As railways progress to automated and wireless technologies, their most safety-critical assets are exposed to new and dangerous types of cyber threats. Cylus is a cybersecurity startup dedicated to addressing the security challenges of the railway industry, led by senior officers from the IDF’s elite Intelligence Corps, who leverage their combined experience designing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. We spoke with Cylus CEO Amir Levintal to learn about the challenges and oportunities in the era of connected railways.
Silverfort is a Tel-Aviv Startup that protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats, by preventing credential compromise and misuse across the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure. We sat for a fascinating talk with CEO Hed Kovetz, to hear all about their technology and vision.
Please describe the background that led you to founding GeoLang. I’m a serial entrepreneur, and I’ve been running IT related startups for 30 years. GeoLang was incorporated in 2006, originally to support the work we were doing with standardization bodies; R&D into International, European and British Standards. We were fortunate to receive contracts from BSI...
 Hide My Ass VPN is a basic VPN service with limited features, offered for the same price range of some of the most renowned players in the VPN market, such as Vypr and NordVPN. If computers make you nervous and you're looking for a simple solution, HideMyAss may be your VPN of choice. But if you purchased a subscription from HideMyAss and decided it's not for you, here's how to get your money back. Hint: Read all they down, as there are so many holes in the interface, it's almost impossible to get refunded.
XM Cyber was founded by the highest caliber of security executives from the elite Israel intelligence sector. Together they bring a proven track record in offensive and defensive cyberspace. In this interview CEO Noam Erez overviews some of the problems that corporations are facing with cyber security today, and explains how XM Cyber can help.
Quttera provides Website Security Solutions for Small&Medium Businesses and Organizations that provides corporate-strength protection against an evolving landscape of web malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing and hacking attacks. Their patented, cutting-edge, non-signature based and heuristic technology to identify malicious web content can leverage Artificial Intelligence to detect anomalies, unknown and previously unseen malware. Quttera has become widely recognized as one of the global leaders in protecting website owners and all who are vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks. In this interview, CTO and Co-founder Michael Novofastovsky explains the challenges with website malware, and they can be overcome using Quttera's services.
The benefits of the hybrid cloud and DevOps are both well known. But what happens when these two models intersect? Often DevOps and Security teams struggle to account for the added complexity introduced by hybrid configurations. Luckily for them, Alcide has the answers, as CEO Ranny Nachmias explains.
Want to get Hotspot Shield but don’t know how? We take you through the process of downloading and installing it step-by-step. Step 1: Open a Hotspot Shield Account If you only want the free version, skip to step 2 below. Personally, I tend to be suspicious about free VPN services, but if all you’re going...
WebARX is a cyber security firm focused on providing digital agencies with Website firewall, uptime monitoring and domain reputation checks for their entire web portfolio. In this interview, CEO Oliver Sild lays out the problem with automated website attacks, and overviews what the WebARX solution is all about.
Established in 2001, CalCom provides solutions for configuration hardening automation, helping IT teams to enforce and manage security baselines for large server environments in a cost-effective fashion. In this blog post we've interviewed Calcom's business development manager Roy Ludmir to hear what CalCom is all about.