In Recent Advances in Cybersecurity, author Elsadig Saied aims to introduce the reader to cybersecurity and critical information infrastructure protection mechanisms. It includes the historical aspects of ICT development, and a broad classification of cybersecurity problems. In this interview, Elsadig talks about his insights from writing this book, and brings you the twelve chapter of his book, which discusses cyber security from the United States perspective.
Atera is an easy to use, all-in-one IT management platform, aimed at helping managed service providers (MSPs) build better businesses by giving them advanced tools and data to work with. As a result, Atera is striving to improve the quality of IT for small-and medium-sized businesses (SMB's) everywhere. We met with CEO Gil Pekelman to talk about remote IT solutions and the benefits for modern SMBs.
In this interview, Sean and Devin give vpnMentor readers a sneak preview into their book, which covers topics like: - Why you need a secret email address - How to keep your kids safe online - How to spot email malware - How to avoid ransomware - What not to do ever on public Wifi And more!
With its non-technical language and patient, step-by-step approach to this fascinating currency, Bitcoin for the Befuddled is your ticket to getting started with Bitcoin. In this article, author Chris Wilmer brings you the second chapter of the book, where he explores the history of Bitcoin and its potential impact on trade and commerce.
According to author James Smith, hacking is a skill that can be useful in many different ways. Knowledge of hacking can be used as the backbone to securing your own computers and systems. A favorite quote of Mr. Smith sums it up very well: "The first step to making yourself secure, is knowing how vulnerable you are."
Brett and Deborah Christensen have been a Hoax-Slayers since 2003, researching and writing about online scams and frauds and raising awareness to email, Internet and computer security issues that most common users know nothing about. In this article we give you a sneak preview to their book Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, Internet Scams & Phone Scams.
Recently acknowledged by Forrester as the strongest solution for Open Source Security, WhiteSource is an all-­in-one licensing, security, quality and reporting solution for managing open source components. In this interview CEO Rami Sass reveals the security challenges faced by open source developers, and explains how WhiteSource makes it all better.
Bitcoin and Blockchain Security is a fascinating book published in October 2016 by 2 leading-edge experts: Ghassan Karame, manager and chief researcher at NEC, and Elli Androulaki of IBM Research. The book gives a profound overview on next-generation payment systems, and the security challenges hindering widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. In this article, Karame and Androulaki talk about the process of researching and writing the book, and give you a sneak preview to the first chapter, exclusive to vpnMentor!
Daniel Reis has spent over twenty five years working with major technology companies and customers to define and manage existing and new security products. Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics, an MBA, and a Master’s in Information Systems Security. He spent many years working in network security protection systems and is now Director of Product Marketing with a global leader in threat intelligence. In this article we bring you the first chapter of his book Cybersecurity: Issues of Today, a Path for Tomorrow, where he explores topics organizations and security professionals wrestle with to deploy and maintain a robust secure environment.

Interview with TheSafety.US about VPNs

Ditsa Keren | Updated on 6th February 2020
Please provide some background on the company: what inspired you to start a VPN service and how did it come together? We started our business in 2006. Back then, VPNs were used by private companies to protect their local networks. VPN services were not circulated yet, and there were no more than about 50 VPN...