WebARX is a cyber security firm focused on providing digital agencies with Website firewall, uptime monitoring and domain reputation checks for their entire web portfolio. In this interview, CEO Oliver Sild lays out the problem with automated website attacks, and overviews what the WebARX solution is all about.
Established in 2001, CalCom provides solutions for configuration hardening automation, helping IT teams to enforce and manage security baselines for large server environments in a cost-effective fashion. In this blog post we've interviewed Calcom's business development manager Roy Ludmir to hear what CalCom is all about.
Medigate is an israeli startup company focused on securing the safe operation of connected medical devices. These mission critical devices are changing the face of modern hospitals as we know them, but are they really safe to use? In this fascinating interview, CEO Jonathan Langer reveals a long list of threats, and explains how they can be avoided with Madigate's security solutions.
Starting PageSeal, our main vision was to create a product that allows eCommerce websites to protect their customers from unnecessary distractions and increase their trust. How prevalent is browser spam? There’s not one number to point out, because it varies greatly depending on the demographics of the target audience. You can have 5% of your...
SecuriThings is a fully managed IoT security solution that monitors the ever-so-vulnerable cloud-connected IoT devices. In this fascinating interview, VP Marketing Yotam Gutman reviews the most challenging aspects of IoT security.
Source Defense is the first and only company to offer a real time SAAS solution that protects websites from vulnerabilities introduced through the website supply chain. We've interviewed VP Product and co-founder Avital Grushcovski in order to understand what is the problem with third party scripts, and how it can be avoided. Here's what we found.
Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC) was launched in 2013 with the aim to bring the region’s leading cybersecurity and information security pioneers together in one place, to share their knowledge and expertise on best practices to tackle increasing cyber threats and IT security vulnerabilities amid the rapid rise in connectivity and digital transformation across industries and society. In this blog post, spokesperson Michael Champion, the Show Director, gives a sneak preview to what GISEC is all about.
Vicarius is an Israeli startup that has developed a pioneering platform, aimed to predict threats and protect any software without patching, code changes or vendor involvement. We spoke with CEO and founder Michael Assraf to talk about the technology and unique features of their product, "Topia".
Founded by managing director Sebastian Schreiber, SySS GmbH has become a successful and rapidly growing IT security company, serving as a professional security partner for businesses of all sizes. In this interview, Schreiber stresses the importance of penetration testing and shares insights from his work.
Actifile Data Security Suite is based on a cutting edge file-centric tracking, detection and prevention technology that helps organizations of all sizes to block insider threats, defend from cyber attacks and comply with regulations such as GDPR. We spoke to Co-founder and VP of Business development Guy Bavly to learn about the challenges that organizations are facing today when dealing with 3rd party data applications, and how Actifile helps to combat those challenges.