Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN Review & Test 2020 - Good Overall, But Some Drawbacks

Nicky Hosek | Updated on 27th January 2020
Cybersecurity Researcher

Kaspersky is well-known for its impressive anti-virus software, so it should come as no surprise that it has expanded its packages to include a VPN service: Kaspersky Secure Connection. Users can choose between a full Kaspersky package that offers comprehensive security against potential dangers and cybercrimes or simply use the VPN as an independent component.

While Kaspersky Secure Connection might be okay if you want a VPN for online security, it's not a great option for streaming. It can't help you access Netflix. If you want to bypass Netflix's geoblocks and anti-VPN software, you need a more powerful VPN like NordVPN.

Streaming – Does Kaspersky Secure Connection Work with Netflix?

Some customers have reported being able to access Netflix on some Kaspersky Secure Connection servers. However, during my tests, I was not able to use Kaspersky Secure Connection to unblock Netflix at all.

I tried several different servers but still received Netflix's infamous 'Proxy Detected' message.

I was also unable to bypass blocks on any of the other streaming providers I tried. I couldn't access Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, or Kodi. The only streaming site Kaspersky Secure Connection did work with was YouTube.

Kaspersky Secure Connection's unreliable streaming record might be down to its limited server network. It only gives you access to 18 servers in 18 countries – including the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, and Russia. Its network is not large enough to keep up with blacklisting by streaming providers or give you access to streaming libraries around the world.

Looking for a service that will reliably unblock all the best streaming sites every time? Try NordVPN. NordVPN has a much larger and more powerful server network plus special streaming-optimized features that make watching all your favorite shows and movies easy.

Speeds – How Fast is Kaspersky Secure Connection?

Kaspersky Secure Connection isn't the slowest VPN I've ever used but it isn't fast either.

During my tests, I found the VPN's speeds average. I experienced a bit of buffering on the YouTube videos I tried to watch but was able to load websites and other content as normal.

Kaspersky Secure Connection's speeds do improve if you choose a server that's closer to your real location. However, this can be annoying if you're trying to access content in a specific country or region. Speeds can also become even slower if you connect to a server that is far away.

Overall, I would have liked to have seen more consistency with speeds across Kaspersky Secure Connection's network but found that it didn't slow me down too much.

Is Kaspersky Secure Connection Good for Torrenting?

Kaspersky Secure Connection doesn't admit to a stance on torrenting either way. It doesn't have any P2P-optimized servers but it also doesn't say that torrenting with the VPN is not allowed.

That being said, there are some gray areas around Kaspersky Secure Connection's privacy and logging policies that might make it a risky choice for use with torrenting. The VPN's usage policy makes it clear that any illegal activity – including illegal torrenting – can result in your details being passed to the relevant authorities.

You can read more about Kaspersky Secure Connection's privacy and logging policies under my safety assessment below.

Even if you do want to take the risk of torrenting with Kaspersky Secure Connection, you might find its speeds too slow for P2P traffic anyway.

We have a list of the best VPNs for torrenting if you want to find a safer and faster alternative.

Security – Is Kaspersky Secure Connection Safe?

Kaspersky is one of the most famous providers of cybersecurity software in the world so I was surprised to note that its VPN offering is missing several basic security features.

Kaspersky Secure Connection does encrypt your traffic with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. It also features DNS leak protection.

However, there is no kill switch and no IPv6 leak protection.

A kill switch is a staple feature in most VPNs so its omission here does seem unusual, especially in a VPN that is geared towards online privacy and security. It means that sensitive data like your IP address is at risk of being leaked if you lose connection to the VPN. You can read more about why this is such an important feature in our complete guide to kill switches.

Kaspersky Secure Connection also has no ad-blocker and no anti-malware features – again, surprising for a company famed for its antivirus software.

That all being said, it is perhaps Kaspersky Secure Connection's logging and privacy policy that should cause the most concern.

Does Kaspersky Secure Connection Keep Logs?

One important thing to know about Kaspersky Secure Connection is that it is based in Russia. In one respect, this is a positive as it means the VPN is not located in a 14-Eyes Alliance country.

Still, Russia does not have the best record when it comes to privacy – especially regarding VPNs. The government has a record of forcing VPNs to hand over user data.

Kaspersky Secure Connection does state that it has a no-logs policy. This should mean that the VPN has none of your information to hand over, even if it is obliged to by law.

A quick look at the VPN's terms and conditions sadly proves otherwise. Kaspersky Secure Connection does log some of your data, like your MAC address, hardware information, user session ID, and traffic information.

Kaspersky claims that this data is anonymized. However, under the VPN's strict list of  'Application Usage Restrictions', it claims that any violation of this list 'will be reported to the appropriate authorized executive agencies, and we will assist such agencies in revealing your identity'.

This seems to suggest that Kaspersky Secure Connection logs and stores identifying information that could be passed on to government agencies.

Since the VPN's list of violations includes any activity that might be considered illegal, it's not a good idea to use Kaspersky Secure Connection for torrenting or streaming.

Price and Value for Money – is Kaspersky Secure Connection Worth It?

The VPN is available as a free service or as a competitively-priced paid package. You can opt to pay monthly or for one year upfront. The year-long package is much cheaper and can reduce the price by up to 50%.

The paid package offers more customization, unlimited data, servers in 18 global locations, and five simultaneous device connections.

If you choose to buy a complete Kaspersky package with the VPN included, you can opt for an extra secure browser that kicks in when you access online banking or internet shopping sites. However, considering the VPN's record on privacy, this doesn't feel like it's of much additional value.

If you want to test Kaspersky Secure Connection for yourself, you can try the service with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does Kaspersky Secure Connection Have a Free Version?

Kaspersky Secure Connection offers a free VPN that it calls 'Basic Protection'.

Your data allowance is limited to 200MB per day with the free version. That's not even enough to watch one hour of YouTube in standard definition.

The free version of Kaspersky Secure Connection also doesn't allow you to choose your server, a location is picked for you by automatic selection. That could be frustrating if you're trying to access content in a specific country or region.

One positive is that the free version of Kaspersky Secure Connection allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices under one profile.

Is Kaspersky Secure Connection Compatible with My Device?

Kaspersky Secure Connection is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

However, it does not offer Linux support and it is not compatible with routers. That means that the VPN can't be configured to work with game consoles or smart TVs.

If you need a VPN for gaming or for your smart TV, check out our list of the best VPNs for routers.

Kaspersky Secure Connection's Customer Service

Since Kaspersky is such a large company, it does offer a good range of customer service options.

There is a vast online Knowledge Base, which contains tutorials, tips, and troubleshooting. However, the Knowledge Base does cover all of Kaspersky's products so you do have to do a bit of digging to find information relevant to Secure Connection.

There is also a helpful community forum and ticket-based technical support if you need more personalized assistance.

User Experience

I found Kaspersky Secure Connection incredibly easy to use. The download and installation process was fast, smooth, and even comes with a quick guide to VPNs and how they work.

Apps across all four platforms are very simple and unchallenging to navigate with one-click connect to get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

The interface design is clean and clear. The main user interface shows you an on/off switch and server list so you don't have to negotiate complicated settings to get started.

Features Details
Number of countries with servers 18
Number of servers 18
Number of IP addresses 18
Does VPN keep logs? No
Does VPN include a kill switch? No
Number of devices per license 5
The Bottom Line

Kaspersky Secure Connection’s features are very basic, you can’t use it for streaming, and it lacks some standard security features like a kill switch or malware protection.

However, it is a simple, uncomplicated service that might be well-suited to those new to VPNs. Its apps are user-friendly, if not a little limited when it comes to platform and device compatibility.

For more experienced users though – and especially the privacy-concerned – there are some red flags in Kaspersky Secure Connection’s privacy policy that might be offputting. Its base in Russia, unclear logging policy, and compliance with Russian legislation make this a risky VPN if you’re looking for complete online safety, privacy, and anonymity.

Want a secure VPN you can trust? NordVPN is based in privacy-friendly Panama (outside of the 14-Eyes Alliance) and has military-grade security features, CyberSec security, and a strict zero-logs policy. It’s a much better service for keeping you safe online.

Want a VPN that can reliably access Netflix and other streaming services? Browse our list of the best VPNs for Netflix instead.

Money Back Guarantee (Days) : 0
Mobile app :
Number of devices per license : 5
VPN Plans: www.kaspersky.com
Kaspersky Secure Connection User Reviews
  •  5
Excellent speed and simple to use

I find that conspiracy works very fast here in the United States. I have NordVPN already but lately I've been problems and getting slow which is why I considered changing to conspiracy. It seems to have medium satisfaction reviews but for me it seems to be super compared to the alternatives. I'm trying to confirm what the downsides are before I purchase the unlimited option.

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    G. Curtis
    •  5
    Unlimited Free Version?

    I decided to try Kaspersky Free 2018 the other day. Seems very light on resources . I've heard many great things about it over the years. So glad the Developers decided to offer a free version. So far so good. Is there a way to get Kaspersky Secure Connection unlimited without having to pay for it? Thank you in advance. God bless! :)

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      Feb 16, 2020
      •  4
      Bon produit qui remplit bien son role

      J'était en chine en septembre 2019 et il fonctionne très très bien là-bas. Accès à Google et Facebook sans problème. Je me suis connecté virtuellement du canada , de hongkong , d'espagne et celà sans problème .

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