Top 5 VPN services for Mac – 2020 Version

Do you need a VPN? The answer is undeniably in the affirmative. Why?

Because there are governmental and commercial institutions around the world who are all interested in your data for one reason or another. Without getting too paranoid, note that you can monitor what your computer is connecting to with very basic software. The results are often astounding. Surely you don’t need to be sending out all your data when you’re doing very simple things like browsing and checking your email? With a VPN client, you can take control of your Internet connection.

In this day and age, it is increasingly becoming a luxury to access the Internet with a degree of privacy. This is something you should be deeply concerned about and actively trying to resolve. After all, was it not Benjamin Franklin who said something about people who forfeited freedom for security deserving neither? Well, we want you to have both more freedom and ironclad security.

While governments around the world are increasingly looking to get their hands on your data, and one Orwellian law after another being proposed, you would be well served if you made it a priority to control what information you put out there.

We’re here to make sure you achieve this goal. We’ve tried all kinds of different VPNs for Mac computers and have come up with an ultimate shortlist, updated for today. If you’re a Mac user, check out the following shortlist of VPN services for OSX users or visit the full updated list of top 10 MAC VPNs

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