Vicarius is an Israeli startup that has developed a pioneering platform, aimed to predict threats and protect any software without patching, code changes or vendor involvement. We spoke with CEO and founder Michael Assraf to talk about the technology and unique features of their product, "Topia".
Unauthorized Access: The Crisis in Online Privacy and Security is an outstanding piece of work by computer security and law experts Robert H. Sloan and Richard Warner. The book proposes specific solutions to public policy issues pertaining to online privacy and security. Requiring no technical or legal expertise, the book explains complicated concepts in clear, straightforward language. In this blog post, the 2 authors give vpnMentor readers a sneak preview to the 11th chapter of their book.
TitanGrid was founded by a group of cyber security classmates, who decided to combine their skills in technology, sales and law, to provide a social assessment mechanism that helps businesses and individuals to reduce their digital footprint. In this article i've interviewed CEO Aleks Koha to find out what is it that makes certain people particularly prone to attacks, and what they can do about it.
Rick McElroy, security strategist for Carbon Black and an enthusiast cyber security lecturer, has more than 18 years of experience in educating and advising various organizations on reducing their risk posture and tackling tough security challenges. In this quick interview he discusses the difference between securing a government organization and a private enterprise, and explains why labeling the election system as critical infrastructure is the best thing that happened to America.
Deceptive Bytes was established last year by 3 brothers, to develop an effective solution against unknown and sophisticated malware, using deception technology. We spoke to CTO Avi Lamay to talk about this promising technology, and hear his views on data security. 
Dan Gurghian is one of three managing partners and founders who stand behind ibVPN, a privately owned company based in Romania that offers affordable VPN and SmartDNS services to clients world-wide. In this interview he explains the differences between VPN and SmartDNS, and reveals a painful truth about content censorship in China.
As railways progress to automated and wireless technologies, their most safety-critical assets are exposed to new and dangerous types of cyber threats. Cylus is a cybersecurity startup dedicated to addressing the security challenges of the railway industry, led by senior officers from the IDF’s elite Intelligence Corps, who leverage their combined experience designing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. We spoke with Cylus CEO Amir Levintal to learn about the challenges and oportunities in the era of connected railways.
Cyhesion was founded in August 2017 by Tom Burton, a British security consultant who provides organizations with coherent security strategies that go way beyond technology. In this interview, he reveals the ins and outs of his work, and stresses the importance of healthy relationships between security and the business. 
CyGov's experts developed an advanced holistic cyber assessment, compliance and risk management platform to streamline and customize the cyber governance capabilities of organizations in the healthcare, energy, financial services, retail and public sectors. We had the pleasure of speaking with CEO Yair Solow, to hear all about the technology and vision behind CyGov.
Author Gregory Touhill talks about writing "Cybersecurity for Executives: A practical guide" and reveals the book's introduction, exclusively on vpnMentor