The 10 Best Torrent Sites That Still Work (and some to avoid)

Torrent sites and repositories are being shut down left and right. Whether as a result of legal prosecution, court decisions or merely peer pressure and low profitability, it’s hard to rely on your favorite source of Torrents over time. Alternatively, you may find that the address of your favorite torrent site was blocked in your country or by your ISP.

Despite the many efforts of governments and copyright lawyers to block access to Torrent websites in order to force them to shut down – there are always live and active sources to get your dose of free (pirated) content, especially when it’s content you can’t access otherwise for reasons like geo-blocking on content provider services (like Netflix).

To ensure you always have a selection of Torrent sites (and alternatives to them), we’ve compiled an always-up-to-date list of the top 10 torrent download sites to get your fix of movies, TV shows, music, eBooks and more.

The best torrent sites that still work:

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is the leading torrent site in the world, offering thousands if not millions of movies, music, software and TV shows for free download.

Founded in 2003 by a group of Swedish anti-copyright activists, the pirate bay had changed hands several times before finally becoming a non-profit organization based in the Seychelles, which is considered to as ‘the wild west’ of the internet in terms of legislation. 

An enemy of copyright watchdogs worldwide, LimeTorrents manages to stay up and active, offering an ever-growing, regularly updated database of torrents.


A favorite of P2P enthusiasts, this Torrent index is not about quantity, but quality. It’s a great place to find the latest media releases, neatly tagged by quality and category. Just remember to turn your ad-blocker on, unless you like pop-unders whenever you click something.


For older, more obscure (or Hindi) torrent downloads, head right on to 1337X. While the torrent database is not very extensive, it’s well organized and the website user experience is superior to most Torrent download websites.


Very similar to 1337X is TorLock, similarly offering a large range of torrent categories including anime, eBooks and music. In addition, the popular downloads page on TorLock is ruled by Hindi content, like on 1337X.


This popular up-and-down and on-and-off Torrent index is not very reliable in terms of availability. It’s here today, but it a week or two you’ll find yourself right back here, searching for an alternative to ExtraTorrent. Its user-friendly interface is comfortable to use, but again – only if you got your ad blocking browser extension running.


If you miss the old Torrentz search engine, then we’ve got some good news for you! Torrentz2 has a very similar interface to the now-defunct Torrentz search engine, and indexes about 6 million torrents from around 75 domains.

EZTV is a release group known for its TV releases that was active on KickAss torrent and other torrent websites. Given the instability and takedown frequency of many torrent websites, this group decided to set its own torrent index, daily updated and easy to search.


If it’s movies you seek, you might recognize the name YIFI. Similar to EZTV, the YIFI group uses this website to post their latest releases. You can find pretty much any movie here, promised by YIFI to be of the highest quality available in the smallest file possible.

By becoming the most popular Torrent website in 2017, quickly got itself blacklisted in numerous countries, making access to it possible only with a proxy or VPN connection through a server in an unblocked location. The best feature this particular torrent website offers is advanced search capabilities, making it much easier to find what you’re looking to download.

Torrents to Avoid:


Although still active, this site, which has been around since 2003, is not the easiest to navigate. It’s a private membership community, and it requires a log-in. For that reason, we recommend using another site.


This popular site was taken down by legal action from the MPAA. the IsoHunt today is in no way associated with the old staff or owners of the site. To access this site (and its torrents), you need to download their client.

Keep it Safe

It’s important to remember that some of these sites may be locally blocked by your country or Internet Service Provider (ISP), so reaching them will demand the use of a proxy server at the very least.

If you do manage to access the abovementioned Torrent search engines and repositories, you’ll notice that most of them recommend and advertise various VPN services to protect your privacy. And there’s a very good reason for that. Since these websites strive to stay open, having users that protect their privacy means they’re safer as well. So if you want to keep Torrents alive, you want to use a VPN when downloading them (and these are the best ones).

Regardless of the ecosystem benefits of VPN usage, from the user perspective, it is a superior alternative to proxies, offering the best solution for users on the Torrent network, especially in countries where Torrent downloading can get one in serious trouble.

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