Strattic is an all-in-one serverless hosting platform that instantly optimizes WordPress websites by making them static and serving them on serverless architecture. We had the pleasure of speaking to CEO Miriam Schwab about the differences between static and dynamic publishing, and why serverless is so good for website speed, performance and above all, security.
While most VPNs market themselves to all users, regardless of their reason for purchasing a VPN service, My Expat Network is one of very few who have a niche, that of accessing TV programs from your home country when you're abroad. With an intriguing business model such as this, as well as customer service features like the ability to have their representatives set up the software for their users, we wanted to ask their co-founder, Tim Fleming, some questions about what brought them to be where they are today, and how they differentiate themselves from other VPNs.
Idan Cohen has been in the cyber security field for over 12 years, long before the term cyber became a buzz word. His career started with 5 years in the IDF, where he had multiple hacking positions and was mainly busy with penetration testing and security consulting. After his release from the army he joined Bugsec, Israel's largest hacking security agency, where he designed and infiltrate security architectures and managed cyber operations. As CTO, he acquired vast experience in offensive and defensive security mechanisms, phishing and DDOS simulations. Last year he joined forces with hacker Ysrael Gurt, who was one of the best hackers in his team on Bugsec; Together they started "ad-venture", which is an anti-ad-blocking company with a strong connection to security. In this article, he lays out the challenges of advertisers from the security perspective, and reveals the problematic nature of ad-blockers. 
CitizenVPN was founded by Tobias Skytte in 2 locations: Denmark, his home country where data privacy is taken very seriously, and Nassau, where he can comfortably avoid the EU logging directive. Tobias strongly believes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and we certainly share the sentiment. In this exclusive interview he shares his views on free VPN, lifetime plans and data retention. In 5 words: It's worse than you think!
Firmitas cyber solutions is a technology company founded in 2014 by a team of industry veterans with extensive experience both in the technology and business worlds. They specialize in providing adaptable operational cyber-defense solutions that protect connected systems, and specifically mission-critical systems. In this interview, Gil Keini talks about the difference between device-based and network-based security, and explains why your devices are more important than your data.
Private Internet Access is a VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels that create several layers of privacy and security on the internet. They also support numerous organizations in their justful fight for internet privacy. We spoke with CEO Ted Kim to hear his views on the state of the internet today, and how to keep safe on the web.
ExpressVPN claims to be the fastest VPN on earth, offering an easy to use service for all types of devices, an SSL secured network, 5 star customer support and more. Sound promising, right? In this article, I'm going to show you how to open your ExpressVPN account and install it on your windows desktop. Let's get started!
  vpnMentor: Please tell us about your personal background and the companies you’re involved in. Lets not start in the middle ages, we’ll start when I got out of the military and founded a company which ended up being Terrogence in 2004. Terrogence took it upon itself to look for intelligence in the open web,...
Illusive Networks is an AI-driven Deception Management System (DMS) that creates deceptions based on continuous, real-time environment analysis. By understanding users and roles, this advanced technology automatically tailors deceptions to each specific node and user. We sat down with CEO Ofer Israeli for a fascinating talk about the company's proactive approach to cyber attacks.
Jawad Hui Kurishi is a security and freedom enthusiast, who has been serving the IT industry for the last three decades. Formerly a network consultant at PureVPN and Ivacy VPN, Kurishi now runs OneVPN, a Hong-Kong based service that uses BSD technology to provide ultra-secure encryption. In this interview he expresses his concerns regarding internet censorship and offers the technology to fight against it.