According to author James Smith, hacking is a skill that can be useful in many different ways. Knowledge of hacking can be used as the backbone to securing your own computers and systems. A favorite quote of Mr. Smith sums it up very well: "The first step to making yourself secure, is knowing how vulnerable you are."
In this interview, Sean and Devin give vpnMentor readers a sneak preview into their book, which covers topics like: - Why you need a secret email address - How to keep your kids safe online - How to spot email malware - How to avoid ransomware - What not to do ever on public Wifi And more!
This April in Amsterdam, get ready to expand your knowledge with extraordinary lectures, training sessions and live demos from non-biased security researchers and professional hackers. We've spoken to one of the organizers to give you a short but sweet overview of the topics that are going to be presented, and what HITB is all about.
The front cover of Hacked Again summarizes the author's story in one sentence: It can happen to anyone, even a cybersecurity expert. Scott N. Schober serves as CEO at one of the top tech & security firms in the US, and guess what? He has been hacked! Since then, he has made it his mission to tell the world about his story and educate others about staying safe online. This blog post gives vpnMentor readers a sneak preview to his book, Hacked Again, which was featured on every major tv show in the US.
"How can we characterise Cybersecurity? How do data breaches, hacks, system exploits and computer intrusions happen - and why? What occurs when Cybersecurity really works effectively, and can we systemise it? Or will the clever hacker always break into any networked device, sweeping all defences aside? On a quest for insightful answers in this ground-breaking book, Dr Alan Radley proceeds to completely deconstruct, rationally analyse, meticulously rebuild and then sanely reassess the entire field of Cybersecurity.  A rigorous scientific methodology is applied to networked system design, leading to a comprehensive new model - and accurate taxonomic tree - of all possible types and classes of cyber attacks and associated countermeasures. The upshot is a wholly original, astute and fearlessly honest - yet practically oriented - treatise on Cybersecurity. Outlined here for the first time is a logical explanation of the fundamental theory and principal axioms of Cybersecurity as developed from first principles, and in a format ideally suited to both - the engineering-minded professional - and the less technically-oriented. "
SCADAfence is a pioneer in securing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 networks from cyber threats, covering the smart manufacturing and smart building sectors, pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, automotive and building automation industries. Following the recent WannaCry events, we sat down with CEO Yoni Shohet to find out what kind of threat are SCADA systems facing today, what are the risks for our day to day lives, and how does SCADAfence help to prevent them?
SafeToNet is a cyber safety company that safeguards children from bullying, sextortion and abuse on social networks and messaging apps.   The SafeToNet app is built on an AI environment that can textualise the messages kids receive, figure out what's harmful, and filter it before the damage is done. It's a deep tech, multi-faceted solution that goes way beyond AI behavioral analytics. It analyses changes in the behavior of children and notifies parents when a suspicious change is detected. We've spoken to CEO Richard Pursey to hear about the app abilities, and how it revolutionizes child safeguarding online. 
Runbox is a secure email service provider based in Norway, where personal data is protected by the constitution. It is also one of very few companies that run solely on green power. We sat down with Geir Thomas Andersen, Runbox Managing Director, to hear about their privacy policy, their unique team structure, and where email privacy is heading in the future.
L7 Defense is a pioneer in applying a novel “unsupervised learning” technology named Ammune™, which excel in its exceptional accuracy while differentiating “good” from “bad” internet traffic, in real time. Ammune, which originates from the Immune system model, protects from the most advanced botnet attacks currently empowered by AI.  In this interview, Co-founder Yisrael Gross discusses the technology behind Ammune and stresses the importance of cyber security automation.
Florian Gattung and Max Behr were high school students when they founded ShellFire- A VPN service that specializes in IRC bouncers and DDoS protected voice servers. Right from the beginning, they believed that freedom and security on the internet is a fundamental right for everyone. In this article, they reveal some of their most advanced technologies, and offer some useful tips on how to choose a trustworthy VPN.