Cath Senker is a freelance writer and publisher who specializes in history, global and social issues, world religions, human geography and environmental topics. On september 2016 she published her book Cybercrime and the Dark Net, which provides the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning about the world of cyber-criminals and their opponents, from a social, human perspective. In this article, we bring you the first chapter of the book, and a few remarks from the author.
In BIT WARS: Hacking Report: Top Hacks and Attacks of 2015 Dr. Thomas Hyslip presents a concise review of the year's top hacks and attacks, featuring Ashley Madison, OPM, Anthem, IRS, Premera Blue Cross, and others. Knowing the details of how these hacks occurred and who committed them, regardless of whether or not you're a victim, gives a good understanding of how to protect yourself from future attacks. We sat down with Dr. Hyslip to ask him a few questions, and were honored to get a free copy of the book for all of our readers for the next 3 days. Hurry up!
Red Button is a security services and consulting company specializing in mitigating and preventing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Towards that purpose, they’ve introduced the DDoS Resiliency Score, an open standard, virtual DDoS testing technology that enables immediate assessment, as well as a range of proven processes and methodologies for SOC/NOC teams. In this article, we interviewed CEO Ziv Gadot to learn more about what the hell is DDoS and how it can be avoided.
Unauthorized Access: The Crisis in Online Privacy and Security is an outstanding piece of work by computer security and law experts Robert H. Sloan and Richard Warner. The book proposes specific solutions to public policy issues pertaining to online privacy and security. Requiring no technical or legal expertise, the book explains complicated concepts in clear, straightforward language. In this blog post, the 2 authors give vpnMentor readers a sneak preview to the 11th chapter of their book.
"How can we characterise Cybersecurity? How do data breaches, hacks, system exploits and computer intrusions happen - and why? What occurs when Cybersecurity really works effectively, and can we systemise it? Or will the clever hacker always break into any networked device, sweeping all defences aside? On a quest for insightful answers in this ground-breaking book, Dr Alan Radley proceeds to completely deconstruct, rationally analyse, meticulously rebuild and then sanely reassess the entire field of Cybersecurity.  A rigorous scientific methodology is applied to networked system design, leading to a comprehensive new model - and accurate taxonomic tree - of all possible types and classes of cyber attacks and associated countermeasures. The upshot is a wholly original, astute and fearlessly honest - yet practically oriented - treatise on Cybersecurity. Outlined here for the first time is a logical explanation of the fundamental theory and principal axioms of Cybersecurity as developed from first principles, and in a format ideally suited to both - the engineering-minded professional - and the less technically-oriented. "

Securing Apps on The Internet of Things

Ditsa Keren | Updated on 7th February 2020
Initech CEO reveals the difficulty in applying security standards on modern applications, and explains why these challenges are hardly ever technical.
The realization that the security field is diverse, complex and fast changing brought MazeBolt to create and continuously update a system that allows customers to adapt quickly to ever evolving cyber threats. In this Interview, MazeBolt CEO Matthew Andriani talks about the discourse and implications of DDoS attacks and urges readers to tighten their defenses.
Dr. Mark A Gregory is an award winning professor teaching the next generation of Australian engineers. Having released more than 100 publications, his book Security and the Networked Society provides a refreshing view of the intricate complexity of cybersecurity today. And he has kindly agreed to share the first chapter with vpnMentor readers.
Launched in 2007 as an independent penetration testing firm, High-Tech Bridge has become a global provider of web and mobile application security testing services (AST). We've spoken to CEO and Founder Ilia Kolochenko to get a glimpse of his work. Here's what we found.
Author Gregory Touhill talks about writing "Cybersecurity for Executives: A practical guide" and reveals the book's introduction, exclusively on vpnMentor