BitDam deals with detection and prevention of advanced threats that come via email,  and is able to deal with all top-level threats, including malware, ransomware, data breaches and others, protecting organizations all over the world. In this article, we interviewed CEO Liron Barak to get an overview of BitDam's product an hear her views on data security.
UNLOQ is a London-based startup that provides simple & secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorization and data encryption for organizations that seek to comply with GDPR. We sat for a chat with CEO Marcea Patachi to hear his views and give you a taste of what UNLOQ is all about.
SafeToNet is a cyber safety company that safeguards children from bullying, sextortion and abuse on social networks and messaging apps.   The SafeToNet app is built on an AI environment that can textualise the messages kids receive, figure out what's harmful, and filter it before the damage is done. It's a deep tech, multi-faceted solution that goes way beyond AI behavioral analytics. It analyses changes in the behavior of children and notifies parents when a suspicious change is detected. We've spoken to CEO Richard Pursey to hear about the app abilities, and how it revolutionizes child safeguarding online. 
Deceptive Bytes was established last year by 3 brothers, to develop an effective solution against unknown and sophisticated malware, using deception technology. We spoke to CTO Avi Lamay to talk about this promising technology, and hear his views on data security. 
A long time ago, Basil Philipsz has founded Distributed Management Systems (DMS), which started originally as a software house doing small jobbing contracts. One of those projects was a physical access control system in which they were successful at protecting the Port of Dover by setting up a system of magnetic stripe cards for internal Users, such as the Police and Customs authority, to access the port. That triggered his interest in access security, so he embarked on a set of inventions, 4 of which particularly underpin the CASQUE SNR technology. In this interview Basil Philipsz reveals the ins and outs of this operation.
Holker IT is an IT consultancy firm that aims to improve clients’ businesses through strategic advice, cyber simulations, implementation and on-going support of IT systems and processes. We 've spoken to managing director and leading UK cyber security specialist Matthew Metcalfe to get an overview of his work and learn about his views on IT security.
Jawad Hui Kurishi is a security and freedom enthusiast, who has been serving the IT industry for the last three decades. Formerly a network consultant at PureVPN and Ivacy VPN, Kurishi now runs OneVPN, a Hong-Kong based service that uses BSD technology to provide ultra-secure encryption. In this interview he expresses his concerns regarding internet censorship and offers the technology to fight against it.
Hide.Me is a VPN service provider that puts immense efforts into raising awareness to some burning security issues, ensuring that people understand that internet privacy is their basic human right and that they should claim it. In this article, we spoke to co-founder Sebastian to hear about the company's views on the state of the internet today,and how individual users can make a difference.
PureVPN offers some great features, including a “Virtual Router” within Windows, that allows you to convert your Windows-based desktop or laptop into a virtual router and use it to connect up to 10 devices. They also offer 500 servers with unlimited switching, and unlimited data transfers, all at a reasonable price.
Biowatch is a startup company that's all about securing your personal assets without compromising your convenience. Using a tiny device that attaches to your watch strip and recognizes your vein pattern, you could exempt yourself from ever having to enter a password again, and that's only the beginning. With the rapid emerging of IoT into our lives, Biowatch could be protecting your car, computer, bank account and even your entire home. We spoke with CEO Matthias Vanoni to learn how it works.