How to Connect to a VPN on Android in 5 Easy Steps [+VIDEO]

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Your phone stores a lot of sensitive information about you.

From pictures of brunch to your physical location and online banking details, hackers and spies can learn a lot about you when you don’t protect your data.

Using trustworthy apps and a good antivirus is a great way to start. But the only way to keep your personal information private is to install a high-quality VPN on your phone.

VPNs encrypt your data, making it completely unreadable to hackers, trackers, and spies. They also mask your IP address to make it look like you’re browsing from a different location. This is useful if you need to bypass censorship or geoblocks.

Most premium VPN providers offer apps for Android, but installing the apps can be a daunting process. That’s why our experts have created an easy, step-by-step guide to installing the best VPNs on your Android.

Why Do I Need a VPN on My Phone?

VPNs encrypt all the data that travels on your network. This prevents hackers and spies from stealing your personal information because they can’t break that encryption to read your data.

It will also stop sneaky websites tracking your browsing activity and creating targeted ads from your history. If you live in a country where internet surveillance and censorship is prevalent, a VPN will also help you access blocked content anonymously.

And, even if your internet isn’t censored, you’ll be able to use your VPN to watch geo-restricted content, like Netflix US and Hulu.

Some workplaces even use VPNs to create a secure way for employees to connect to their network. If you’re using a VPN for business purposes, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We will also show you how to connect to an existing VPN network on your Android phone below.

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How to Install a VPN on Android

Installing a VPN on your phone is the best way to protect your personal information. Most providers offer lightweight apps that don’t use much data to download. In fact, you can even use some VPNs to monitor your usage if you’re on a limited data plan with your cell provider.

In this guide, we show you how to install NordVPN on your phone. But you can use the same steps to install almost any VPN app.

We recommend NordVPNbecause it is a high-security provider with fast connections and a global network of servers. It’s easy-to-use, and the lightweight app won’t slow your phone down as it runs in the background.

1. Open the Play Store on your phone and search for NordVPN.

2. Click install and wait for it to download.

3. Navigate to your phone’s menu page and find NordVPN in the list of installed apps. Click on it to open it.

4. Click login and enter your credentials, or click sign up to create a new account.

5. Once you have logged in, you can click ‘quick connect’ to connect to the best server for your region. Or, drag the ‘quick connect’ box upwards, and click search to find a specific server location. (If you want to unblock geoblocked content, you’ll need to connect to a server in a country where it is already available.)

Congratulations, your phone is now protected!

How to Connect to an Existing VPN Network

If your workplace uses a VPN to login to its network, don’t despair! It’s also easy to connect to a pre-existing VPN network with Android.

All you need to do is ask your network administrator for the VPN network’s name, type, server address, and your login credentials.

1. Open your phone’s settings, and tap Wireless & Networks.

2. Select VPN, and then click Add VPN Profile.

3. Enter the VPN network’s information as given to you by your network administrator, then hit save.

4. On the next screen, tap the name of the VPN profile you just created.

5. Enter your login credentials and hit connect. You’re done!

The Best VPNs for Android


A VPN is the easiest way to protect your personal information when you’re using your phone. It will encrypt your data and mask your location to prevent it from falling into the hands of hackers, trackers, and spies.

This will also stop targeted ads and let you bypass censorship and geoblocks.

We recommend NordVPNfor Android because of its powerful security features and easy-to-use apps. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can test it out on your Android risk-free.

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