As the name implies, is a service provider focused on one of the most restricted and problematic areas in the world, in terms of internet access. We contacted them to learn about how they operate, and what makes them safer than other VPN's? Here's what they had to say...
"The purpose of Become The Ultimate Hacker – Computer Virus, Cracking, Malware, IT Security and the other books around the series 'Programming for Beginners' is to help readers acquire new knowledge through the books we offer", says publisher Marco Grishaber. "Our intention is to help enhance the lives of our readers, by teaching them new skills and knowledge." Ever wanted to become a hacker? read the first chapter of this book , brought here exclusively for vpnMentor readers! 
XM Cyber was founded by the highest caliber of security executives from the elite Israel intelligence sector. Together they bring a proven track record in offensive and defensive cyberspace. In this interview CEO Noam Erez overviews some of the problems that corporations are facing with cyber security today, and explains how XM Cyber can help.
Atera is an easy to use, all-in-one IT management platform, aimed at helping managed service providers (MSPs) build better businesses by giving them advanced tools and data to work with. As a result, Atera is striving to improve the quality of IT for small-and medium-sized businesses (SMB's) everywhere. We met with CEO Gil Pekelman to talk about remote IT solutions and the benefits for modern SMBs.
Up until 2 weeks ago, ExtraTorrent was the second largest torrent site in the world, offering a free file sharing index with thousands of movies, games, music and software for free and instant download. Two weeks ago, ExtraTorrent had announced that they are shutting down for good. By doing so, ExtraTorrent has joined kickass torrents and, as well as other smaller sites that have also lost the same battle.
Source Defense is the first and only company to offer a real time SAAS solution that protects websites from vulnerabilities introduced through the website supply chain. We've interviewed VP Product and co-founder Avital Grushcovski in order to understand what is the problem with third party scripts, and how it can be avoided. Here's what we found.
What’s inspired you to start Astaris? When I was freshly out of university, I was hired by an American .com agency that built websites in London. After the .com crash of 2000, the company closed down and disappeared from the UK. Together with a group of former company employees, we launched our own web development...
The benefits of the hybrid cloud and DevOps are both well known. But what happens when these two models intersect? Often DevOps and Security teams struggle to account for the added complexity introduced by hybrid configurations. Luckily for them, Alcide has the answers, as CEO Ranny Nachmias explains.
Silverfort is a Tel-Aviv Startup that protects enterprises from data breaches, cyber attacks and insider threats, by preventing credential compromise and misuse across the entire corporate network and cloud infrastructure. We sat for a fascinating talk with CEO Hed Kovetz, to hear all about their technology and vision.
Bitcoin, the currency of the modern age, has been around long enough to be changing the game of our financial systems. It is an open source, peer to peer encrypted payment system that has no central authority and does not rely on old school financial institutions like banks. Instead, it offers a completely anonymous solution to trading goods and services while contributing to the growing bitcoin economy. In this article we are going to overview the steps needed to opening a bitcoin merchant account, which will allow you to accept payments from your clients in bitcoin, whether or not you have a website.