How to Permanently Delete Your Gmail Account

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While many would argue that Gmail is the best email platform there is, there are those who disagree. Whether it’s the promotional emails, the different labels and tags, or you’re worried about your security, Gmail might not be the best email option for you.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to delete your account, but since you’re most likely using Google services on other platforms (like Youtube or Google search), it’s best to double check that the rest of your information won’t be deleted too.

(If you want to delete all of your Google accounts, rest assured, you can do that, too. However, this article is geared towards those that simply want to delete their Gmail account.)

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Before permanently deleting your Gmail account, there are a few things to consider and checkoff:

  1. If your Gmail account is associated with any social media accounts, you won’t be able to recover or reset your social media account information. This includes Facebook, Youtube, iTunes, Instagram, etc. Before you delete your account, create an alternative email account to switch everything to.
  2. If you receive any email subscriptions that you want to continue reading, you will have to change your account information there, too.
  3. Any contacts or information stored on with Gmail will be lost. It’s a good idea to download your data and file it somewhere else.
  4. Deleting your Gmail account will not free up your username. So, if you ever want a new Gmail account, you will need a complete new username.
  5. Deleting your Gmail account does not delete your Google account, so you will still be able to access Drive and other Google features, if you still want to.

Now that you’re all ready, here’s how to delete your Gmail account. (You can complete the same steps on your phone.)

Step 1 – Sign into your account

Sign into your Google Account by using and click Sign in. Enter your Gmail details and click Sign in.

Step 2 – Go to your account setting

On the My Accounts page, find Account preferences. This is usually towards the right-hand side of the page or at the bottom, depending on your screen size. Click on ‘Delete your account or services’.

Step 3 – Choose Delete Products

Google gives you two options, to delete product or your entire account. If you only want to get rid of Gmail, click on Delete products.

You will be prompted to re-enter your password and sign in.

Step 4 – Delete Your Gmail Account

Google will then show you different accounts under your name. Choose the Gmail account, and click on the trash can.

You will be prompted to enter a new primary email address and your current password.

Before you proceed, you will receive a final warning on what deleting your account entails

If you are ready to continue, click on Delete Gmail.

Step 5 – Open up your new account

There will be a message instructing you to open an email that was sent to your new primary email address. At the bottom of the memo, click the “OK, Got it” button.

Step 6 – Confirm your status

You will receive a confirmation email. Check the details and click on the confirmation link. A page will open asking if you want to confirm that you want to delete your Gmail account.

Enter your password and click “Confirm.” Finally, you will receive a confirmation message that your account has been deleted.

It takes some time and a bunch of pages to click through, but deleting your Gmail account isn’t difficult at all.

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