the development of a secure internet experience for global users. In this article he explains why privacy is such a rare comodity these days, and what YOU can do to stop it.
Ask Leo is a one man brand, responsible for the publication of a series of books about backups and general computer literacy. His latest book, The Ask Leo Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet, covers the basics of internet safety in a light and down to earth manner. In the book, author Leo A. Notenboom gives precise instructions on what to do and which software to run in order to keep your computer, your data, and yourself safe while you use the internet. This article includes our 2 quick questions for Leo, followed by the first chapter of the book, which he has kindly agreed to share with vpnMentor readers.
Open your account with VyprVPN The first thing you need to do to install VyprVPN for windows is go to and click on the plan you want. Choose your plan depending on your needs. The VyprVPN premium will open a world of possibilities, including five simultaneous connections and unlimited data usage for only $6.67 per month...
Fidelis Cybersecurity have recently expressed their growing concern related to the safety of using modern messaging apps. We spoke to John Bambenek, Threat Systems Manager at Fidelis Cybersecurity, to find out why messaging apps may not offer users the expected level of privacy, what’s problematic and what can users do to maintain their privacy.
VPN99 (named as such for its super low price of $0.99/month) prides itself for maintaining high quality, reliable VPN services at a very low price. They also brand themselves as “a team of strong and dedicated superheroes, aiming to overcome the world of boring VPN-services, slow connections, and abstruse connection instructions.” We wanted to see for ourselves what makes the Seychelles-based team of superheroes tick. Here is our interview with them.