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BeeVPN Review & Test 2021 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Author Image Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes | Anonymous Cybersecurity Experts

BeeVPN claims that they are the fastest VPN available. One of the reasons they can claim this is because they do not outsource any element of their network, so they control how everything is handled. They are also making upgrades to their system all of the time, so they can continue to offer fast and reliable service. But are they up to ExpressVPN’s standards? We’re not sure.

While it can unblock Netflix, accessing your favorite TV shows is anything but straightforward. You have to follow extra steps to bypass Netflix’s geoblocks, including enabling plugins. If you want to access Netflix easily, and with great speeds and quality, i’d recommend one of these leading vendors instead.

By using high quality equipment, BeeVPN are able to provide users with a good overall experience. The company currently offers outbound gateways from a number of locations around the world including the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, and Sweden. This provides the users with more options for their outbound points.

BeeVPN takes a wide range of different payment types. You can pay for their service with Visa, Visa Electron, MC, Maestro, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Several options are available for those who want service including a one-month plan for the UK only, a three-month license, and a 12-month license. They don’t have free trials, but they do offer a money back guarantee.

If you need support for your service, they are available around the clock. They promise fast and efficient service no matter the time of day. You can use the service through AppleTV, gaming consoles, the phone, through a router, a tablet, and your computer. If you want to go mobile with BeeVPN, it is a cheap add-on option for their service.

When you use the system, you are able to see any site that might be blocked by an admin, your Internet provider, your employer, and even by the government of your country. Best of all, you can be anonymous every step of the way. You can also use it for P2P services.

BeeVPN offers a personal firewall with several different security levels, as well as a shield to keep you safe when you are accessing public hotspots. VPNs are very important for helping people to stay safe in today’s world where the threat of cyberattack is at an all-time high. Hackers will often seek out these Wi-Fi hotspot locations and try to steal passwords and personal information. When you have a system like BeeVPN running, you will remain much safer. It’s not only about circumventing blocked sites and being anonymous.

The installation of their software is very fast and very east. Most people will be up and running with BeeVPN in just a couple of minutes. Once the software is set up on your device, it is easy to understand and use. Those who have any issues can always rely on the aforementioned customer service.

Price $8.08/month
Money Back Guarantee 14
Does VPN keep logs? Partially
Number of servers 4
Number of devices per license 1
Kill switch No
Based in country Denmark
Supports torrenting No

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The Bottom Line

Can BeeVPN compete with premium providers? Not just yet.

While it offers fast reliable service, the workarounds for accessing Netflix and other streaming platforms is annoying. On the upside BeeVPN is still evolving and constantly updates its services, so one click streaming may be on the horizon.

Until then, I suggest using a premium provider like ExpressVPN. You won’t need to worry about workarounds, just connect to a server and access your streaming platform. Plus, it provides advanced security features that help protect your data and devices.

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  • No restriction to download or upload speed
  • No data transfer limits
  • Location switching is available
  • 24x7, 365 support
  • DTLS, Ipsec
  • 256 bit AES encryption
  • Get started with BeeVPN now
Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 14
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 1
VPN Plans: www.beevpn.com

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