Get 70% off with NordVPN Coupon Code + 30 Days Refund (2020)

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NordVPN is offering some fantastic promotional codes, but they may seem confusing sometimes. We will show you exactly how to use them!

So, you’ve decided to go with NordVPN. Good choice! NordVPN is one of our favorites. It’s widely considered to be one of the best VPNs out there.

While the $11.95/month price tag may seem high, NordVPN offers incredible promo deals – as long as you know how to get them.

Nord’s system for applying the discounts can be a little tricky. That’s why we’re walking you through, step-by-step, to make sure you don’t miss out on their great discounts.

NordVPN Benefits Infographic

How to Get the Deals

The Hottest Deal Right Now:

For a very limited time, NordVPN is offering a special 3-year plan for only $125.64! Yes, you can actually get one of the best VPNs out there for only $3.49 a month. Just click this link. Act fast! This deal won’t be available for long.

Option 1: 58% discount for 2 years!

NordVPN offers a 2-year plan for just $119.76! That’s just $4.99 a month! This deal will only be available for a limited amount of time.

It’s super easy to get the discount. Just click here, and the discount will be automatically applied.

Make sure to click on Get the Deal.

Now here’s the slightly tricky one…

Option 2: 41% discount for the 1-year plan

Not ready to commit for 2 years? You can still get an incredible deal on the 1-year plan, where you pay $6.99/month instead of $11.95. You definitely want to learn this little hack we’re about to show you!

  1. Click here to go to the NordVPN website.
  2. Once on the website, you’ll see the screen below. Click “Get The Limited Deal”.

NordVPN homepage screenshot

  1. Choose the one-year payment plan.
  2. Once you create a secure account, scroll down to the payment plan. Choose your payment plan and click on “Remove Coupon”

NordVPN screenshot - remove coupon

  1. Enter 70off in the coupon code box and click “apply” and you’ll see the discounted price

  1. Once you fill in your payment information, click “Join Now” and enjoy your new NordVPN subscription, knowing you just got an awesome deal.

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Nord is offering 70% off their VPN for a limited time!